The Elder Scrolls Online Templar 2H DPS Support Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online Templar 2H DPS Support Guide by DarkAedin

Hey all! Active Vr12 2h templar here.

Making another appearance! (for those of you who were following me before – i am sorry for my disappearance, apt got flooded and i had some work to do in RL!)

in a nutshell, i am an extremely active 2h Templar, i have been testing builds and rotations for us in trials. i started out with 3L 2M 2H armor, went 7/7 leather for testing and am now back to the tri armor loadout. i found that the dps loss is minimal b/c i am supporting myself with the other 2 armor passives, which come into significant play during trials and even more so when soloing or in small group content.

i also found that this spec translates well for all types of play – group or solo pvp/ group or solo pve – trials included. where i found stam spec lacked in pvp and solo or small group play (where biting jabs shines)

when i am doing trials, one of my jewelry pieces is + weapon dmg, and the other two are -5sec to potion CD. i eat potions like candy to gain a relative constant 30% crit buff with 3/3 in Medicinal Use (3rd ability down in alchemy) you have a 13 second buff from potions every 20 seconds, only giving you a 7 second downtime – u can choose to go 3 -5sec glyphs, but it gets expensive eating potions every 15s, that 5s makes a huge difference, in both aspects.

When i am soloing, i replace those two jewelry pieces with 1 armor and 1 spelldmg

to see progression of build AND PICTURES OF DPS from pre 1.1.5 till now u can find it here in this discussio:

For now i would like to show my current build/loadout/playstyle and am looking forward to more great conversations from my fellow players in pushing ourselves to be better.

this is roughly my full build off the top of my head this morning – im missing out on about 20ish+ skill points in there – but they are in abilities that i am still leveling up – not important to actual build.

Build Link

the two bars shown are my run of mill bars – theres a bunch i switch out depending on what type of fight im getting myself into. PotL is no longer officially on bars for me personally b/c i am no longer the designated PoTL’er. but i have been using this as a starting point, and switch out from there.

Rotation is extremely simple, heavy attack clipping into wrecking blow, over and over. Executioner takes priority for execution range

–clipping is the action of shortening the animation time for an ability/attack –

for groups, spam blazing spear and carve.

— i personally use heavy attack, and right before he lifts the sword for the upward arc, i hit wrecking blow – this gives me full heavy attack dmg at a 0.3/0.4second cast time –THIS ONLY WORKS WITH MELEE WEAPONS – ALL RANGED WEAPONS WILL GET “PARTIAL DAMAGE” IF CLIPPING HEAVY ATTACK, THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH MELEE – each melee weapon, 2h/dw/1h+shield has a sweet spot where u can clip the animation and do full heavy attack dmg instead of partial.

wrecking blow is our highest reliable dmg ability, biting jabs can do more dmg if it procs burning light and crits, but i like reliable dmg. that being said, if i am in a fight against an enemy that is susceptible to evil hunter, i will spam the hell out of biting jabs, and weave in light attacks to clip the last hit animation before moving to the next biting jabs.

Most importantly, Wrecking blow buffs OUR next attack – tested and proven that it is a self buff and not a debuff on the target – like dark flare. so cycling in 2h heavy attack, we are gaining over 200 dmg to the hit (based off of a minimum 1850 stam pool and 190 weapon dmg).

-Remember, this is for priority damage on single target for sustaining your dps-

for leveling – put the heavy armor active = immovable somewhere on your bars – YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN HEAVY ARMOR TO USE THIS ACTIVE – or blazing shield if you are a stam spec.

blazing spear and biting jabs are the only 2 abilities you really need be using outside of honor the dead to keep yourself alive. throw in some wrecking blows and u will get an extremely fun-to-watch playstyle with dudes gettin kocked all over the place, binding javelin and volcanic rune are also extremely helpful. and help throw more dudes all over the place.

this is the abridged version, but wanted to give an update to those who were following at least.

My home is still not 100% – work needs to be completed from the flood damage (pipe busted on a higher floor). that being said.. maybe i will actually have some videos up soon, in the meantime, feel free to contact me in game (if i am unavailable or busy just use the mail system and ill holla back asap) NA server @DarkAedin or tweet me @DarkAedinESO

Enjoy your gaming!!!

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