Star Trek Online Epohh’s Guide

Star Trek Online Epohh’s Guide by mimey2

To begin, all things involving Epohh’s are a part of New Romulus, and thus, you MUST be level 50 in order to access it.

Now, Epohh’s, on Mol’Rihan, or New Romulus, are a creature, named after the Romulan word for ‘pet’. They can in turn, be raised as non-combat pets for your characters.

I’m going to try and make this guide as comprehensive as I can hopefully. I will however be keeping the post below this original one, for extra space in case I ever need to expand on this, or add in an FAQ, or something else.

So, let’s get started.

Part 1: The Basics

On New Romulus, the Epohh Fields can be found south of the Staging Area, across a long bridge, or you can transport there. Once you have made your way here, you will see a woman named Toreth, talk to her.

Toreth will be your primary person in dealing with Epohhs. Toreth has a daily mission, a DOFF mission you can do, along with a store to buy Epohhs along with turning in tags and Epohhs for Romulan marks.

She, Toreth has a mission for you. Pick that up, and it will lead us to…

Part 2: Epohh Tagging

The epohh tagging is much more of a minigame than a true mission, and has a 20 hour cooldown before you can do it again. The game itself is simple, just run around in one of several areas, and tag epohhs. Based on how many you tag, you will gain ‘active epohh tags’, and a few Romulan marks. The best reward is 4 active tags, by getting at least 30 epohhs during the mission.

There are however things to keep in mind:

1. Take Toreth’s advice, do it with at least one other person. Especially if you aren’t good at it yet, to help you learn it more. Each person’s tag counts for the group, making it much easier to get that 30 needed. A full team of 5, would only need each person to tag 6 epohh’s to get it.

2. Don’t use your mouse to tag epohhs. It only hurts by moving a mouse, and your hand, over and over. Using your F key, or whatever key it might be, to tag epohh’s instead, makes a big difference.

3. Try to avoid running around needlessly. If you run out of epohhs in your starting area, look around, but keep yourself focused on the closest epohh.

4. Epohhs are small and blend in very well with the ground, your biggest asset will in fact be the box popping up to tag an epohh. Looking for them can be difficult, especially small ones.

5. It’s a mission of speed. Anything that can speed you up, helps. Just try to keep your movement in control if you do so. Motion Accelerator on a tac can help, or something like the boots from the Winter Event, and so on.

6. This is a quote from Hatepwe, thank you for this:

Originally Posted by hatepwe
I didn’t see this mentioned but if you reduce your visual settings to low quality a lot of the grass and ground clutter goes away making epohh’s easier to see.

Once the timer is up, talk to Toreth and turn in your epohh tags to finish the mission. She’ll reward you based on how many you or your team tagged. Once you have at least 4 active tags, we can move on to…

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting groups together for tagging, there’s a chat channel for it. Just type in ‘channel_join Epohh Tag’ (without the quotes) in your chat box, and you should join a-ok. Thank you Cloudinfinity for that.

Part 3: Epohh DOFF Missions

So, you have your tags, it’s time to use them; talk to Toreth, she has a DOFF mission for you, and it requires four epohh tags to do.

Notes for all DOFF missions related to epohhs:

1. They take exactly one day to do, but otherwise have no cooldown. Once they complete, you can do it again immediately.

2. All of these DOFF missions have 100% guaranteed success, with no chance to make it fail or cause a disaster.

3. They reward no CXP, expertise, skill points, etc when completed.

Now, for this DOFF mission, it requires Biologists, or Research Lab Scientists (can’t remember which atm). Regardless, you do NOT want to send the correct class on this. The reason is that this mission, more than the others, you want to crit it. The mission rewards epohh research (try to avoid confusing the item picture with New Romulus Research, they are very similar looking), 1 if on a success, and 3 if critted.

The reason why, is that normal success overrides critical success rate, and since these do not need success bonuses, ONLY go for a higher quality DOFF, with critical success traits on them. That will help your chances considerably.

Once the mission is done the next day, collect the reward, and don’t forget to do tagging again. Once you have collected 5 epohh research from the DOFF mission, it’s time to move on…

EDIT: 4/17/13

Ok, so this is something I’ve been doing on my own a bit recently, and thought I’d add it to the guide. I highly recommend that you look at getting Paradan DOFFs.

Particularly so for the epohh research mission, as many, particularly at the higher rarities have Efficient, Logical, or both. And since you need both of those for the research mission, that makes them extremely useful for it.

I personally use a very rare Paradan Astrometric Scientist with both crit traits, and that gives me a 26% crit chance on the research mission.

Paradans are also useful for raising Epohhs, while they don’t need logical for that, they do still have efficient most of the time, giving them a very good chance to crit a mission if you are looking at trying to get the evolved epohhs.

Part 4: Epohhs – From Pup to Elder

We’ve spend all this time, chasing these things around the fields, waiting on DOFF missions, etc. Now it’s time to actually get the fruit of your labor. Once you have 5 epohh research, talk to Toreth, and go to her store.

Choose the epohh pup that you want: River, Forest, Mountain or Ruin.

It’s worth noting that ALL epohhs are bound to you the moment you get them.

The only difference between them is color pretty much. Now, once you have your new pup, time to say goodbye to it already, and talk to the other Romulans standing there. There are five in particular, each specializing in a different type of epohh; River, Forest, Mountain, Ruin, and Evolved.

So talk to the Romulan who focuses on your epohh type, and choose the Epohh pup DOFF mission. It will require the epohh pup and a couple DOFFs to do.

EDIT 4/18/13: Thank you to Darwin789 for telling me about the El-aurian DOFFs, they’re great for trying to work on crit chances for raising an epohh to try and evolve it.

Originally Posted by darwin789
El-Aurians from Hromi cluster support mission.

At this point though, the bulk of the work is done, and if you don’t care about getting an evolved one, don’t worry about what DOFFs you send at this point. It’s guaranteed success with a chance to crit. However, if at any point you DO get an evolved epohh, and it isn’t fully raised, those missions are only guaranteed success for the evolved epohh’s, and you don’t need to worry about what DOFFs at that point.

The raising goes as such: Pup to moppet, moppet to adult, adult to elder. Thus, it takes 3 days to fully raise an epohh.

At this point, I’d like to make a quote by Darkstarkirian, who’s already provided some info for me:

Originally Posted by darkstarkirian
There are 4 Base Breeds; River, Forest, Mountain and Ruin.

Each Breed has 4 Life periods in their breeding; Pup, Moppet, Adult and Elder. Result; This is 16 total possible pets.

Any any time in the Life period upgrade, Pup->Moppet, Moppet->Adult, Adult->Elder, it is possible on the result of a critical success for your Base Breed to Evolve into 1 of 4 colors; White, Yellow, Black or Purple.

Due to the Evolution result only being possible from Life period upgrade, there is no possibility of an Evolved Pup, only Moppet, Adult and Elder.

That’s 3 Life periods with 4 possible colors, or 12 more possible pets. With a total of 28 pets resulting from Epohh breeding.

Also now, something from Starkaos about which epohh can turn into the evolved epohhs.

Originally Posted by starkaos

At long last, we’ve reached elder-hood for the epohh…

Part 5: What to do with your new pet(s)

Pretty much at this point, you have two choices:

Keep them, or turn them in for Romulan marks. Pretty much just that. Keep em or sell em. An elder epohh, be it evolved or not, can be ‘cashed in’ for 400 Romulan marks, certainly a very big amount.

Now I am sure there are plenty of pet collectors, and that is your choice.

The real thing is how much these are worth to a person on time spend vs. reward. I do feel that epohhs are the best way of getting Romulan marks, but in the long term, not for your rep leveling projects, more for those ‘big ticket’ items that we are gonna see at tier 5 reputation. (I, for one, will be calling my Romulan Plasma Flamethrower at tier 5, the ‘Epohh Toaster’.)

It could take a person as little as 3 days, to as many as 17 days, all based on skill with tagging, and luckiness with DOFF critted missions, before they got their first epohh. That’s just the extreme ends, as pretty much all people will fall between those areas. With a friend or two helping to get enough tags, most people would probably get their first pup within a week or so.

Once the pup is gotten, the biggest part of the work is done, it’s just a matter of raising it at that point. Really what makes these annoying is just that it can be mind numbing a bit to do the epohh tagging every day. The better you are at this, the more it can potentially pay off, and the faster it can as well.

So, if anyone has anything they wanna ask about, or add onto it, or anything else like that, feel free to say so. Some of the more asked questions might be put into an FAQ.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope I’ve been a help for all of you on dealing with epohhs.

So, now that Romulan Marks can be gotten from Winter epohhs…here’s the guide for that.

To begin, this will ONLY be applying until the Winter Event ends in about a month. After that point, all of this will be undoable, at least until next year’s Winter Event, should all this be included at that point.

Now then…

In Q’s Winter Wonderland, there is only two ways to get epohh tags: By running the competitive race, ‘The Fast and the Flurrious’ or by digging in snowballs, you will randomly get one Winter Epohh Tag, on a rare basis.

The race happens 4 times an hour, on the :15 mark, the :22 mark, the :45 mark, and the :52 mark. So the races might happen at 1:15, 1:22, 1:45, and 1:52 PM for example.

The starting gate is up on a hill, starting from the same point as you would to go to the other race, but up hill, not down.

Even if you are alone, as long as you get there in time, the race will begin. I won’t give any strategies, since you are guaranteed tags at the end regardless. If you get first place though, you will win 12 tags, 2nd place gets 6, 3rd will get 3, and anyone who doesn’t place gets 2 guaranteed (as long as they hit the ‘Finish’ flag at the end).

Now, you will need 6 Winter Epohh Tags. Once you have them you will need to go to the Winter Epohh Researcher, who will let you do a DOFF mission. This mission has the same requirements as other ones, and all these DOFF missions take 1 day each to do.

Once you have finished the first DOFF mission, you will be rewarded right with an epohh pup. If you crit the mission, you can get a more ‘fancy’ epohh usually. Critting at any point will give you a fancier epohh, but the results are random. The basic color (snow, P’epohh mint, and Candy Stripe) are set in stone the moment you get the pup, but the ‘fancy’ add on is gotten on a crit success.

At this point it is just a matter of raising the epohh, same as the normal ones. The main difference is that you must use the GPL Conversion console to ‘cash in’ the epohh, and an Elder will bring you 100 or 200 marks for doing so.

Now, basic Elders (like a Snow Elder with no add-on) are only worth 100 marks, while fancier epohh elders from this are 200. So if you are wanting to gather as many marks as possible, critting these are much more important as compared to normal epohhs.

However, due to the ease of getting the winter tags, you can keep up a very good ‘flow’ of epohhs, by having multiple epohhs going, much like a conveyor belt in a factory, thus producing a considerable amount of marks over time.

A much shorter guide, but as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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