SMITE Mercury Solo Guide

SMITE Mercury Solo Guide by pyrotnt1

Now, I know what you might be thinking right now:


…Well, I have recently been experimenting with him in solo. only played around 10 games with him in solo, but so far I have a feel for him, and he is most certainly not poop in solo. Here is just a short guide (a very loose guide at that) that I highly recommend for you to experiment with yourself.

General Playstyle: the closest playstyle I can think of comparing merc to is baka in solo. Start similarly and be as aggressive as possible. I cannot stress enough how important aggression is. Don’t be stupid, be careful the first few levels, but once you get your ult, look for opportunities.

Items: Obviously, his lane clear is horrible, and in my opinion his only serious negative in the solo lane. He also has very poor sustain. I always build him with Death’s Toll and HoG 2 to start, as well as 2 consumables of your choice(I prefer a ward and one green pot, but it is up to you.) After that, get warrior tabi ( the movement speed will also help with his passive). From there you have 2 options for items:

  • If you are being horribly played in the lane and can’t seem to stay alive, build hastalis. From there go to jotuns. This will give you more mana and quite a bit of power, and is a much safer alternative to stacking items.
  • If you are doing decent in the lane/totally crushing your opponent, rush heart seeker and start stacking ASAP. From there get hastalis (Hastalis is in my opinion, a crucial part in his build).

After you finish off those 2 items, get crit. Crit will make your 1 way more effective for poke/laneclear. I typically build Rage and then Deathbringer, but if you want more power/less crit, feel free to switch out Rage with Malice and get Deathbringer first. Once you get your Crit, it is really up to you on you next item (after selling DT). Personally, I like to box with Mercury, so I like to get lifesteal. Bloodforge offers the most lifesteal and damage without the need of stacking, wso it is my favorite option, but this last item is up to you. In the end, you build should look something like this:

  • Bloodforge (after selling DT)
  • Warrior Tabi
  • Heart seeker (or hastalis if you cant stop dieing)
  • Hastalis (or Jotuns if you got hastalis before)
  • Rage
  • Deathbringer

From here, you punches will hurt. A lot.

Leveling: Because of his poor clear, you might’ve guessed by now that you will want to max his 1 as soon as possible. After that, get your 2 maxed out, giving you more movement speed (more passive power because of passive) and INSANE attack speed, just barely capping and 2.5 attacks per second. Lastly, get your 3.

Matchups: I haven’t played enough merc to really understand his specific good/bad matchups. The only god that has really given me trouble is Vamana, a.k.a. the bane of every assassins existence. Also, the main reason I really started playing merc solo was because of how there are a whole lot less warriors in solo. Now, MAGES dominate the solo lane, which is perfect. Merc can almost always hard counter mages, especially if they even get slightly too aggressive. I find that it is really easy to poke at mages with your 1 at early levels (it can do up to 100 damage just at level 1). IMO, overall this puts merc in a good position for matchups.

To conclude, I would highly recommend merc solo to anyone who at least wants to give it a shot. I find his aggressiveness and poke can lead to a really fun time in solo. Also, give me any suggestions or comments on how you think people should play him!

TL;DR Try merc solo, its fun!

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