Yitien Getting Better Battle Rating Guide

Yitien Getting Better Battle Rating Guide by alosha99

Hello people of Yitien and new players i’m here to help those people that are starting out on how to become a stronger and how to work on your Battle Rating.

1. first of all most people do not realize that they can convert their old enchantment lvl to their new gear which has to be within 20 lvls. for example u have a lvl 42 gold helmet with 7
stars enchantment and u got this new lvl 52 flame helmet with no stars so what you do is you take the gold helmet off then go into the forge tab click on the
convert tab then click
the gold helmet that has 7 stars which will be put in to the old slot and then u click the new flame helmet to put it in the new slot then click convert and wala you have your new flame helmet 7 start enchantment without wasting more enchanting stones to get the enchantment back

2. another way to raise your Battle Rating is by refining your gear which is also located in the forge tab under refine what u do there is you have to match the color of the gear you
want to refine for example a blue item needs a blue refine stone and you keep trying till you get the refine you want or happy with.

3. next way to raise your Battle Rating is you buy mount orbs either with vouchers or ingots depends on what type of player you are if you like to spend money or not. so you use those mount orbs to train your mount by using the orbs on the attack defense or health skill which in return
raise your battle rating and your health defense and attack.

4. one more way to raise your Battle Rating is you open slots in gears for gem sockets and with that also you have to
match the color of the gear you are trying to raise. green goes
with green blue goes with blue and purple goes with purple.

5. meridian orbs is also another way to raise your battle rating you get meridian orbs with meridian orb scroll which you
obtain through the master challenge if you get lucky or through
the treasure dueling chest from winning battles to get a gold chest which may or may not contain a meridian scroll and to make the scrolls into an orb you need to
get 10 of each spiderwort, black cream and crystal bead to forge the orbs.

6. for those people who like to play with cash and use ingots there is also a ways to lock your refined gear to refine a certain buff its 20 ingots per buff and refine
more to get a better gear buff
those are the main ways to make you stronger i hope this helps and +1 this if you like what i done here so i can make another guide in the future

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In game name – Wonderful – Leader of Monkey

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