WoW Brawler’s Guild Meatball Follower Guide

WoW Brawler’s Guild Meatball Follower Guide by citrus333

I’m sure many people are trying to obtain all the epic followers they can, I know I am, and after a bit of work and time I was able to obtain Meatball! So here’s a little guide to help those also trying to get this awesome Gnoll as your follower.

How to unlock Meatball
Reach rank 5 in the Brawler’s Guild, right after beating Meatball himself in the arena.

Rank 1

  • Goredome (Beast)
    -Lumbering Charge
    Deals ~120,000 damage if hit, also launches you backwards.

Tank and Spank, simply move to it’s side while its casting Lumbering Charge.

  • Sanoriak
    Deals ~20,000 damage, interrupt-able.
    -Pyroblast Deals ~100,000 damage, interrupt-able.
    -Wall of Fire Summons a larger version of Rain of Fire on your position.

Interrupt Pyroblast, move out of Wall of Fire.

  • Smash Hoofstomp (Tauren)
    Abilities -Hoofstomp
    Deals ~13,000 damage, knocks back.
    Negates all damage from the front.
    -Good Luck Goblins
    One goblin strapped to each shoulder, when killed increases his damage taken by 250% each.

Kill the goblins first, move to his side or back when Shieldwall us up.

  • Akama (Broken)
    Abilities -Summon Spirit Wolf
    Spirit wolf that fights by his side.
    -Shadow Strike
    Next 5 attacks deal additional shadow damage.
    Deals low damage but knocks back.

Tank and spank, fairly straightforward fight.

Rank 2

  • Dippy (Penguin)
    Abilities -Peck
    One-shot if you are hit by it, short cast time.
    -Unstable Footing
    Dippy can’t quite get his footing and slides all over the arena.

Hit and run as much as possible, because of Unstable Footing Dippy has trouble hitting you with Peck, don’t make it easy for him.

  • Kirrawk (Arakkoa)
    -Lightning Bolt
    Deals ~6,000 damage.
    -Twisting Winds
    A tornado that will throw you and/or Kirrawk up into the air.
    Deals ~9,000 damage and summons Twisting Winds.

Interrupt as much as possible, priority on Stormcloud. Avoid tornados that spawn.

  • King Kulaka (Devilsaur)
    -Heavy Melee
    Melee attacks deal upwards of 10,000 damage.

Kite, avoid, mitigate as much of the damage as possible while DPSing Kulaka.

  • Fran and Riddoh (Goblin and Ogre?)
    Immobilizes you, casts Goblin Land Mines right after.
    -Goblin Land Mines
    Places several land mines in a circle around your position, each blows up if you get near for 10,000 damage or simple overtime. Once Net is over find the gap in the Land Mines and move out of it as quick as possible.
    -Dynamite Blast
    Fran throws dynamite at you for ~20,000 damage.

The goal is to kill both Fran and Riddoh around the same time, if Fran dies first Riddoh enrages dealing 250% more damage. If Riddoh dies first Fran casts Dynamite Blast repeatedly.

Rank 3

  • Blat (Ooze)
    Spawns multiple copies of himself overtime, the copies are however slower than Blat himself.

Kite Blat around the arena while focusing purely in him, the copies he spawns are slower and will not be able to catch up to you, just make sure NOT to slow Blat as well.

  • Vian the Volatile (Mogu)
    -Lava Burst
    Deals ~15,000 damage, interruptable.
    -Fire Lines
    Casts fire in from of him that stays on the group, interrupt or move away.
    -Volatile Flames
    Spawns fire orbs throughout the arena that if touch Vian will vastly increase his damage and casting speed.

Interrupt Lava Burst and Fire lines, stay out of fire, and most importantly make sure no fire orbs touch Vian.

  • Ixx (Silithid)
    -Devastating Thrust
    90 degree frontal attack that one-shots you, visible appearance of where it will cast.

If melee simple strafe in a circle around Ixx the whole fight, if caster stick close to Ixx and run straight through him when he starts casting Devastating Thrust.

  • Mazhareen (Panther)
    -Increasing Damage
    Damage dealt by Mazhareen increases as it’s health depletes.

Save defensive and offensive cooldowns for the end of the fight, near the end Mazhareen will be doing huge damage and needs to be killed quickly.

Rank 4

  • Tyson Sanders (Human)
    -Exploding Chicken
    Summons a chicken that will explode over time and if killed.
    -Electro Chicken
    Summons a chicken that will fly up into the air then crash down for massive damage. Avoid the blue swirly patches, this is where it will land.

Tyson runs away while spawning these chickens to dispatch you, slow Tyson with any abilities you can while ignoring the chickens. Most importantly avoid the Electro Chickens attacks.

  • Nibbleh (Snake) Abilities
    -Poison Spit
    Spits poison randomly throughout the arena.
    -Poison Trail
    Nibbleh leaves behind a poison trail where ever it moves.
    Nibbleh gains 50% more damage dealt and 5% less damage taken per stack if walked into a poison pool left by Poison Trail or Poison Spit.

The idea here is to walk Nibbleh in a pattern around the arena so that it does not touch the poison pools. You want to do an ever enclosing square pattern as the fight goes on, while also avoiding the pools left by Poison Spit. A stack or two early in the fight in defeat already, late in the fight and you might still pull it off. This is easily the hardest fight on your way to getting Meatball.

  • Dominika (Draenei)
    Summons 1hp illusions when she takes any damage, these illusions deal as much damage as Dominika herself, but die very quickly.
    -Arcane Barrage
    Deals damage, illusions also cast this, interruptable.

Use as much AoE as possible during this fight as to not be overwhelmed by the number of illusions. As a Warrior, killing the illusions also triggered Victory Rush so I was able to spam that and stay at max health the entire fight.

  • Meatball (Gnoll)
    -Feel Funny
    Puts down orbs over the arena that when you walk over them increase your damage done by 10% each.
    Once his health gets low enough, around 7mil, he will Enrage doing massive damage.

As melee, just DPS Meatball while running around picking up as many orbs as possible and once you have about 20 stacks of the buff use your cooldowns and burn him down. Also save defensive cooldowns for the Enrage. As a caster this fight will be a bit more difficult since you cannot cast while picking up the orbs, so you’ll have to find what number is enough to stop picking up orbs and start throwing everything at him, I would say about 20 stacks as well, but this will also depend on your gear. And like for melee, save those defensive cooldowns for the Enrage.

Congrats!! Meatball is now your follower! Enjoy sending this beast of a follower on missions.

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