WoW Ashran Guide

WoW Ashran Guide by Bynir


What do we do here?
• Fight! The current “objective” is to storm the enemy base and kill the faction leader (Julianne Tremblade and High Warlord Volrath). This is no simple task: the bases are well fortified and you can expect a lot of back and forth in the middle trying to get there. The game will restart once the base has successfully been defended or assaulted.

What units can I use to help me in battle?
• There are several summons available, similar to Alterac Valley. They are: 

◦ Ultimate units: Fangraal & Kronus, powerful elementals that will push towards the enemy base. Summoned for 300 artifacts by talking to the Druid class leaders in each base.
◦ Cavalry charges: Wolf Riders for Horde, Paladin Knights for the Alliance: these patrol the outskirts of Ashran for 300 artifacts. Talk to Valant in Stormshield or Kalgan in Warspear.
◦ Mage portals: will put a portal somewhere near the middle that you can use to teleport back to your base. 300 artifacts and can be achieved by talking to the Mage class leaders.
◦ Warlock Gateways: puts two gateways down allowing you to teleport between each one. There is one in the Quarry and another in the Amphitheatre of Annihilation so these are a great way of crossing lots of ground in a short time. Turn in 300 artifacts to the warlock class leaders to activate. 

What do I do with artifacts and how can I get them?
• Artifacts are found all over the zone in objects and from NPCs. You can also steal them from other players if they have some when they die. You will loot half of their fragments from their cold dead body. 

You can use artifacts to purchase items from the quartermaster or turn them in to the various class leaders for powerful buffs (see above)

How do captains spawn?
• A random captain will spawn to aid a team that has lost 100 reinforcements. 

What is the point of reinforcements?
• Reinforcements indicate which side is winning that stage of a battle. Once a reinforcement count hits 0, the winning faction “wins” that part of the battle before the tally resets.

What about those side events I keep hearing about?
• There are a number of side events that take place on the outskirts of Ashran, such as ore collecting at the quarry, “racing” at the amphitheatre of annihilation and ogre fire control at Brute’s Rise. These currently do not serve a purpose and do not help the battle. 

What do I do with the Troll Feet I just looted, or various other faction body parts?
• These are used as turn-ins for reputation, some gold and a chest containing items, artifacts and Garrison resources.

What’s with the various auras?
• There are a number of auras of varying strength. The closer you are to your base, the strong it is (15% health, healing and damage in base, 10% just outside and 5% on the outskirts. A number of other buffs apply when you are near NPCs, such as the captains. 

What if I have some feedback or have encountered a bug?
• – official feedback thread
• – Ashran bugs / general discussion


There are a number of buffs available in Ashran:

• Ancient Artifact – increases your damage and healing by 200%, health by 100% and size by 50% for up to 30 minutes. Can be found located around the zone once it has expired or looted from the slain player that previously held it.

• Burning Power – Increases your resource regeneration (100% energy/focus/runes, 200% mana, 5 rage per second), found by looting rare Burning Power in the Ring of Conquest shooting out of the braziers

• Leaping Legs – Periodically allows you to make 2 jumps in 1 as much as you can spam space key during the proc. Found on rare corpses in the Molten Quarry, both inside the cave and outside.

 Slippery Slime – Removes movement impairing effects and grants increased speed. Found in the Amphitheatre of Annihilation on a rare green ooze that is speeding around (you need to click it fast).

• Wicked Curse – Prevents a death by healing you on a killing blow. Found by getting a killing blow on rare spawn Cursed Sharptalon in The Dark Woods.

• Boulder Shield – Grants a shield that gains strength out of combat, stacking up to your maximum HP. Found in Brute’s Rise by freeing the rare Captured Gor’vosh Stoneshaper from the cage. 

• Rescued Vanguard Priest – Gained by killing Web-wrapped Soldier’s in the Ashmaul Burial Grounds. This NPC will fight alongside you and heal you if you take damage. Can have as many as you can find for 30 minutes.

• Short term or charge-limited buffs include: Boulder (3 charges, you throw a huge rock that hits for 50k damage, found in Brute’s Rise), Web Stun (1 charge, AoE stun found in webs in the Burial Grounds) and Power Geode (20 second duration, increases damage by 100% gained by killing NPC of same name in the Molten Quarry)

Item Buffs:

• Pure Songflower Serenade – Increases stats by 15%, gained by looting Song Flower in The Dark Woods.

• Star Root Tuber – small heal and buff that reduces damage taken by 40% for 10 seconds. Located around the Waterfall. 

• Scrolls – can be found by looting NPCs, rares and objects. 

◦ Scroll of Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent – heals all allies in the middle to full health and cleanses them of disease, magic and curse effects. (rare drop)
◦ Scroll of Speed – common, increases speed of all nearby allies by 70% 
◦ Scroll of Mass Invisibility – common, makes all nearby out of combat allies invisible 
◦ Scroll of Protection – common, reduces damage taken by 70% for you and all nearby allies
◦ Scroll of Replenishment – common, restores 30% mana over 8 seconds
◦ Scroll of Town Portal – common, teleports you back to Stormshield or Warspear
◦ Wrynn’s Vanguard/Voljin’s Spear Battle Standard – increases Versatility by 1040 for 2 mins (20 artifacts), available at the quartermaster for 20 artifacts at Friendly with associated faction.

Class-specific tomes

Found from looting creatures and objects in the zone with higher chance from rares. All books last 1 hour and persist through death (except some bugged ones, like priests)

• Death Knight: Sigil of Necromancy – summons a skeletal mage or warrior on killing anything at the DK’s command (can have 3) [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED]

• Druid: Book of Flight Form – allows Flight Form in Ashran [NOT IN CURRENT BUILD]

• Hunter: Guide: Disengage – reduces cooldown of Disengage in half / Guide: Rogue Tracking – allows you to see all rogues on your map

• Mage: Tome of Blink – reduces the cooldown on Blink in half 

• Monk: Scroll of Touch of Death – Instantly kills players at or below 20% or any creature level 100 or below

• Paladin: The Jailor’s Libram – Allows you to send players to your faction jail 

• Priest: Codex of Ascension – allows you to fly for 20 seconds

• Rogue: Handbook: Preparation – Preparation’s cooldown is reset whenever you kill a player/Pickpocketer’s Handbook – allows you to steal artifacts from other players

• Shaman: Tablet of Ankh Mastery – reduces the CD of Reincarnation by 28 minutes

• Warlock: Grimoire Of Summoning Secrets – reduces the cooldown of infernal and doomguard by 8 minutes.

• Warrior: Manual Of Spell Reflection – Spell reflect reflects all spells for 5 seconds and hurls them back at 100% increased damage 


• Wands are found in caches and rarely off creatures.

◦ Wand of Death – rare drop: kills every level 100 NPC within a 15 yard radius of impact point

◦ Wand of Neutralization – dispels all effects on friendly targets within 25 yards

◦ Wand of Mana Stealing – steals half of a player’s mana and gives it to you instead (use on mages for hilarious effect) 

◦ Wand of Lightning Shield – places a lightning shield on an enemy target, dealing 50k damage to them and all of their allies within 8 yards

◦ Wand of Arcane Imprisonment – summons a prison that will teleport everyone that tries to leave it back into the middle, stunning them for 1 second


• Nesingwary’s Lost Horn – summons a bunch of dinosaurs to charge the middle lane, throwing all enemies into the air and deals a small amount of damage. (rare drop)

• Frost Wyrm Egg – summons a Frost Wyrm to freeze every enemy in the middle for 8 seconds and deal damage (rare drop) [DISABLED IN CURRENT BUILD]

• Stormshield / Warspear Prison Key – these are used to free NPC prisoners in the enemy jail. This is not fully implemented yet, but freeing a prisoner will reward an achievement and other stuff eventually. (rare drop)

• Alliance/Horde Supply Chest Key – lets you open a chest found in hostile territory

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