Mabinogi How to Use Fighter Guide

Mabinogi How to Use Fighter Guide by Poptart

Hello all! I’ve noticed that there is a LOT of confusion by the average player about when and when not to use Fighter in dungeons or shadow missions. Please consider this as a simple guide to help you make that decision.

USE Fighter:
1. When facing a boss.
2. When trying to take out a single tough enemy in a group of mobs, such as the one sulfur golem in a spawn of alchemists.
3. When you see that a party mage or healer needs relief from an enemy swiftly.
4. When your primary skills of Fighter are at least r9, if not higher.
5. When taking out Archers swiftly. (( Sidenote- Charging Strike is good for this. ))

Do NOT use Fighter:
1. When outnumbered by the spawns; for example, in Sulfur Spider.
2. When you are dealing 1-6 damage per punch.
3. When three of your party members are asking for a rez.
4. When leeching from higher-level players.
5. When attempting r5 or lower Windmill.

And remember the three Tenets of Fight Club:
1. Don’t talk about fight club! No one wants to hear ‘durr hurr I bet I can beat up the Basilisk solo’ until you can ACTUALLY do it.
2. You can use Chain 2 and 3 moves after defeating a target, so don’t sit around and move to hit the next baddie.
3. You have horrible multiaggro. Learn to combine such things as Counterattack, Tumble and Charging Strike to help offset this somewhat, but don’t get in over your head and try to punch 4-5 enemies right after the other!

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