Brave Frontier Sol Generator Guide

Brave Frontier Sol Generator Guide by deathsoal

Sol Creator x5

Famous Blade (+5% Atk) x10 – Able to craft immediately
500 Karma Each (5000)

  • 50x Green Claws: Mistral – Cave of Flames – “The Theif’s Hideout” – Goblins

Champion Axe (Boosts Crit Chance) x5 – Craftable at Level 2 Sphere
800 Karma Each (4000)

  • 25x Green Fangs: Mistral – Tower of Mistral – “Monsters of the Corridor” – Leons, Medusas, Unicorns, Zazas

Holy Blade(+10% Atk) x5 – Craftable at Level 6 Sphere
3000 Karma Each (15,000)

  • 5x Famous Blade (Sphere)
  • 50x Blue Claws: Morgan – Kagan Desert – “The Power Seeking Swordsman” – Orthos, Leons

Beast Blade (+15% Atk) x5 – Craftable at Level 16 Sphere
5000 Karma Each (25,000)

  • 5x Holy Blade (Sphere)
  • 50x Red Claws: St. Lamia – Volcano Eldent – “The Banished Fire Dragon” – Thief Leons

Skill Bracer (Drop Rate of BC by 5%) x5 – Craftable at Level 4 Sphere
5000 Karma Each (25,000)

  • 5x Champion Axe (Sphere)
  • 5x Famous Blade (Sphere)
  • 15x Blue Stones: Mistral – Tower of Mistral – “Monsters of the Corridor” – Behemoth
  • 50x Honor Claws

Tech Gizmo 2 (Drop Rate of BC 10%) x5 – Craftable at Level 24 Sphere
17000 Karma each (85,000)

  • 5x Skill Bracer (Sphere)
  • 5x Beast Blade (Sphere)
  • 15x Spring Stones: Amdahl – Julep Village – “Of Thunder and Flames”- Fire Knight Agni
  • 100 Honor Claws

Sol Creator (Drop Rate of BC 15%) x5 – Craftable at Level 43 Spheres
20,000 Karma each (100,000)

  • 5 Tech Gizmo 2 (Sphere)
  • 50 Jade Stone: Mirvana – Tower of the Gods – Common Drop All Stages
  • 15 Rift Feather: Mirvana – Cave of Darkness – “Sword Of Fire” – Lava/Goltovah(Rare Common Mob)
  • 100 Honor Drops

Shopping List

159,000 Karma

Green x50Green x25Blue x15
Blue x50Spring x15Claws x150
Red x50Jade x50Riff x15Drops x100

I’ve been noticing that people have been posting guides of how to make Sol Creator via video and many other outlets but not text based. I haven’t really gave back to the community that much. So, I thought making a text based guide for Sol Generators would be nice. This is simply a quick look guide of what you will need and where you can farm them from.

Notes: To Farm properly I suggest you Use Thief Bracers(Arena rank:Commander), or Thief Gloves(Arena rank:Hellhound) and use a Zelnite lead or friends Zelnite. They do stack so use your own and your friends if you can.

What if you don’t have any of that? Build a really defensive team, Tesla/Darvanshel and Elimo Healer ect. and just Attack (no BB or SBB), all bosses will drop the item after several hits. This is how I farm so it’s annoying but it works.

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