WoW WoD Dungeon Boss Guides

WoW WoD Dungeon Boss Guides by coin_return

One of my favorite things about new expansions is new dungeons and new mechanics to learn! Today, we’ve got a quick and dirty mini-guide for each boss, covering the important aspects of each and what changes in the heroic version.

Each boss explanation is in convenient 255 character blocks so that you can easily copy and paste these to your party. This will be handy if you are running in LFG groups and/or without voicechat programs.

Here’s the list of dungeons, in order of availability as you level, and jumps to each if you’re looking for one in specific! Next to them, you will find what levels each are relevant. There are five available while you level, and three more available at level 100. Heroic versions are, of course, level 100 only.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines (90-92)
Iron Docks (93-95)
Auchindoun (95-97)
Skyreach (97-99)
Upper Blackrock Spire (97-100)
The Everbloom (100)
Grimrail Depot (100)
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (100)

Bloodmaul Slag Mines (levels 90-92)

Boss #1: Forgemaster Gog’duh/Magmolatus

Fairly straightforward, don’t stand in Magma Barrage. He summons both a rock and fire elemental. Rock stuns, fire casts. Healer dispels debuff or it jumps to another. Ogre summons actual boss, who does AOE stun. Tank adds and avoid stuns.

HEROIC CHANGES: Debuff for healer to dispel (Dancing Flames) hits two targets instead of one, initially. Dispel quickly and roll heals on the afflicted. Glyphing your cleanse is helpful.

Boss #2: Slave Watcher Crushto

Crushto does a frontal slam you must avoid, interrupt Ferocious Roar. Little adds fixate and do decent damage, AOE as much as possible and avoid his leap. Lots of AOE healing needed, boss has a lot of health so prepare for a long fight.

HEROIC CHANGES: Harder, faster, stronger. No notable changes to heroic version.

Boss #3: Roltall

Fiery Boulder! Boss rolls them, avoid them or die. Run towards boss during Heat Wave since it pushes back. Burning slag places fire. A LOT of fire. Don’t stand in it, don’t get stunned by boulders, don’t get pushed back into fire.

HEROIC CHANGES: The Fiery Boulder returns along the same path that it rolled out, so avoid it coming up from behind you. Boss radiates decreased cast-spead aura, preventing stacking in melee range for casters/healers.

Boss #4: Gug’rokk

Tons of AOE damage. Focus kill Slag before they walk to the kilns or you’ll get more AOE damage. Interrupt boss’s Molten Blast, dispel his Molten Core. If he casts 3x Molten Blast, use defensive/healing CDs on Molten Barrage.

HEROIC CHANGES: Healers dispel Flame Buffet, a stacking debuff. Prioritize highest stacks of debuff first. If you have debuff, fire on ground is more deadly, must avoid!

Iron Docks (levels 93-95)

Boss #1: Fleshrender Nok’gar

Have to attack wolf first, who lunges, slows, and puts a bleed on someone. He can howl and heal allies. Kill wolf, stay out of fire arrows, tank/kill adds. Boss fears if attacked during red shield (Reckless Provocation).

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss gets off mount at 50%, have to deal with both wolf and boss simultaneously. Pop hero/lust, focus wolf down. Healers pop CDs during wolf’s Savage Mauling.

Boss #2: Grimrail Enforcers

Three bosses, no shared health. Emberblade: Avoid dash, avoid lava waves. Nox: Spread out for chain lightning, avoid being surrounded by traps, avoid bomb being thrown. Dugru: Healers dispel Tainted Blood, switch from targets with blood shield.

HEROIC CHANGES: Harder, faster, stronger. No notable changes to heroic version. Focus Dugru first to try and avoid any blood shields.

Boss #3: Oshir

Hit him during Feeding Frenzy to interrupt his heal. Adrenalized Roar does ~50k damage, which is significant, and his whirl hits melee in range. Occasionally charges and opens a cage, stun/kill wolves and skyterrors, avoiding acid puddles.

HEROIC CHANGES: When wolves are together, they do 25% more damage, so beware and kill them quickly using stuns whenever possible. Feeding Frenzy requires more damage to break.

Boss #4: Skulloc

Tank Skulloc, kill first orc. Move away from group if have Rapid Fire. Kill orc, boss knocks back. Must move forward and duck behind boxes during barrages. Dash forward after last box to stop barrage, ignore add and just finish killing Skulloc.

HEROIC CHANGES: No new mechanics for heroic, but first orc is less likely to die before first barrage, so you will have to duck. Don’t forget to move away if you’re targeted with Rapid Fire. Still ignore last add if DPS is high and kill boss.

Auchindoun (levels 95-97)

Boss #1: Vigilant Kaathar/Soul Construct

Move away from Hallowed Ground as the light spawns. Everyone hide behind shield (LOS from boss) during Consecrated Light, but don’t stack behind it too soon so you can avoid dropping Hallowed Ground back there.

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss can now detonate Hallowed Ground, so avoid being near them at all costs. You will be able to visually see their range. Healing is easy IF everyone stays away from Hallowed Ground.

Boss #2: Soulbinder Nyami

Move into the center Soul Vessel bubble that the boss summons to avoid taking damage. Yes, it really hurts. Interrupt Mind Spikes and casts from adds, AOE adds, healers cleanse Shadow Word: Pain when possible.

HEROIC CHANGES: Healers dispel the stacking Crusader Strike debuff from the tank as often as possible. Tank damage is high when adds are out, especially if not interrupted. May want to tanking magus add in Soul Vessel if Arcane Bomb is blowing up.

Boss #3: Azzakel

Swaps between two phases all fight. 1st: High tank damage and knockback from Fel Lash, everyone spread out to avoid Curtain of Flame AOE. 2nd: Tank adds, focus Pyros and interrupt Felblasts or it really hurts. Coordinating interrupts helps a lot.

HEROIC CHANGES: Three Pyros spawn on heroic, making coordinating interrupts crucial. Warlocks can banish and enslave them for helpful fun. Spawns Fel Pools which spit out lines of fire to avoid.

Boss #4: Teron’gor

Changes at 75% to a random warlock spec. With any, move out of all AOE, cleanse debuffs (NOT Unstable Affliction!), interrupt when possible. If targeted with Seed of Malevolence, run away from rest of party to avoid spreading it.

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss summons an Abyssal, which fixates and chases them. They have high health and can be CCed, so kite them instead of killing them. Malevolence will bloom upon expiration, try to drop it at the edge of the room to be kind to the kiters.

Skyreach (levels 97-99)

Boss #1: Ranjit

Lots of movement! Sidestep Piercing Rush. Avoid the spinning chakram and moving line of them. After several, he will cast four walls of cyclones that rotate. Must walk between the walls as they move, avoiding chakrams.

HEROIC CHANGES: Chakrams last longer. After cyclones, a beam of light appears on a player. That player needs to move to the edge of the platform to drop the Lens Flare puddles out of the way. Healers note moving allies and move accordingly.

Boss #2: Araknath

Tank can sidestep Smash. Boss will occasionally cast Burst, which may need lots of AOE healing CDs, and hits harder every time he casts it for a soft enrage. Stand in beams to block boss heals, but move out if taking too much damage for your healer.

HEROIC CHANGES: Harder, faster, stronger. Will have two healing beams to manage instead of one and they heal for more, so coordination is important. Burst hurts a lot more.

Boss #3: Rukhran

Boss summons Solar Flare that fixates. Focus add down, when they die they explode and leave ashes. Do not kill additional adds near it or they resurrect. Tank must be in melee range of boss at all times or boss Screeches and does a lot of AOE.

HEROIC CHANGES: About every 60sec, the boss sprays Quills. Everyone but tank, who must stay in melee range, can LOS the Quills behind the center pillar. Manage the Solar Flares, careful to not kill them next to each other or they respawn.

Boss #4: High Sage Viryx

Stay near center of platform, Zealots will pick up a player and try to drop them over the edge. Stun/snare/root and kill the Zealot ASAP. Move away from center if targeted with Lens Flare. Interrupt and kill Shield Constructs to avoid shield.

HEROIC CHANGES: Harder, faster, stronger. Positioning Lens Flare pools is important to avoid Zealot flight paths. Zealots take longer to kill.

Upper Blackrock Spire (level 97-100)

Boss #1: Orebender Gor’ashan

Boss stands in middle, dps boss while avoiding orbs that circuits around room. When lightning tethers to a trap, ranged run to trap and release it. Players stay on platform unless disabling traps or will take heavy damage. Tanks use mitigate during melee.

HEROIC CHANGES: Spikes on floor push/pull, making deactivating traps a pain. Use speed CDs when necessary. Thunder from activated traps more deadly, players should coordinate which traps they will be releasing to avoid confusion.

Boss #2: Kyrak

Face adds away from party and side-step Eruption. Interrupt boss’s Debilitation Fixation. Move away from poison pools, but try not to LOS your healer. Offensively dispel boss’s serum buff. Focus adds down before boss.

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss puts toxic fumes on party member, which AOE damages nearby players. Move away from people with the debuff. It can be cleansed by anyone who can cleanse poisons.

Boss #3: Commander Tharbek

Kill trash waves for boss to come out. Dodge skyreaver’s breath and spit, side-step Tharbek’s charge. Avoid axe, DPS should stay behind skyreaver. Ranged DPS dot the flying hatchlings. Use damage reduction if you have Iron Axe debuff.

HEROIC CHANGES: Tank damage is high because boss dismounts at 50% and both skyreaver and boss are active. Same abilities, also summons four guards when boss is at 30% health. Tank pick up fast or they hurt, can also be stunned or otherwise CCed.

Boss #4: Son of the Beast (optional, no loot table)

Miniboss with no loot table. Face away from party so charge is visible. Dodge charge, ranged stand farther than 10 yards to avoid roar so you don’t get feared. Use healing CD if tank gets feared.

HEROIC CHANGES: This boss has no heroic changes.

Boss #5: Ragewing the Untamed

Boss spits and sets fire to portions of bridge that disorient and heavily damage players. Watch where boss is facing during Engulfing Fire and run to opposite direction to avoid. Gather whelplings, AOE down. Avoid fire puddles. Dispel boss enrage.

HEROIC CHANGES: No real changes to heroic, but Engulfing Flames is less predictable. Boss enrage hits harder, make sure to try and dispel if you can or pop hero/lust to push through it.

Boss #6: Warlord Zaela

Boss puts cyclone on someone – kite it away from the rest of the party. Hurls blade that ricochets, spread out. At 60%, she gets on drake and adds come out. Avoid fire on bridge. After 40sec, boss comes back and resumes as the fight was in start.

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss also knocks back and can knock off platform. Tank can avoid by holding her in middle until last phase, when you must be careful due to Burning Breath from adds. Adds also knock back when they come out, so be careful!

The Everbloom (level 100)

Boss #1: Witherbark

Cycles between two phases. 1st, dance around vines that follow players. Boss does frontal cone, lots of damage, DPS should not stand in front. 2nd, boss takes extra damage until four globs hit him, must kill water adds to keep damage buff. Tank adds.

HEROIC CHANGES: During both phases, boss casts bolts at players that create “void zones” to NOT stand in. Vines also follow players in second phase.

Boss #2: Ancient Protectors

Three bosses, should generally kill Gola>Telu>Dulhu. Can only tank Dulhhu, so tank near current main target. Avoid projected knockback from boss and thorns on ground, interrupt Gola’s casts, dispel mobs with Briarskin and Rapid Tides.

HEROIC CHANGES: Gola and Telu gain an immunity to interrupts for 8sec after being interrupted, so time appropriately. Interrupt Gola’s Revitalizing waters and Telu’s Bramble Patch. Keep offensively dispelling.

Boss #3: Xeri’tac (optional)

During trash gauntlet, focus Bursters down to avoid AOE dmg. During boss, she eats Pale Ones and heals so stun/CC/kill them further away before focusing back on boss. Try not to let them consume poison clouds or they will do a lot of damage.

HEROIC CHANGES: Harder, faster, stronger. No notable changes to heroic version.

Boss #4: Archmage Sol

Has three specs: Fire, Frost, Arcane. Control when she phases by interrupting Parasitic Growth. Jump over flame rings in Fire, move away from blizzard in Frost. Interrupt Fireball, Frostbolt, Arcane Burst. AOE heals on Arcane Blossom.

HEROIC CHANGES: Interrupting Parasitic Growth spawns a Spore Image. Can’t kill it, so interrupt as little as possible. If not interrupted, she also gains a damage buff. Effects from one phase will persist for remainder of fight. Dispels important.

Boss #5: Yalnu

NPC mages help DPS adds and boss. If group DPS is low, break mages free of Entanglement. Trample sproutlings during Genesis cast. Tank gather adds, use CDs when lots of sproutlings bc of stacking bleed. Everyone sidestep Colossal Blows.

HEROIC CHANGES: Ylanu now casts Entanglement on players, too. Break part members and NPCs out of it, players being priority because it does heavy damage until broken.

Grimrail Depot (level 100)

Boss #1: Rocketbark and Borka

Rocketspark flies around, Borka does frontal cone. Aim Borka at Rocketspark so his dashes interrupt Rocket’s barrage. Beware of all of the markers on the ground, avoid being in path of Borka’s dash. Borka enrages after Rocket dies, use CDs.

HEROIC CHANGES: Borka’s ground slam now interrupts casting. Healers and casters should target or focus Borka to time their spellcasts accordingly.

Boss #2: Nitrogg Thundertower

Lots of AOE, avoid stacking until boss hits 60% and goes in cannon. Tank gets many adds, DPS pop CDs and kill Boomers/Grenadiers first, attack cannon btw waves. Loot grenades, use on adds. Loot shells, use on Blackrock Turrets; break cannon LOS on fire.

HEROIC CHANGES: Cannon fires slag, covering 2/3rds of car in fire. Move to unaffected segment of train, make sure to LOS Suppressive Fire ASAP. New add, Gunner, tank facing away from party so shrapnel doesn’t hit. Loot shrapnel, use on turrets, kill adds.

Boss #3: Skylord Tovra

Move away from Snares, avoid standing in path of spears, don’t stand in energy pools when drake flies over. Drake breath covers part of the car in energy pools, so be mindful of path and move accordingly.

HEROIC CHANGES: Boss marks a party member and throws an explosive spear. Move away from party member, spread out to avoid having to move too often. Move while being targeted to avoid damage.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (level 100)

Boss #1: Sadana Bloodfury

Defiled Spirits are priority, don’t let them hit the boss! Can be stunned/snared, not rooted. Don’t touch purple runes at all. Touch white Lunar Purity for buff during Dark Eclipse to survive, don’t have to stand in. Mitigate Deathspike, avoid Daggerfall.

HEROIC CHANGES: No changes to heroic version, but Defiled Spirits are harder to kill. Coordinate stuns and snares as much as possible. Two Daggerfalls spawn instead of one, so avoid standing in them.

Boss #2: Nhallish

Repeats two phases. In void phase, everyone defeat own soul and loot corpse to grant returned soul. Avoid mounds or they spawn adds, move boss from void zones so melee can DPS. Tank use mitigation when boss casts Void Blast. Spread out to avoid vortexes.

HEROIC CHANGES: No changes to heroic version, but avoid vortexes ASAP to avoid unnecessary damage. Healers prioritize trying to top everyone off before phased into soul realm, use damage reduction CDs in soul realm.

Boss #3: Bonemaw

Dodge boss’s Body Slam. If you get knocked off, use water jets to get back up. When boss inhales, dash away or he deals big damage. Avoid puddles till inhale, then stand in if you need to be slowed down till after inhale. AOE heals during big exhale.

HEROIC CHANGES: After first inhale, two worms join fight that can also Body Slam and spit. Kill worms ASAP and return to boss.

Boss #4: Ner’zhul

Tough fight. Point Malevolence away from party. Ranged move away from Omen of Death asap, melee be careful of bones and avoid them. Bones spawn in the four cardinal directions; kill one and stand on that side to create clear space to stand in.

HEROIC CHANGES: No changes to heroic version, but positioning Omen of Death is more important because it deals higher damage. Damage to kill bones higher as well, so be on top of switching targets and focus one down.

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