Brave Frontier Eze Legend Dungeon Guide

Brave Frontier Eze Legend Dungeon Guide by Twofu

Eze is one of the 6 heroes who fought the war against the gods. With his thunder sword Batootha, he decimated his enemies elusive speed and devastating thunder blows. Now you get to taste some of it too.

This dungeon is consistent of three levels, the third being the toughest, but also the most rewarding. The first and third stages have a lot of thunder enemies, but the second only has a few. The difficulty will vary based off your squads, so try to make something good.

Nothing can be captured in this vortex.

As usual, Eze’s legend dungeon is extremely tough. Using monoearth or utilizing a crit team is recommended. Damage mitigation and healers are a must if neither is being used.

Eze Dungeon Level 1 – The Lone Bounty Hunter
20 Energy, 2,000 EXP. 50,000 Zel and 100,000 Karma on first clear.


  • Battle 3 is consistent of fire enemies, be wary if you are using mono-earth.
  • There is a lot of Paralysis and Injury. Bring means to deal with it.

Battle 1 – Warrior Eze

  • Inflicts Injury.
  • ATK buff immediately on first attack. Expires at <50% HP.

Battle 2 – Thunderbird x3

  • Inflicts Paralysis.

Battle 3 – Cerberus and Rage Beast Zegar

  • Cerberus gains ATK buff at <50% HP.
  • Zegar inflicts Injury.

Battle 4 – Emilia and Thunder Eze

  • Both gain ATK buffs at <25% HP, and Eze performs a series of powerful AoE attacks.
  • Emilia inflicts Paralysis, and Eze inflicts Injury.

Eze Dungeon Level 2 – In Shining Shadows
30 Energy, 3,500 EXP. 500,000 Zel, 100,000 Karma and 1 Gem on first clear.


  • Not many actual thunder enemies.

Battle 1 – Adventurer Alma, Elimo, Scar Blade Zelban and Mountaineer Talos

  • Elimo heals around 10,000 HP every 3rd turn.
  • Zelban buffs DEF, Earth Element, inflicts Poison and Sickness and clears buffs.
  • Alma gains ATK, DEF and Crit buffs at <25% HP.
  • Avoid buffing on the first turn as they’ll likely get cleared.

Battle 2 – Brawler Nemia, Pugilist Dilma and Spark Kick Zeln

  • Nemia inflicts Injury and Weakness.
  • Ignore DEF buff on the first two turns.
  • Zeln gains ATK and Crit buffs at <25% HP.

Battle 3 – King Behemoth

  • Inflicts Injury.
  • Powerful AoE attack every turn.
  • Uses it twice at <50% HP, then resumes normal attack pattern.

Eze Dungeon Level 3 – The Unrivalled Fool
30 Energy, 6,000 EXP. 1,000,000 Zel, 200,000 Karma, 3 Gems and Batootha on first clear.


  • As the final battle of Eze’s legend vortex, you’ll want to save most of your items and have your Brave Bursts full for the final fight.

Battle 1 – Commander Weiss, Royal Dancer May, Sky Pirate Grafl and Sky Legend Falma

  • Grafl inflicts Injury, Weakness and Paralysis(?).
  • Falma inflicts Paralysis.
  • Weiss buffs ATK. Disappears immediately on his death.
  • May heals around 8,000 HP.

Battle 2 – Goddess Emilia and Thunder King Eze

  • Emilia inflicts Paralysis.
  • Emilia gains ATK buff on first turn (or at <75%?) and Crit buff at <50% HP.

Battle 3 – Holy Thunder Eze

  • Very powerful.
  • Persistent ATK buff.
  • Angel Idol, Hit Count and Crit buff at <40% HP.
  • Revives with 44,000 HP.
  • Uses up to 4 AoE attacks every single turn.

Eze’s Sphere, Batootha

  • +30% ATK and DEF, +50% Spark Damage

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