League of Angels Dragonsoul Devouring Guide

League of Angels Dragonsoul Devouring Guide by joseph sw

New system has arrive (but has long foretold by VIP benefits charts), the DragonSoul.

I would consider dragonsoul as gems bonus but without the failures rates but with extra gotcha that player should’ve aware with.

On this guide i’ll talk about dragonsouls devouring.

What is devouring?
Devouring is to combine two dragonsouls with same elements, where “superior” dragonsoul will absorb the other dragonsoul for exp.
To do this devouring, all you need to do is to drag a dragonsoul into another dragonsoul with the same elements, and you’ll have one less dragonsouls.

How do i know that dragonsouls are on same elements?
… You can tell by how its names are prefixed by one of following:
(F) – Fire elemental
(W) – Wind elemental
(I) – Ice elemental
(S) – Strom elemental (also known as Electric elements)

How this ‘superiority’ defined?
Superiority defined by three factors, its quality (visualy as color), its level, and its exp.
So the order was like this, from inferior to superior:
Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Orange
which pretty similar coloring scheme that used by angels’ ranks/quality.

And what if the two dragonsouls are on same color?
When that happens, the level would determine superiority.
Higher level dragonsouls would absorb lower level dragonsouls.

Please take notes that color/quality will take priority over the level.

And what if both dragonsouls are on same color and same level?
When this happens dragonsoul with more exp will be considered as superior.

And if they both on same, the color, level & exp?
In this case, the dragonsoul that you dragged will absorb the other dragonsoul that you drag into.

How much EXP that a superior dragonsoul would gain by absorbing a lesser dragonsoul?
This one pretty exact: lesser dragonsoul’current EXP + number of EXP required by lesser dragonsoul to level-up.

Anything else?
Well let see…
I made following charts to shows the relation between exp, level, color & various stats bonus that a dragonsouls may have.

Exp to Level-upGreenBluePurpleOrange
101 — 1
202 — 2
403 — 3
804 — 41 — 2
1605 — 52 — 4
3206 — 63 — 61 — 3
6407 — 74 — 82 — 6
12808 — 85 — 103 — 91 — 5
25609 — 96 — 124 — 122 — 10
512010 — 107 — 145 — 153 — 15
1024011 — 118 — 166 — 184 — 20
2048012 — 129 — 187 — 215 — 25
4096013 — 1310 — 208 — 246 — 30

On Green, Cyan, Magenta, Orange column, the first number shows the level, and the secound numbers shows the stat multiplier (M).

As you can see, starting from lvl.4 green dragonsouls will requires the same exp to level up as lvl.1 blue dragonsouls,

lvl.6 green dragonsouls will requires the same exp to level up as lvl.3 blue dragonsouls also requires the same exp to level up as lvl.1 purple dragonsouls, and so on.

I use stat multiplier (M) to simplify the chart for HP(500) / PATK/MATK(125) / PDEF/MDEF(100) / Agility(50) / Hit/End/Crit/Dodge(25).

Using the M value, following action are recommended:

Let the green dragonsouls grow to lvl.6, and after level 6 its reccomened that green dragonsouls to be devoured by a blue dragonsoul of the same stat type.

Let the blue dragonsouls grow to lvl.6, and after level 6 its reccomened that blue dragonsouls to be devoured by a purple dragonsoul of the same stat type.

Let the purple dragonsouls grow to lvl.5, and after level 5 its reccomened that purple dragonsouls to be devoured by an orange dragonsoul of the same stat type.

Insisting growing the dragonsouls past recommend level would yield sub-optimal result, but that ultimately player’s decision.

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