ArcheAge Dream Ring Quest Guide

ArcheAge BiS Dream Ring Quest Guide by Grub

This guide will show you the entire process for obtaining the Flawless Dream Ring the BiS celestial level quest reward. Be aware, this quest is a massive gold sink that will also require you to defeat many world bosses and dungeon bosses.You will also have to wait for Sea of drowned love and diamond shores to open up before completing parts of the questline.

1. Start

The first thing you will have to acquire to start the quest is a drop item from Sirothe The Infernal in Serpentis. Serpentis is the 10 man raid instance located on Auroria. To access Serpentis you must first complete the quest Entering Serpentis. This quest is given by Lerman at the lost serpent ruins in Exoloch and is completed by crafting a Distorted Portal Stone at a Distorted Dimension Workbench Located in the Lost Serpent Ruins in Exoloch. You will need 1 Anya Ingot, 1 Chill of Eternal Winter, and 1 Blue Salt Hammer. The boss will drop the Mysterious Gem.

2. Gentle Whispers

To complete this step simply speak to Archeologist Jeisson in Rookborne Basin.

3. The Evenbards

Next, you will need to find an Evenbard. They spawn in almost every major city between 20:00 and 8:00 server. For the western faction Samion spawns in Marinople, Samunin in Golden Fable Harbor, and Samiel in Crescent Throne.For the East Aragi in Caernord, Nirha in Lutesong Harbor,and Yariz in City of Towers. They can have up to 3 spawn locations per city and may not even spawn in the city each night. I suggest doing /target {insertname} to find them.

4. The Daru’s Gem

To complete this step, simply speak to Blacksmith Buruli in Halcyona.

5. The Sunken Tome

Time to go for a swim, grab some Dahuta’s Bubble(s) and go diving at the Sunken Island South of Freedich. ALL of the mobs have a CHANCE to drop the Dream Ring Creation Quest Item. Turn in into Buruli for the first stage of the ring.

6. The Hand of Fate

The Breadcrumb Trail will need to be picked up once again by finding the Arcane Soul in Eastern Heedmar, located south of the volcano. His quest involves running around Auroria finding Pharaum nodes. No map exists for the location of the nodes.

7. The Price of Labor

Head to Growlgate island (pirate island) and locate Pirate Blacksmith Kamlen. His quest will have you head to the cliffside South of the Royal Palace of Ezna is Two Crowns. Glide along the cliff side directly South of the Royal Palace and look for a perch with a bench and a tunnel. Use the item at the bench perched on the cliff and beat the mob that spawns. You will need to bring a group of 5.

8. Specialized Equipment

Kamlen requests 100 Star Shard Ingots and 15 Chaos Starshards. The Chaos Starshard is located all over the southern part of Perinoor ruins.

9. The Heart of Flame

Head to Askja Crater in Cinderstone Moore to kill an Inferno elemental. An item is provided to summon the beast. You will need a raid group to tackle this beast. When you kill him combine its heart with the chest provided for the quest and get your heroic ranked ring.

10. Fact and Fiction

After you have received your Heroic-ranked ring you can head to Ynys Isle to the NE of Solzreed Peninsula, once there follow the path up to the shrine to Nui. There you will find Traveler Luke. Luke will send you to find the Book Collector Nachen in Veroe, Hasla on the roof of the temple.

11. Nachen’s Vengeance

Go to Growlgate Island and kill Morpheus the Forsaken. When he’s dead return to Nachen, the quest reward you will receive will have to be crafted into a book via printing press, using the book will open up the next quest.

12. The Hidden Key

After you have repaired the book from the previous quest’s reward this quest will open up. For this part, you are going to have to do the 5 man dungeon Hadir Farm in Ynystere, the key fragment will drop off the last boss. The 2nd Key fragment will require a raid group, you will need to kill Dahuta’s Champion Nazar in the underwater city south of Freedich. Once both halves are obtained you can use them to make the whole key.

13. Delphinad’s Treasure

Now sail out west of Freedich to a small island in the Sunspeck sea to kill the Abyssal Ravager. On the west side of the island there will be a small opening not far under the surface of the water, inside you will find a small cave and in the corner, you will find an object called Dahuta’s Sealstone. Using the key on the sealstone will summon a boss mob that will drop an item that you can turn in to Kamlen on Growlgate.

14. Restoring The Ring

The quest to create your unique level ring is a large gold sink, you need to obtain a conqueror’s gale ring and combine it with the crystal from the previous quest. Next,obtain 125 Topaz, 40 Amethyst, and 125 Emerald and 15 Abyssal Soot which is dropped by Carmila, Lerman and Aunorin Fangbow in Serpentis. Once all of these have been gathered take it to Kamlen for your unique ring.

15. The Man From Auroria

First up you will need to speak to Wanderer Arde in Lavis Karkasse Ridgelands. You will be required to kill 2 dungeon bosses 2 mini world bosses and 1 main world boss. The “Mini” World bosses can be done with a group of about 5, While Riesig will take a full raid group or more.

  • Musperosa‘s Soulgem: Final boss of GHA
  • Goretusk‘s Soulgem: Mini world boss in Windscour
  • Arkanis‘ Soulgem: Final boss of KC
  • Croakfiend‘s Soulgem: Mini world boss Hellswamp
  • Riesig‘s Soulgem: World boss in sunken ruins

To summon Riesig you will have to kill the 6 guardians around the sunken city

Riesig’s Temple is marked with a P.

16. A Protective Potion

You will need diamonds, rubies, sapphires and two quest items: 1 Frostbloom and 1 Snowflake. The Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires are self explanatory. To obtain the Frostbloom and the Snowflake you must climb the highest peaks of Rookborne and Trosk Mountain in Liluyt hills.

17. The Staff of the Archmage

You will obtain a potion when accepting this quest, it is not required to use but it will save you from a hell of a lot of damage from Zaldrane, the boss. You will likely need a full raid regardless if you use the potion or not.

18. The Hero’s Path

19. The Final Ingredients

This is it. All of your hard work will finally be over. To complete your ring you will need 100 Sirothe’s True Blood from Sirothe, and 100 Crystallized Shadow from Dahuta in Serpentis and Sea of Drowned Love. Finally, you will need to combine an Illustrious Earth Ring with the item provided along with your unique level ring, do this last as your ring will be unusable when combined with the items until turned in. Turn all this into Wanderer Arde to receive the final ring.

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