Brave Frontier Vargas Dungeon Guide

Brave Frontier Vargas Dungeon Guide by alexisevan


One of the 6 heroes during the war with the gods, Vargas eventually met his demise… Now you have a chance to test yourself against the man who was once regarded as the Hero of the Agni Empire.

This dungeon has 3 levels, with the 3rd being extremely difficult but with a bountyful reward. As a master of fire, the first and third dungeons have a fire theme. The second dungeon has some more elements to it due to the boss being Mifune (In the lore, Mifune and Vargas fought. They’re like bros). I am unsure as to how difficult the first and second dungeon really are but it is evident that the third dungeon is extremely difficult. Prepare very well and play it out carefully, if you want to keep your gems.

Also, you can’t capture any of the units~!

Vargas Dungeon Level 1

The name of the dungeon may be different when it hits global, this is a translation of the japanese name.

  • Young flame – 20 energy, 2 battles, Experience – 2k, Zel – around 22k, around 14k Karma
  • Clear Bonus: 100k zel and 50k karma

Since there are only 2 battles and all of the units in the dungeon are fire units, try and bring a mono water team.

Suggested units that are available on BFGlobal:

  • Selena, Karl, Signas, Tesla, Elimo, Leviathan (Felneus), Serin, Mega, Reeze, Tiara. Might’ve missed some.
  • Units such as Zephu and Sergio are OKAY in their 5 star forms for this fight.

Items are fairly simple and standard for a mono water team. Anything you prefer as long as you have some combination or Ores/Seals, Cures, and Fujins. Tonics might be useful as Lava can inflict injury.

Fight with Fencer Vargas

  • He isn’t very powerful but can attack up to 3 times a turn.
  • Try to not use items and keep your BB gauge up for the next battle!

Boss Battle – Burning Vargas and Lava

  • Vargas’ ATK will be raised for 3 turns upon entry.
  • You’ll want to use you seals here since these guys can do tons of damage.
  • Vargas’ ATK goes up when you defeat Lava and Lava gains ATK, DEF, and CRIT at around 1/3 HP. Try killing Vargas first.
  • Apparently Lava and Vargas say things throughout the battle/when one is defeated. (Vargas x Lava <333)

Vargas Dungeon Level 2

The name of the dungeon may be different when it hits global, this is a translation of the japanese name.

  • Errant/Wandering/Journeying Flame – 30 energy cost, 4 battles, 3500 XP, 32000 Zel, 22000 karma
  • Enemies – Battle 1: Sergio (3 star), Battle 2: Sky King Falma (4 star) and Grafl (3 star), Battle 3: Dragon Graven (4 star), Loch Ness (4 star), Bahamut (4 star)
  • Boss – 4* Mifune
  • Clear Bonus: 500k Zel, 100k Karma, 1 gem

So as you can see, the elements are a lot more varied this time around. Some sort of Rainbow party is recommended. Crit squads SHOULD work as well. Try avoiding Light units (IMO), Mifune is powerful. You may not beat it without the use of a gem.

Items are a bit more flexible this time around. Try bringing stimulants, Falma and Wyvern paralyze. At least Cures and Fujins, maybe even Revives are required. DEF pots (The 50% ones) may also be good.

Sergio Fight

  • Sergio is ST but causes weaknesses and recovers some HP each turn. He also gains ATK and DEF when his hp is at 1/4.
  • Try saving BB until he is at around 1/4 hp, then burst him.
  • He can be paralyzed.

Falma and Grafl Fight

  • Falma can paralyze. Be prepared for that!
  • They will get an ATK buff when the other one is killed. Killing them both at once would be best. Otherwise, Kill Falma to stop his paralyze.

Dragon Graven, Loch Ness, Bahamut Fight

  • Dragon Graven and Loch Ness get increased ATK and DEF when their hp reaches 1/4. Kill Bahamut first since he doesn’t get a buff and can paralyze you.
  • Try to finish the battle with BBs up for the next one!

Boss Battle – God Blade Mifune

  • At the start of the battle, Mifune can boost his ATK power. This only lasts three turns so it’s recommended you use seals/DEF potions and guard when allies are on low health to counter this.
  • When Mifune reaches 1/4 HP he will again boost his ATK and start unleashing strong multiple target attacks.
  • Since even the strongest of units can die easily if he decides to use multiple MT attacks in one turn, it’s recommended that you unleash your BBs when he’s approaching 1/4 HP to take him down before he gets the chance to do so.
  • Note: Mifune’s attacks can inflict Poison, Weaken and and Curse. If you have room for healing items, the status you want to proritise is curse, so bring holy waters if nothing else.

Vargas Dungeon Level 3

The name of the dungeon may be different when it hits global, this is a translation of the japanese name.

  • Supreme God of Explosive Flames – 50 energy, 3 battles, 6000 XP, 76k Zel, 39k Karma
  • Enemies – Flame God Vargas + 4 star Galant + 4 star Leon, Head Chef Lancia (Battle 1), 5 star Lava + 5 star Agni + 5 star Zegar (Battle 2)
  • Boss: Holy Flame Vargas
  • Completion bonus – 100k Zel, 20k Karma, Vargas Legend Sphere, 3 Gems

This will be the most difficult dungeon to ever be released in BFGlobal. MONO WATER IS A MUST!!! WATER SEALS ARE A MUST!!! Chances of defeating the dungeon without either of these…

Even with top tier water units, you may need to use a gem to continue. Or several. Items can be mixed up a little and is mainly up to personal prefrence. gotta have water seals tho. A team should contain these units:

  • Signas as leader or friend, Tesla, and Elimo. Karl is strong since he needs low BC.
  • Top Tier water units only. Use what you can.

Vargas + Galant + Leon + Lancia Fight

  • Enemies boost their ATK on the first turn so it’s recommended you start with seals/DEF potions.
  • Lancia does heals! Kill her first.
  • Lancia’s HP is low but her DEF is high, units with low attack power will be unable to do much damage to her unless she’s had Weakness inflicted on her.
  • After you take down Lancia, you should focus on the ATK boosting, weakness inflicting Galant and the poison inflict Leon. Taking them both down 1 by 1.
  • Once Vargas reaches 1/4 HP he will raise the ATK and DEF of all his allies (he only raises ATK on himself though). Therefore the less enemies are around when you weaken Vargas, the better. Hence leave Vargas until last.

Lava, Agni and Zegar Fight

  • The first 2 turns of the fight, the enemies will have raised DEF, the next two, they will have raised ATK..
  • Since they only raise their DEF on the enemy turn, when you attack the first turn, they will not have raised their DEF. Therefore this is a good time to use your BBs to deal maximal damage.
  • You should prioritise taking Lava out first since she can inflict Injury. Her DEF and ATK is LOWERED at 1/4 HP making her relatively easy to take out.
  • The next target should be Zegar who has lower DEF. However, unlike Lava, his ATK goes up at 1/4 HP so you want to defeat him with BBs once he approaches that point.
  • Last should be Agni who uses powerful multiple target attacks when his HP reaches 1/4.

Boss Battle – Holy Flame Vargas

  • Has high stats all round, can unleash a string of multiple target attacks, fitting for the boss of a very difficult dungeon.
  • Since Vargas will raise his ATK and DEF on his first turn, you should use a Seal/Ore on the first turn to protect against his damage and unleash all your BBs to do maximum damage on him on the first turn.
  • Once Vargas reaches 1/4 HP, the number of attacks he does per round increases and he gains the ability to resurrect once after death.
  • Since it’s probably impossible to take him down from >25% to 0 in one turn. You should guard with as many units as possible in preparation to take his attack when he revives.
  • He is extremely strong! Please try to use Signas and Elimo! You will most likely need to use gems to complete this! Do not bring trashy units like Zephu!

Explosive Flame Sword Danderuga

The ultimate reward of this dungeon. Suspected to be forged by Galant.

  • 30% increase to HP and ATK and fills bb gauge each turn (2/BC).

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