SMITE Picking a Support Guide

SMITE Picking a Support Guide by Novercalis

This guide is NOT A TIER List but a criteria when deciding which Guardian Support god will benefit your team in a particular game. This guide will try to break down which guardians are better suited based on the enemy team comp and your team comp.


Ares is one of those right circumstance pick. Ares relies on a very Heavy CC Team Oriented as well as an enemy team that will be affected by Ares chains. So When picking ares, make sure 3 allied gods minimum fits the criteria and 3 enemy gods minimum fits the criteria

If Your Team has:

  • ADC: Apollo, Artemis, Cupid, Neith, Ullr
  • Mid: Agni, Anubis, Aphrodite, Freya, Isis, Janus, Nu Wa, Scylla, Hades Mage
  • Jungler: Loki, Mercury, Thor
  • Solo: See Mid + Osiris, Sun Wukong


The Enemy Team has:

  • ADC: Anhur, Apollo, Cupid, Neith, Rama, Ullr
  • Mid: Agni, Freya, He Bo, Janus, Scylla, Hades Mage
  • Jungler: Baka, Bastet, Fenrir, Hunz, Kali, Ne Zha, Nemesis, Serqet
  • Solo: Chaac, Guan, Herc, Odin, SWK, Tyr

VS Guardians:

  • Ares vs Ares = Neutral
  • Athena vs Ares = Athena; Ares can Cripple Athena Dashes but Athena cancels Ares Flames which cripples Ares long term player dmg.
  • Bacchus vs Ares = Slightly Ares; Ares can cripple Bacchus Jump and Bacchus will have a hard time trying to cancel Ares Flame.
  • Geb vs Ares = Geb ; While Geb roll out is crippled, Geb can easily counter by using shield Which nullfies Ares Fire, as well as cleanse himself from the cripple to roll out.
  • Hades Support vs Ares = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Ares = Kumba; He is a Hard Counter to Ares. He has 2 skills to completely stop Ares chains and flames.
  • Sobek vs Ares = Even; If Sobek misses his dash, he is gonna get chained and flames. But if he is able to land it and follow up with his 2, chances are Ares is gonna miss his chain and be completely useless now. The better support will win this match up.
  • Ymir vs Ares = Ymir; Ymir is another HARD counter to Ares. Freeze to cancel Ares Flames or chains or just throw a Wall inbetween. The Chain doesnt go through walls.


While Athena is compatible with almost all Gods, there are some that works way better with her than others. So pick her up based on the following criteria. Be wary with an Enemy Ymir and maybe an experienced Kumba player. Other than that – she fits well with All teams and mostly against all teams. If the enemy consist of Healers, I highly recommend looking at Bacchus or Sobek. While it’s completely do-able with Athena, life will be easier for your team with Bacchus/Sobek though. In the event you go Athena against healers – make sure to have Weakening Curse + Pestilence and a good team to focus on the healers when you FOCUS YOUR TAUNTS at them specifically.

Ideal candidates for you to pick Athena is when your team has:

  • ADC: AMC, Anhur, Artemis, Cupid, Rama, Ullr
  • Mid: Agni, Anubis, AO, He Bo, Poseidon, Ra, Scylla, Hades Mages
  • Jungler: Arachne, Fenrir, Hunz, Loki, Ne Zha, Serqet
  • Solo: See Mid + Tyr

Athena is Really good against any of these gods, due to the fact she can disrupt their skills. So I highly suggest Athena if you see 2-3 of these gods.

Enemy Team

  • ADC: AMC, Artemis
  • Mid: Anubis, Aphrodite, Chang’e, Chronos, Freya, Hel, Isis, Nu Wa, Poseidon, Ra, Zeus, Hades Mage
  • Jungler: Arachne, Bastet, Fenrir, Mercury, Nemesis, Thor,
  • Solo: Guan Yu, Hercules, Osiris, SWK, Tyr

VS Guardians

  • Ares vs Athena = Athena can cancel Ares Flames
  • Athena vs Athena = Even –
  • Bacchus vs Athena = Athena can disrupt Bacchus Burp.
  • Geb vs Athena = Athena
  • Hades Support vs Athena = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Athena = Slightly Athena- Both counters each other. A Magi Blessing Athena can take the Mez and Taunt Kumba 2 from landing, thus never getting CC’ed by him. Her Ult gives her the edge.
  • Sobek vs Athena = Even – Make sure you taunting Sobek is a good idea or safe, because you just made it easy for him to toss you into the frying pan. He is someone you have to becareful using your taunt.
  • Ymir vs Athena = Ymir – Ymir IMO is a very solid counter to Athena. Wall to the face on Athena dash, Freeze when you can tell she is about to taunt.. Ymir has to play counter defensive against Athena, and if so, will always outplay Athena.


Bacchus is a special pick Support IN MY OPINION. He has great dmg even with full tank build. There isnt too many allied gods that will benefit directly from him. However do not pick Bacchus if the enemy gods consist of a lot heavy CC such as roots/stuns/Cripple. He should be picked if the enemy gods consist of 1-2 Healers excluding the jungler choice. He is also good against enemies that don’t have escapes (jumps/dashes). So pay attention to the enemy comp before picking Bacchus.

Also note – there is 2 healers Bacchus has a hard time dealing with – Aphrodite due to her Stun and Push Away + very good healing sustain and Hel who can bursts and protect herself from Bacchus burp. In that event, Go Sobek or maybe Athena.

Enemy Team Gods to AVOID

  • ADC: Anur, Apollo, Cupid, Neith
  • Mages : Agni, Anubis, Aphrodite, Chronos, Freya, He Bo, Isis, Janus, Nu Wa, Posidon, Scylla,
  • Jungler: Fenrir, Mercury, Ne Zha, Thor
  • Warrior : Osiris, SWK, Tyr

Enemy Team to Consider Picking

  • ADC: AMC, Artemis
  • Mid: AO, Chang’e (healer), Chronos, Ra (healer), Vulcan, Zeus, Zhong Kui (healer), Hades Mage
  • Jungler: Arachne (healer) + all other Junglers since they get Lifesteals items.
  • Solo: see Mid + Chaac (healer), Guan (healer), Hercules (healer), Vamana (healer)


  • Ares vs Bacchus = Slightly Ares (see Ares)
  • Athena vs Bacchus = Athena (see Athena)
  • Bacchus vs Bacchus = Even
  • Geb vs Bacchus = Even – neither have a distinct advantage to each other
  • Hades Support vs Bacchus = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Bacchus = Kumba is a Hard Counter to Bacchus
  • Sobek vs Bacchus = Even; Sobek can cancel your burp with his dash. But you can always escape when tossed. Magi’s Blessing will decide the winner, who has it and who doesn’t
  • Ymir vs Bacchus = Even – Same as Sobek – Magi Blessing will decide the winner. As Bacchus, you want to be passive agressive. Don’t jump until he used his 2. If not, expect a freeze + 2 to the face and some punches.


Geb is played mostly as a Defensive Guardian. Not the initiator (outside of teamfight), or the dmg guy like Ares/Bacchus/Athena. Only Pick Geb if the enemy team consists of lots of Dots, or on the Tanky/Bruiser team comp.

Here are some of the obvious enemy gods you should consider picking up Geb. All of these gods will have skills that obviously lets you know that you need to shield someone asap.

Enemy Team

  • ADC: AMC Bees, Artemis trap, Cupid heartbomb, Rama Ult, Xbala Poison
  • Mid: Agni anything, Anubis anything, AO tornadoes, Aphrodite birds, Freya after Banish, Isis Gust, Zeus detonate, Zhong Kui, Hades Ult
  • Jungler: Arachne anything, Baka anything, Bastet Ult, Fenrir, Hunz ult, Kali Ult, Loki target, Mercury toss, Ne Zha grabs, Serqet anything, Thor spin to win.
  • Solo: see mid + Guan talon, Hercules Pull, Odin Ult, Osiris boxing target, Tyr Combo


  • Ares vs Geb = Even, See Ares
  • Athena vs Geb = See Athena
  • Bacchus vs Geb = See Bacchus
  • Geb vs Geb = Even
  • Hades Support vs Geb = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Geb = Slightly Kumba
  • Sobek vs Geb = Geb simply nullfies The Toss and if not, your ADC is protected to make it back to you and your knock up to prevent them chasing.
  • Ymir vs Geb = Slightly Geb – shield the frozen the target. You are suppose to be defensive counter player. If you are the agressor, Ymir will own you.


NO… just NO.


Kumba is a guy I shit on a lot. I personally do not consider him TOP TIER in Random Casual nor in Random League games. Kumba shines in COORDINATED TEAMS. He is a Monster if people can follow up.. if they don’t he becomes a worthless Guardian. With that said, Obviously he is like Athena, Compatible with almost all allied gods. But when is a good time to pick Kumba? – the best way to utilize him is by picking him against the following gods. So if the enemy team consist of 3 or more of these gods and you trust your team.. then go for it.

2 Allied God you may want to watch out for though:

  • AMC – During a teamfight, AMC bee’s can spread to other enemies, thus breaking the Mez. This can be both good and bad, depending on the situation.
  • Serqet – Same as AMC, but with her ultimate, the poison will spread to others. Overall, if your team consist of Heavy DoT gods, it can go against you, so be wary.

Enemy Team

  • ADC: Anhur, Artemis, Rama, Ullr
  • Mid: Agni, Anubis, Chronos, Freya, He Bo, Isis, Scylla, Zeus, Zhong Kui
  • Jungler: Arachne, Bastet, Fenrir, Hunz, Loki, Mercury, Nemesis, Thantos, Thor
  • Solo: see mid + Chaac, Guan, Hercules, Osiris, SWK, Tyr, Vamana


  • Ares vs Kumba = See Ares
  • Athena vs Kumba = see Athena
  • Bacchus vs Bacchus = see Bacchus
  • Geb vs Geb = See Geb
  • Hades vs Kumba = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Kumba = Even
  • Sobek vs Kumba = Kumba. So what Sobek tossed him – CC for days. Or Sobek tossed your ADC – CC for days.
  • Ymir vs Kumba = Slightly Ymir – Ymir actually does damage after a freeze. Even if Kumba CC a team, Ymir can CC theirs too or toss a Wall for a save.


Sobek is THE BEST pick for enemy team that has a lot of Healing, but to be more specific, certain types of Healers that even Bacchus can’t handle to well. A Sobek pick doesn’t care about your team composition but mostly the enemy team composition. Where Bacchus is good to get if they have 1-2 healers (excluding Aphrodite/Hel), Sobek is ideal when dealing with 3 or more healers or with a Aphrodite/Hel. Sure all Supports can just pick up Weakening Curse/Pestilence – but with Bacchus/Sobek that is a different Active they can pick up and/or a different magical defense instead of Pestilence, such as Voidstones.

Enemy Team

  • ADC: Cupid, Artemis (100% guarenteed will have lifesteal)
  • Mid: Aphrodite, Chang’e, Hel, Isis, Ra, Zhong Kui
  • Jungler: Arachne, Baka, Nemesis
  • Solo: see Mid + Chaac, Guan, Hercules,Vamana

vs Guardian

  • Ares vs Sobek = see Ares
  • Athena vs Sobek = see Athena
  • Bacchus vs Sobek = see Bacchus
  • Geb vs Sobek = see Geb
  • Hades vs Sobek = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Sobek = see Kumba
  • Sobek vs Sobek = Even
  • Ymir vs Sobek = Ymir – there isnt much Sobek can do to Ymir and will always get outplayed. Ymir can always save his partner who got tossed with a wall and freeze. So save your mana and play counter agressive with ymir.


In my opinion, Ymir is probably the best Support god all around, from newbies to experts. Although I am a Athena/Bacchus/Sobek player – Ymir is my go to guy still when I don’t need to Bacchus/Sobek and they banned my Athena. He can be played agressive, defensive or counter agressive. The only issue with him is his Wall. It can Help your team or completely mess things up.

Anyways here is my suggested requirements that you should consider picking up Ymir. The decision needs to weight both Your team comp and enemy team comp. Unlike Kumba and Geb where, your team comp don’t matter. Ymir team comp does matter, just like Athena but not as heavily reliable as Ares is needed.

Sure everyone benefits from Ymir but these allied gods are ideal. Mostly Burst Mages and ADC who can Combo easy with Ymir.

Your Team

  • ADC: Anhur, Artemis, Cupid
  • Mid: Agni, Anubis, AO, He Bo, Poisedon, Ra, Scylla, Vulcan, Zeus.
  • Jungler: Arachne, Fenrir, Hunz, Kali, Ne Zha, Nemesis,
  • Solo: see mid + Hercules, Tyr

Enemy Team

  • ADC: AMC, Artemis, Rama, Ullr, Xbala
  • Mid: Anubis, Chronos, Freya, He Bo, Isis, Nu Wa, Vulcan, Zeus, Zhong Kui
  • Jungler: Arachne, Baka, Loki, Mercury, Ne Zha, Nemesis, Serqet, Thantos, Thor
  • Solo: see mid + Hercules, Osiris, Tyr, Vamana

vs Guardians

  • Ares vs Ymir = see Ares
  • Athena vs Ymir = see Athena
  • Bacchus vs Ymir = see Bacchus
  • Geb vs Ymir = see Geb
  • Hades vs Ymir = Unknown
  • Kumba vs Ymir = see Kumba
  • Sobek vs Ymir = see Sobek
  • Ymir vs Ymir = Even

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