WoW New Brawler’s Guild Guide

WoW New Brawler’s Guild Guide by ParalielGaming

Hey guys, Paraliel here and today I’m going to be helping you guys out on how to get Meatball and the Brawler title.

* = Easy
** = Medium
*** = Challenging
**** = Hard
***** = Sacrifice your first born to an RNG God

Rank 1:

Goredome *

Fight is easy. He does Lumbering Charge which targets a spot for massive damage and melees for paper. Dodge the Lumbering Charge and you win.


Again easy. His spells do virtually no damage, just stay out of Firewall and interrupt if you feel like it.

Smash Hoofstomp*

For this fight, he walks in and has 2 Goblins on his shoulders. Kill those. They increase Smash’s damage taken by 250% per goblin. He also blocks with his shield, stand behind him when he does it.


Akama will cast a spell called Shadow Strikes which gives him a big DPS boost. Purge or Spellsteal or whatever on this, and the rest is cake. His adds and him otherwise don’t hit very hard. Congratulations on Rank 2.

Rank 2:


Fight difficulty can vary based on class/spec. Dippy will cast Peck one shotting you, but also slips on the ground everytime he takes damage (DoTs don’t count). Spam your instant casts and just interrupt him to victory.


Stay out of the Tornado, DPS him down. Cake.

King Kulaka*

Nothing other than a tank and spank fight. This is where bosses start to actually do real damage though so watch your health as he can hit hard.

Fran and Riddoh**

Riddoh will throw a net at you while Fran throws land mines. The net will expire before the mines go off, so dart through the open spaces in the mines when the net expires. Try to kill them both around the same time as similar to the Borka fight in Grimrail Depot they both have unique mini enrages. Congratulations on Rank 3.

Rank 3:


Blat continuously spawns copies of himself, but his copies are slower than him. Kite Blat around and just burn him down. Tanks have this super easy as they can just mitigate all the damage from the copies.

Vian the Volatile*

Dodge Fire Line. Burn him down. That’s basically it.


Dodge Devastating Thrust. It’s a large radius slam that will almost certainly one shot you. Try to stay as close to the middle of him as you can and run through him when he starts casting or just run around in circles. Either way works.


Mazhareen does more damage the lower her health is so just save all your cooldowns for when she hits like 30%.

Rank 4:

Tyson Sanders**

Kite Tyson around and avoid the chickens, especially the Explosive Chickens and DPS him down.


Basically a boss featured around the game of Snake. Nibbleh will leave a trail of poison behind him as he moves, if he stays in the poison for more than a second he gains a buff that boosts his damage dealt and reduces his damage taken. You must kite him around the room in whatever fashion you like saving as much room as possible so you don’t run out of room since the enrage for this encounter is basically running out of room. This fight is considerably easier for ranged, however for melee there is a trick. Go to Interface -> Help -> Show Move Pad. Then turn on walk mode and click the back space on the movement pad and now all you have to do is turn and do your rotation.

Dominika the Illusionist**

Her illusions do as much damage as her but have 1 HP, just burn her down while not letting the illusions overwhelm you.


Run around into the purple spheres, they give you a DPS buff as you do. Burn the boss down. Pretty easy fight. Congratulations on Rank 5 and your new follower, Meatball.

Rank 5:

Big Badda Boom***

Big Badda Boom will explode and turn into smaller versions of himself as you DPS him down, similar to the giants in Netherstorm if you’ve done those. Don’t let the explosions burn you to a crisp and DPS him down.

Millie Watt***

Dodge Electric Dynamite. When she casts Megafantastic Discombobumorphanator at the last second go into the dynamite so that the electricity turns you from a chicken back to normal. Otherwise DPS her down.


Dodge Chomp Chomp Chomp which happens in a cone in front of him, otherwise easy but he does have a lot of HP.

Leper Gnome Quartet***

This fight can prove quite challenging as combined all the leper gnomes have a lot of HP adding up but cleave and AoE helps a lot here. You also need to kite them around as when they hit you you get a stack of Leperous Spew which if stacked too high will do too much damage.

Rank 6:


Interrupt Torrent, dodge Rain Dance similar to the Jinyu rares. This boss however has his own enrage timer of 1 minute, so he is quite the DPS check.

Doctor Fist***

All of his attacks are cone attacks that telegraph where they will hit. Dodge them and burn him down. He has a lot of HP.


Unguloxx only melees but his attacks hit extremely hard. Try to kite him around and mitigate the damage and burn him down.

Yikkan Izu***

Izu has 4 ravens that surround him that constantly respawn. Each time you kill one Izu gets a debuff that lasts 5 seconds. Do not kill 4 Ravens in those 5 seconds or he berserks. Just kill 3. Otherwise just DPS him down and interrupt Disorienting Shriek.

Rank 7:

GG Engineering***

For this fight, both the Gnome and the Goblin will fire rockets out. Focus the shield generators in the corners and then use the rockets against them by standing on top of them and letting the rockets kill them.

Dark Summoner*****

Fuck this fight. Ever played Luigi’s Mansion? Well there’s a boss around it. The boss is immune until you kill a Wailing Spirits that he summons. You have a cone of light that follows the front of your character and it stuns the Spirits as long as they are in the cone. Kill the spirit, then you have a 19 second period where the boss can take damage but he still spawns Spirits. The spirits will essentially one shot you and can spawn anywhere, including on top of you. This fight will take a lot of attempts as its very RNG heavy.


Battletron is a construct with mines floating around him. Eat a few of the mines and then DPS him through the open hole. If a spell passes through a mine, it explodes. He does a lot of damage.


Ahoo’ru has 2 phases. On the first phase he has a 3 charge shield and he fires sparks out. When he casts Flash of Light one of the sparks will be extra sparkly, go stand on it and itll spawn an add. Get the add to 50% then itll channel a charge, point it towards the boss. Rinse repeat 3 times.

In Phase 2, the sparks will dissapear and you burn the boss. Interrupt Full Heal and stay out of the Circles of Light. He also hits you with a knockback and does a lot of damage.

Congratulations if you beat Ahoo’ru, you now have a new mount and title.

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