Fractured Space Enforcer Guide

Fractured Space Enforcer Guide by Comandos


The Enforcer is a fast burst capture ship. This means that there are 3 ways to play this ship properly. Each way is different and has their pros and cons. But let’s speak first about the ship basics.


8 – 7 – 7
8 – Attack because Escalate dmg
7 – Defense because medium/light armor and 9350 hp at early game
7 – Utility because Taser beam and Capture drone

This ship have a medium/small size with a decent movement speed and mobility, that can help you during combat to avoid hits but is not the main goal of this ship.Enforcer is not a tank ship and can’t handle a lot of dmg so you must try to avoid go in alone against 2 ships or more. Enforcer is a 1 vs 1 ship so you must choose a target and stay on him until you killed him or escape if you can’t against him. You probably gona need repair after combats so try to not be with low hp on battlefield. Remember that you can do more dmg to enemy team capturing points instead killing them, space control is you main objective with this ship. You help you team opening doors to jump or backdoor, rushing enemy base, capture stations to gain more resources and getting gas faster than any other ship.

Enforcer has one of the fastest jumps between sectors on this game, very good to escape, switch sectors or do backdoors.


I gona explain the use of some actual loadouts of this ship.

Escalate – You main weapon, first burst weapon of this game, very dangerous if you land it properly. This weapon deal more dmg per hit landed, that means if you land all you burst you can kill weaker ships with 2 bursts, medium ships with 3 bursts and heavy ships with 4 bursts. But you have a big cd on that weapon so if you miss… You enemy gona punish you for that or escape. You can land all you burst from 5000 and sometimes from 7000, bigger ships like flagships are easier to hit from 8000. You must try to find the correct angle to hit an enemy ship from far because you spread is so inaccurate. Example is easier to hit an Equalizer from top or down instead from front or behind because hit box is bigger.

You Escalate need 2,3 seconds approx. to fire the whole burst, you main counter is the Blink itself, Blink need 1 sec to teleport avoiding all you burst. Try to use it from very close to land more hits or after enemy blink.

Taser beam – This beam is you best friend, he can secure you a full landed burst, on last patch it have a 2 sec ability shutdown, ty to that enemy ships can’t use blink to avoid you burst, the problem is that it have higher cd so you can use it 1/4 bursts. You can use this to slow enemies from 12000 as well if they are pushing.

You can perform combos like Taser beam + Blink to target + Escalate to deal fast big dmg.

Blink to target – This blink have great uses: engage, escape, avoid hits and move. Is very useful to land you Escalate on ships if they are far, is great to avoid Assassin rockets or enemy Enforcer Escalates, If an ally is on danger and is more closer to you than you enemy you can use this to protect him and if there are no enemies or danger on you zone you can use this to move faster. The problem is the cd so you must know when use it. Use T to switch blink target.

Blink is you primary defense and have a big cd, don’t waste it and try to save it until you need it. If you are fighting 1 vs 1 another ship you can use this always to avoid some dmg and confound you enemy. Remember you blink can be used to avoid locked rockets and torpedoes; if you use this properly you can avoid a harpoon before it hit you.

You can’t use blink if you are jumping, a great escape combo is:
Taser beam + Blink + Boost + Jump to another sector
Blink + Boost + Jump to another sector
Even if you are fast Blink + Jump to another sector can work as well.

Cap drone – This is a big AoE buff to ally’s and debuff to enemy team at same time, it can help you team to cap faster any point and slow enemy capture speed. Try to have this ability ready when you go to gas, enemy base or you base (defensive purpose). You can use this to open a gate to enemy base very quickly, then you whole team can jump before enemy capture that station again.

Very useful ability if used properly at the right moment with decent cool down, if you are escaping or gona retreat try to shoot this on a closest ally capture point to slow you enemies a bit before they capture it.

Boost – This is one of the best abilities of this ship, this have offensive, defensive and mobility purposes, If some enemy is trying to escape you can hunt him, if there is an alone sniper in medium range you can kill him as well, you can follow faster ships ty to this and you can use this to avoid some dmg or change you position on mid battle.

Is one of you best escape abilities if used right, you just fly out of range of enemy ships, if you aim properly you can pull ally or enemy ships, very useful sometimes to boost an ally flagship…

And there is even more, at early game you cap the first station to you team giving them some advantage, if some sector is safe you can move from one station to another quickly and capturing both of them, you can hide behind asteroids and backdoor the enemy stations allowing you team to jump to their base, if you jumped to enemy base you can use it to be inside enemy base or gas station and got some cap points, same to defend you base. If some sector is safe you can use it to just move.

Boost has a huge cd so don’t waste it and try to use it on the proper moment. Remember you can control you boost speed, if you are at full speed when you active it you go much faster than if you don’t move and just started to move before activation. This mean you can control you speed when you’re with Boost buff pressing W and S, can be hard to perform but is possible.

That is the main use of normal boost; let’s speak now about quick boost and long boost.

Quick boost – This Boost is designed more for combat than for capture important points, have half of the original boost cd and half duration, so you travel less distance… Is good at combat to change you position or avoid some dmg, it don’t works properly to chase fast enemy ships or escape, if you try to escape with this you don’t going to leave their fire range. If you like it you can use it, but you can do more things with normal boost.

Long boost – This boost can be very op if you use it properly, even more than normal boost but not always because their cd. This boost have more duration than normal boost and much bigger cd, you can run almost the whole sector with this boost, the perfect ability to open gates to enemy base and backdoors.
You can hunt those sniper campers from very far.

Is really good if you want cap important points on the right moment but is harder to use on combat because if you use this to change position you can fly out by mistake.


There are 3 ways to play this ship properly: Attack Enforcer, Capture Enforcer and Mixed Enforcer. Each way is different and has their pros and cons.

– Attack Enforcer-

You main goals are: get kills, deal a lot of dmg and annoy/distract you enemy. If there is a choice between capture some point and kill someone, you priority is kill someone.

You can go in 1 vs 1 without problems, 2 vs 1 is harder but depends what ships you are fighting.

Fighting a Flagship – You can go in and kill it without problems, just move around and use you blink to avoid some dmg, first burst break armor and the next one deal massive dmg on same place, you deal much more dmg than he. If you use blink when he is launching rockets you can avoid them.
3 or 4 bursts needed-

Fighting a Disruptor – This can be tricky, you must try to hit you Taser beam first and fastly approach with Blink, he is more faster than you and can escape with blink to ally… If you have gas 2 or 3 you can one shoot him. Try to shot him from top or below because there is bigger hit box.
2 bursts needed

Fighting a Sniper – If you have long or normal boost you can do it without big problems, cover until you are close and then use you boost to get close, then you need 2 bursts to kill him, their shield don’t protect him against you escalate.
2 bursts needed

Fighting a Brawler – This ship can be hard if you don’t fight it properly, if you are to close you are dead, you must try to keep 5000 distance, and aim front, top, back or below. There is less armor and you deal more dmg. Try to avoid their Harpoon with you blink.
2 or 3 bursts needed

Fighting an Assassin – This can be tricky but is possible, you can avoid most of their fire blinking, then land you first burst, if he cloak use you Taser beam to detect him. He can escape from you easily because you Escalate cd.
2 or 3 bursts needed

Fighting a Hunter – This can be a big trouble for you because he have blink, with fast blink can avoid most of you bursts and with long blink can escape in seconds… The best you can do is try to aim at same points as Brawler: front, top, back and below. Hunters deal most of their damage from front or broadsides so try to not be there.
3 or more bursts needed

Fighting an Enforcer – Mirror with this ship is deadly, win who shot first and avoid more dmg… Use you blink only to avoid an Escalate, you can use you Boost as well, use you taser beam to secure some Escalate and always move, is more harder to hit you if you are moving.
2 or 3 bursts needed

Fighting a Frigate – This ship can out play you without problems, their Screen avoid all you dmg. The best you can try is to fight this ship with some ally or move inside her Screen and shot him. Try to avoid fight it.
2 bursts needed

Fighting a Corvette – This is the easier target you can found, the worst thing it can do to you is blind you with her Repair beam… Attack from upside or below there is bigger hitbox. He have short jump time so he can escape after you burst.
2 bursts needed

Fighting an Equalizer – This ship can be very annoying to you because their mobility, try to use you Teaser beam first, then blink in front and land you Escalate. Then you gona need you boost to chase him and finish with another Escalate. If you don’t finish it fast it can outplay you.
2 bursts needed

Dealing big dmg you enemy retreat and you team can cap more points.

This ship with Gas 2 or 3 buff can one shot these ships:
– Disruptor, Sniper, Frigate, Corvette and Equalizer

– Capture Enforcer

You main goals are: capture all what you can faster than you enemy, open enemy station to their base, wait at gas before it unlocks and make backdoors. If there is a choice between capture some point and kill someone, you priority is capture.

Resources are the most important goal on this game. If you have more resource than the enemy team you ships are stronger and is easier to win.

You best capture tools are Boost, Cap drone and Taser beam. Ty to Boost you can move faster between capture points. Ty to Cap drone you can capture faster than any ship and slow enemy captures. With Taser beam you can slow enemies and gain more time to capture that important point.

You can hide behind asteroids or far at bottom of map to infiltrate in enemy zones. Try to ignore enemy ships and avoid combat, you can deal much more dmg to enemy team capping points than killing them.

If you jump at enemy base you can quickly capture their base mining station and then jump to another sector and capture an advanced station, doing this you enemy go to waste time caping them back and you team can gain territory or attack enemy base. This ship have great escape abilities use them if need.

A gas buff, this must be one of the most important goals for you but sometimes you can do bigger dmg to enemy team if they are fighting at gas. Gas 1 is not so important, mining stations and advanced stations are more important at this point. Gas 2 is important, is much better than gas 1 and can upgrade you team dramatically, try to capture it or protect it if can. Gas 3 is very important you and you team almost always need it.

This ship with Gas 3 buff and Cap drone is a capture king. Is very easy make backdoors and win the game with Gas 3 and this ship…

About defense, you are the best capture ship on this game, if there are troubles you can cap defend and cap defensive stations as well.

This way to play Enforcer is more a Tactical way, you must control you mini map and communicate with you team.

– Mixed Enforcer

This is a mix between Attack and Capture enforcer, to play this way you need a great team communication, you are not a solo ship, you are always in group and do what you team need…

Enforcer is a pain at 1 vs 1 and a danger if have another ships helping him. If some ship debuffs you enemy you can finish him faster.

Synergy with Flagship – Flagship can help you a lot with their slow drones and disable ability, the problem is that is very slow, you need to do all capture jobs and combat always close to flagship.

Synergy with Disruptor – One of the best combos in game because both of them have blink and slow, disarm and repair can help you as well. You can capture points faster and both of you can escape without problems. In combat you are a big treat.

Synergy with Hunter – A huge capture power even more with Gas 3, the goal is a nonstop capture work; this combo can be a huge pain if played properly with long range boost and long range blink.

Synergy with Enforcer – If one Enforcer is strong 2 can burn the whole space, 2 Capture Enforcers playing on premade are one of the biggest treads you can found on this game, Insane combats and deadly combos.

Synergy with Equalizer – This is a hard combo but can work fine if perform properly, Equalizer have speed and range and Enforcer have speed and slow… Is not the best combo but can work as well.

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