Yitien Pet Guide

Yitien Pet Guide by zDarkStar

Pet is one of your loyal companions in the game. It will be there for you whether you fight enemies or explore a new land.
At the very beginning of the game, you will get a Panda. This panda will be your only pet. The only way to change the pet’s appearances is Morphing (see below for details).

To open pet’s interface, you can click on the pet’s icon or press P.

Pet’s Interface:

You can change your pet’s name. Click on the space in red below, and type in name for your pet.

** How to increase your pet’s power **
1. Increase your pet’s quality (aptitude)

The higher the pet’s aptitude, the better it is. You can increase your pet’s aptitude using refresh orbs. There are three types of refresh orbs, lesser refresh orb (green), refresh orb (blue), and greater refresh orb (purple). Greater refresh orbs have high chance of increase your pet’s aptitude, following by blue refresh orb and green refresh orbs. Thus, I recommend you should save up your green refresh orbs to synthesize for blue and purple refresh orbs.

Lesser refresh usually gives better aptitude if your pet’s current aptitude is below 70. After that, I recommend using blue refresh orb to get around 85 aptitude. This is where you should use greater refresh orb to get 90+ aptitude since other types of refresh orb have big chance of lower the pet’s aptitude.

2. Increase your pet’s stats (attack, defense, hp)
You can increase pet’s stats using pellets. The pet’s stat can only be increased using the same level pellets. For example, a pet’s level 3 attack can only be increased further using level 3 pellets.

You can obtain high level pellets through synthesizing lower level pellets. For example, 5 level 1 pellets can be synthesized into 1 level 2 pellet. The points given to a stat will depend on the pellet’s level.

*Note: level 4 pellet is the highest level pellet available. If you plan to buy pellets from mystery shop, I recommend to wait until level 70 and above. The price for 1 level 4 pellet is 375 ingots. It is much cheaper to buy level 4 pellets than buying 5 level 3 pellet (125 ingots for 1) to synthesize into 1 level 4 pellet.

Generally, points = Previous level pellet’s points x 4.

When a pet’s stat level up, the skill rate also increases. “The skill rate is the rate that your pet will proc the skill you have IE Drain/pierce/rev/heal.” (Credit goes to tentoes)

3. Increase your pet’s growth
You can increase pet’s growth using growth orbs. When your pet’s growth level up, the pet’s base stats will be increased as well.

At certain growth level, your pet can unlock an extra slot for pet’s skill.

4. Morph
Not only changing your pet’s appearance, this is also another way to increase your pet’s power. There are currently three morph cards, and each one costs 795 ingots. After morphing, your pet will have new image and 200 attack, 300 defense, 1000 hp added. Unlike mount’s stats, morphing’s additional stats will not be stacked for pet.

If you want to have the pet to have the image of Panda or Kirin after morphing, uncheck show costume.

5. Skills
By choosing the right skill, your pet can be very useful during a fight. For example, the pet’s nullify skill can cancel a warrior’s shadow veil or a healer’s buff (art of war).

There is a free skill refresh everyday after server’s reset. After the free reset, each additional skill reset will cost 20 ingots. The more you refresh, the more chance to get higher level skills. There are three levels of pet skills.

After refreshing, if you want to change pet’s skill, then you have to select the new skill and press “Replace skill”.

Here is the list of pet’s skill and description:
Skills Increase pet’s stat

Skills for offensive

Skills for defensive

**Note: This is not the complete list of all skills. Please inform me new skills that are not on the list.

6. Talent
A normal pet has 5% damage absorb. A VIP’s pet has 8% damage absorb.

How do I level my pet?
You don’t have to do anything particular. Play the game and the pet will level up along with your character.
1. Pet’s experience gain, same with your character’s experience gain, increases when you use Exp Orb when doing dungeon runs and/or climbing the Heavenly Peak.
2. Pet’s level cannot be more than 5 levels higher than character’s level, it will stop gaining experience when it’s exp bar is nearly full.

Where do I get growth Orbs, pellets?
You can get primarily growth orbs and pellets from Yetis in Kunlun Mts. event. You can participate in this event everyday at 7:10-7:40PM P.M. server’s time.
Another way is to buy it from players or mystery shops. This will most likely require ingots.

Where do I get refresh orbs?
Refresh orbs can be obtained through daily lottery or mystery shop.

Can greater refresh orbs decrease my pet’s aptitude?
Yes, there is a small chance it will decrease your pet’s aptitude. It happened to my friend once.

Feel free to comment, ask questions related to pet, or correct incorrect information.

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