Elder Scrolls Online Templar Group Healing Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Templar Group Healing Guide by minim0p

Hi guys, I have healed since the start of ESO to the end. I am now VR12, done almost all dungeons and vet ones too. Haven’t done trails yet though. For the last couple of weeks I have been doing alot of PvP being lead by Shido on EU AB, and I’ve learnt alot about PvP and healing for large groups and I want to share my guide/build to all you other PvP’ers. Cause I’ve respect’d almost up to 100k trying to find my way of healing that works. Also I would like to say that I am 0-49-0 all into HP and 5/2 Light/Heavy. I’m using Dominion Gear right now with no Magicka enchantments and I rarely run out of Magicka without using high tier pots.

Bar 1: ‘Main Healing Bar’ Restoration Staff.

  1. Immovable. If you group with Shido you have to have this, and It’s must have when running through keeps or large groups.
  2. Purge -> Efficient Purge. Again, this is a must have as almost every defending keep will have oil. I morphed into Efficient Purge as a heal after a purge is not that useful and the reduced Magicka cost is so nice to have have before It cost alot.
  3. Grand Healing -> Healing Springs. This is your main heal spell. Its spam-able and gives back a ton of Magicka for each ally you hit. Great for Vamp ult attacks. Also use this out of combat to stack up your Ultimate.
  4. Cleansing Ritual -> Extended Ritual. Having a Purge like synergy and also healing and making your heals when healing inside the radius is amazing. I think this spell is the best in the Templar healing tree.
  5. Rushed Ceremony -> Breath of Life. As of now I am actually using Honor the Dead since the patch that ‘fixed’ it. But I never really use this skill at all. Its just my ‘oh shit’ button when someone is about to die. In smaller PvP groups then I would think you would need to use it more but in large 20+ man groups, healing springs is really enough. But this skill should ALWAYS be on this bar. I will go back to Breath of Life when we get a free respec.
  6. The Ultimate: I am using Rite of Passive -> Remembrance. Just like Breath of Life this is another ‘oh shit’ button. I found that I only really use it if a massive swam of bats try to wipe you or when on top of a flag inside a keep. It is a really keep Ultimate to have so its most of the time up, sometimes I have it up 3 times in 1 conflict.

This is the bar that I use most of the time, my 2nd bar is a more support role than actual healing. I switch to my 2nd bar when running towards enemies, keeps or whenever you are charging at something with your group. It is as followed.

Bar 2: ‘Supporting the Group’ Restoration Staff.

  1. Immovable. Same reasons I said from bar 1.
  2. Blessing of Protection -> Combat Prayer. When you are not taking damage you don’t need to heal. So running at a defended keep room or resource flag Is when to use Combat Prayer. I always run at the front of the group with the leader so I can turn around pop Combat Prayer, give my group a damage bonus.
  3. Restoring Aura -> Radiant Aura. Like Combat Prayer I pop this out when running towards bad things. Stamina Regen helps if you need to sneak for a long distance and the Health Regen is nice as-well.
  4. Bone Shield -> Bone Surge. I haven’t yet to morph it into Bone Surge but the skill is awesome. I’ve always like doing what others don’t, to be unique. (Like healing :D) Bone Shield gives a ton of armour, but that’s not why I use it. Last night Shido was talking about how good synergies are in large groups and how they can change the fight entirely, so I started to look up all synergy spells that I could use to help my group out. And when Its activated (Synergied?) by an ally they gain shield for 60% of their max health. So using this skill I can either enter with this without using Barrier, so that I can use Remembrance in the fight.
  5. Rapid Maneuver -> Retreating Maneuver. Huge speed buff and will remove CC when activated.
  6. Ultimate: Barrier. I am yet to morph it and both morphs seem good so I can’t say what I would go for till I have tried them both out.

All of my skills from my 2nd bar. You want to activate them when coming into combat, not in or out. Just about to engage on them. Don’t use this bar is you don’t have to cause it will drain your Magicka pool insanely. But with no Magicka items and going 0-49-0 I can control my Magicka, I don’t even use potions. But I am trying to level my alchemy to do so. Also I will be using the 3 piece Warlock set on jewelry but I haven’t found them yet.

I haven’t looked into depth on the new item sets or crafted sets or changes so I’m a noob at picking the right gear, so If any of you could tell me about some good healing gear I would appreciate it.

Thanks guys, this is my take on a group healer.

~@MiniM0p (Ra’Si)

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