SMITE Free Gems Guide

SMITE Free Gems Guide by davidodocola

I’m going to focus only on SponsorPay since it has the most gems and they PAY. I earned 891 so far


Things you need:

  1. This link
  2. Gyazo
  3. Smite account (obviously)


  1. Go ahead and click that link, login, and click “SponsorPay” tab

Note: If it doesn’t load, do it in Incognito/private window aka without AdBlock.

  1. Choose an offer that is around 50-70 gems and states that you only need a valid contact information/registration then click it (SO WE’RE NOT SCAMMING ANYBODY).
  2. Put the required information to register and then all you have to do is click “No,” “skip,” and “continue” till you go to a page similar to this:
  3. Open up Gyazo and your cursor should look like a crosshair/plus sign.
  4. Go all the way to the top left corner, hold and drag your the plus sign all the way to the bottom right corner (so you have a screenshot similar to mine).
  5. The screenshot will be uploaded to Gyazo and the link will be copied to clipboard. Go to the page and save the image as whatever you want (ex: proof1.png, gems.png, etcc)
  6. Go back to the offer-select page, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will find “support” click it
  7. Wait till the time runs out, if the gems are credited, then you’re good to go, if not, then continue with this guide.
  8. You’ll click “Report Problem”
  9. Enter the email you used (doesn’t have to be your Smite’s) and name you used.
  10. Go to offer-select page and open another support tab (you’ll need it in a bit).
  11. You’ll enter the following message and edit it to fit your offer using the other support tab (aka c+p).


I finished the requirement stated on the offer “Survey here with quotes” which was “Requirement here with quotes,” and I have not received my “# Of Gems here without quotes” gems yet. I included a screenshot as proof that I registered and they have my name and Address.

  1. Upload your proof by clicking the plus sign and choosing the screenshot you saved earlier.
  2. It should look sort of like this:
  3. If it does, then click submit. If it doesn’t, then fix whatever is wrong and submit.

PS: You do not need 2 proof screenshots, I just happened to have 2.

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