Puzzle & Dragons Sky Prison B/L Isis Clear Guide

Puzzle & Dragons Sky Prison B/L Isis Clear Guide by padrapper

Hi guys so usually I clear Friday dungeon with Anubis but after getting tired of my combos being ruined at critical moments I decided to get a more stable clear with Isis. After a few minutes of pondering I threw together a ragtag team that worked really great and luckily, is easily accessible to anyone with Isis and thought I’d share.

So, the team:

Leader: B/L Isis

Sub 1: Echidna (does not need to be leveled, mine was only the 4 star evolution but of course more stats and a sub color are helpful)

Sub 2: Keeper of Gold (this is for safety against the Dub Mythlits of Floor 3)

Sub 3: Shining Lance Wielder, Odin (just a big stat stick for this team, the autorecover helps too but is not necessary if you don’t have one, his bind-proof helps a bit too)

Sub 4: Ethereal Guardian Seiryuu, Karin (also a stat stick from what I had leveled, not necessary)

Friend Leader: B/L Isis

It helps a lot if they are awoken, they do not need to be max skilled. My levels were 99 (max), 70 (max), max, 88, 90, 99 (max), had 20k hp, +100 on my own Isis but few other ones.

Floor 1: I was going to calculate but yolo, I made a 5 combo and left a water lit and a mythlit. Stall on the mythlit by matching hearts or making 1-combos until Echidna is up.

Floor 2: Pop Echidna (may not be necessary but it makes it much easier). Kill the three dublits by matching, you have a lot of leeway on this. Make sure you can survive ~13k preemptive on Floor 3.

Floor 3: Focus one Dub Mythlit and make sure it dies before it attacks you. For the other one, block its attack with Keeper of Gold’s active. If you get bound by the Tamadra when you are about to block, use Isis to unbind Keeper. Once you only have Tamadra left, stall indefinitely until your skills are up.

Floor 4: Tank the first hit (your board will be changed into mostly hearts + poison). Use Isis to unbind if needed. I used Karin here but you don’t have to. Then use Echidna, you should be able to kill in 3 more turns but if you can’t (I didn’t match well so I couldn’t), kill Angelit first, Devilit will give you one turn while he uses Angrilit, then use Keeper of Gold to block his follow-up attack.

Anyway hope that was helpful, this team was a lot more stable than how I did before with Robin + Anubis! Message me if you need an Isis friend leader also.

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