Brave Frontier Raid Boss Locations

Brave Frontier Raid Boss Locations (RC2-RC3) by iAffect

This is a companion guide for the Raid Drop Walkthrough and Guide to Malice Jewel


  • Key:
  • –> = Retreats to

RC2: The Empress’ Fury (Melion)

  • Location: Cavern Tower–>Cracked soil–>Ever-Burning Mountain

RC3: Scorching Tongue (Clardas)

  • Location: Scorching Volcano–>Ever-Burning Mountain
  • Key Drop(s): Flame Jewel

RC3: A Special Lecture Location(s):

  • Edelma – Sunlit Woods
  • Bruzebia – Tower in Ruins
  • Meru-Meru – Great Tree of Life
  • Dalmogia – Coastal Front

RC3: Please Save Him!

  • Random locations.

RC3: Five Years From Then

  • Laguna Rex – Frozen Mountain
  • Key Drop(s): Shiny Jewel

RC3: Crater Death Match

  • Dark Goddess Reduhark – Marsh Wharf
  • Key Drop(s): Dark Jewel

RC3: Give Me Back My Son!

  • Melion – Avalanche Zone
  • Key Drop(s): Queen Jewel

RC3: Devil’s Snare

  • Van Lucy – Luminous Forest–>Temple of Light
  • Van Nader – Clock Tower

RC3: Deadly Fire Breath

  • Clardas – Grassy Basin–>Tower of Dark Clouds
  • Key Drop(s): Flame Jewel.

RC3: Invitation to Hades

  • Nada Delia – Random

RC3: Desperate Measures

  • Reduhark – Luminous Forest
  • Melion – (After defeating Reduhark) Windy Grassland
  • Key Drop(s): Dark Jewel, Queen Jewel,

RC3: The End of Hades

  • Clardas – Lightless Canyon–>Miasma Spring
  • Laguna Rex – Gentle Coast–>Deserted Island
  • Nalda Delia – (After defeating Clardas and Laguna Rex) Rainbow Bridge–>Tower of Dark Clouds
  • Key Drop(s): Shiny Jewel, Flame Jewel

RC3: The God of Ruin

  • Mistzug – Remote Volcano (May retreat to Cracked Soil and Lava Waterfalls)
  • Key Drop(s): Ghost Jewel, Phantom Eye

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