WoW DPS Better with Any Class Guide

WoW DPS Better with Any Class Guide by doodooeyes

This is a quick guide on how to increase your DPS on a fight by fight basis in ANY raid on ANY class. I’m going to assume you have the basic skills down to kill the boss. I apologize for the strange formatting.

Most of us here AREN’T in guilds that are the first ones to kill a boss. Hundreds of other guilds have killed the boss you are progressing on and are trying to more damage on. This is a good thing, you can use data collected by people who have already killed the boss or are doing more damage than you to increase your own damage.

Step ONE:

Log your raids. This is the most important step. If your guild doens’t do logs, do them yourself. The easiest way to review fights is with warcraftlogs. I will use my logs from a Ko’ragh kill on December 10th here:

The thing you want to see here is rankings. Look at the damage rankings by spec, I pulled 63rd percentile and 23k dps. Now 23k Is’t bad, but we can do better. The 63rd percentile rating means that 36% of people who killed this boss did more dps than you.

Step TWO:

Check other people’s logs.

Lets see who the top Unholy DKs to parse on this fight are. We have some guys at 38k, 35k, so I have a long ways to go. Now you want to pay attention to ilvl and fight duration. Find logs of players with similar ilvl and similar length fights to you and compare the logs.

Top Unholy DKS on Ko’ragh:

Similar log for comparison:

Dante here had a 6:24 kill which is close enough to our 6:32 kill. And he did 31k dps for that fight. Lets compare our damage done pages:



Things to note:

He did a total of 2.89m more damage on that fight in the same time period as me.

His abilities are hiting for a little bit more damage than me.

His breakdown of damage % is different than mine: His bloodboil is 15.91% of his damage while mine is only 6.25%

We can also see things that we are doing right: We have similar uptime on diseases and similar damage with our execute spell (soul reaper).

The main thing I took away from this comparison is that he is cleaving the boss and the volatile anomalies with bloodboil. He did 2.41m damage more to the volatile anomalies.



Other things you can compare:

  • Armory pages, see if they are using different talents, gems/enchants
  • Buff debuff uptimes
  • Resource use *


Emulate. Now the next time I do that fight, I will use bloodboil to cleave the volatile anomalies.


I did a little better on the cleaving and pulled 27k this time. I still didn’t cleave as much as he did so I need to keep that in mind for next week.

Step 4 & Step 5 do not exist. Just go back to step 1 and repeat if you are still not doing more DPS.

TL;DR: Log your fights, then look up higher parses for the same fight with similar gear/kill speed and compare logs.

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