Star Trek Online Memory Alpha Progression Information and Guide

Star Trek Online Memory Alpha Progression Information and Guide by Gennie and ScouseSandwich

Memory Alpha Progression: First I would like to thank my co-author ScouseSandwich and his fleet, All out Assault for getting me started. Link to his original post: I would also like to thank my fleet members in NHoC for supporting me and helping me collect data samples and components.

This is now a collaborative effort between myself and ScouseSandwich in which I am attempting to create a guide based on our research and other posters from his and my thread. I am posting it here as hard evidence is gathered, confirmed and recorded.

Getting Started: Gathering Supplies

Anomalous Readings in Clusters, Exploration missions, Ground Missions, Patrols, and Episode Missions contain data samples that can be turned in at Memory Alpha along with a specific piece of equipment to have it upgraded. Currently Memory Alpha Items are Bind On Equip so they are trade-able and sell-able. Here are the currently confirmed samples for turn in, as I progress I will post more.

Each sample is identified by a Main symbol and Color. You have the Main Symbol which is the largest, and then at the bottom of the sample will be some marks. ( Courtesy of Thornspike )

Energy Readings: All Energy samples show the old atomic symbol (3 offset concentric rings):
1 – Radiation Sample (pinky red)
2 – Antimatter Sample (light blue)
3 – Tetryon Particle (light green)
4 – Methogenic Particle (dark blue)
5 – Tachyon Wave Signature ( funky yellow)
6 – Chronometric Wave Signature (bright purple.)

Physical Readings: All Physical samples show a Triangle crossed with a swoosh line:
1 – Mineral Sample
2 – Biological Sample
3 – Plasma Sample
4 – DNA Sequence
5 – Exobiological Data
6 – Unidentified Sample

Technological Reading: All Technological Samples show a circular targeting reticle. It looks more like a flower with petals to some people:
1 – Alien Artefact
2 – Unknown Alloy
3 – Encoded Data
4 – Genetic Sequencer
5 – Photonic Technology
6 – Technical Schematic

Common Item:

Mk II Phaser Arrays, Photon Torpedos and Weapons can be bought in the Shipyard and at Requisitions in Earth Spacedock

Mk IV and Mk VI : Unknown

Mk VIII and Mk X: Unknown

Tier Progression: Starting out at Memory Alpha

There are 3 Tiers of crafting progression:
T1 is Commander Romaine who upgrades MK II Items
T2 is Lt Comdr Anichent, Zara Dren and Ensign Marissa Roet who upgrade MK IV and VI Items.
T3 is Commander Shann, Commander Jher Gwenn, and Lt. Kirayoshi O’Brien who upgrade Mk VIII and Mk X items.

Progression Step 1:

Tier 1

You have to do the Scientific Mandate Quest, which should unlock for you at LT 4, Admiral Quinn is the quest giver. You must talk to Egg, hes in the middle of Earth Spacedock, and get a biological sample (E’genn’s Biological Sample). You then travel to Commander Romaine at Memory Alpha, in the Alpha Centauri Sector Block. When you talk to her, she tells you to deposit the sample. Next to the ramp Romaine is FACING, is a tube shaped bin, go deposit the sample and talk to her again. You are now ready for the next step.

After you complete the quest you can start turning in items to Commander Romaine. Each recipe requires data samples and 1 common (white) item. The upgraded items available are all Mk II for Lieutenant ranked players. As a side note she also offers to upgrade Medium Hypos to Large Hypos and Large Power cells using medium shield charges (this is a suspected bug and unconfirmed by Cryptic) Recipe List is located here:…3eExRSUE&hl;=en

Progression is based ONLY on the value of the upgrade item. It has been confirmed by myself, Scouse and other posters that to progress you much turn in enough items to reach APPROX 7000 Energy Credits.

Poster Thornspike: This purchase list was discovered by Thornspike and confirmed by several posters

2 Phaser beam array mk II +2% crit
1 Phaser beam array mk II +.1 acc
1 Phaser beam array mk II +20 crit sev.
1 Photon torpedo mk II +.1 acc
1 Photon torpedo mk II +20 crit sev.

For a total item value of 8,638 Energy Credits

Poster: The_MadTom:

I confirm unlocking Tier 2, with changing/trading/crafting items worth 7222 Energy Credits:

* 11 Large Hypos
* 1 Large Power Cell
* 1 MkII Shield
* 2 Phaser Beam Pistols
* 3 Phaser Beam Arrays
* 1 Photon torpedo launcher

Most posters are confirming a purchase of 5-7 Phaser Arrays Mk II to unlock the next tier.

**NOTE** As of this moment there is no way to track progression or any notification that you unlocked.

Tier 2:

Once you unlock to the next level, 3 research scientists will now talk to you. Lt. Commander Anichent is located in the Tactical Room; Zara Dren is in the Science Lab and Ensign Marissa Roet is in the Engineering Room. In the spreadsheet I have listed all the items they offer for Mk IV and Mk VI upgrades that are suitable for Lt Commander and Commander players respectively. Each of the 3 scientists have their own progression to achieve the next tier. Link to Main Spreadsheet is here…3eExRSUE&hl;=en

1) Ensign Marissa Roet: Located in the Engineering Room: You must turn in approx ~ 409k credits worth to her to unlock Lt. Kirayoshi O’Brien. She upgrades MK IV and MK VI Items, Mostly Engines, Body Armor, Personal Shields and Engineering Kits

I have unlocked with Ensign Marissa Roet myself today; using the following purchase list:

1x Energy Dampening Body Armor Mk IV
7x Personal Shields Mk IV
5x Combat Impulse Engines Mk IV
2x Hyper Impulse Engines Mk IV
3x Impulse Engines Mk IV

2x Energy Dampening Body Armor Mk VI
2x Personal Shields Mk VI
1x Combat Impulse Engine Mk VI
2x Impulse Engines Mk VI

Total Item Value: 409,656 Energy Credits
2) Lt. Anichent: Located in the Tactical Room. You must turn in Items worth roughly 107k Energy Credits to unlock Commander Shann. He upgrades Mk IV and Mk VI Items, Ship Plasma Weapons and Projectiles, Personal Plasma Weapons and Tactical Kits.

Poster: Loomy74

8 Plasma Beam Array IV
1 Plasma Dual Cannon MK IV
1 Plasma Torpedo Launcher MK IV
4 Plasma Beam Array MK VI
1 Plasma Dual Cannon MK VI
1 Plasma Torpedo Launcher MK VI

Total Item Value is 107678. The last item i bought was a Plasma Beam Array MK IV for a Value of 5384. I checked the T3-Tactical right befor the last item and had no acces to t3.

Poster: Captain_Windle

Update: Unlocked Tier 3 at 111,697 Credits worth of trade

I traded:-

9 x Plasma Torp Launcher MkIV
1 x Plasma Sniper Rifle Mk IV
1 x Plasma Compression Pistol Mk IV
1 x Plasma Beam Array Mk IV
3 x Plasma Dual Cannons Mk IV
3 x Plasma Beam Array Mk VI
1 x Tactical Kit – Fire Team Mk VI
1 x Tactical Kit – Close Quarters Combat Specialist

Tier 3 was not unlocked at 106,313 Credits until I did another Plasma Torp Launcher Mk IV for 5,384 credits worth taking me to 111,697 and unlocked Tier 3.

I unlocked Lt. Anichent myself, today This is the Purchase List:

1x Plasma Bolt Pistol Mk IV
1x Plasma Beam Array Mk IV
1x Plasma Dual Cannons Mk IV
12x Plasma Torpedos Mk IV
1x Quantum Torpedos Mk IV
1x Plasma Beam Array Mk VI
1x Quantum Torpedo Mk VI
1x Tactical Kit Fire Team Mk VI

For a total item value of 106,459 energy credits. The last item purchased was a Plasma Torpedo Mk IV. Prior to the last purchase I did not have access to Shann.
3) Zara Drenn: No data yet

Tier 3:
As I said before you must now unlock separately with each T2 Scientist in order to progress.

Lt. Kirayoshi O’Brien: He is located in the Engineering Room with Roet. You get access to this NPC after turning in items to Ensign Roet. He upgrades MK VIII and MK X Items.

Commmander Shenn: He is located in the Tactical Room with Lt. Anichent. You get access to this NPC after turning in items to Lt. Anichent. He upgrades MK VIII and MK X Items.

Commander Jher Gwenn: She is located in the Science Lab with Zara Drenn. You get access to this NPC after turning in items to Zara Drenn. She upgrades MK VIII and MK X Items.

There are no NPCs to unlock after T3. There are rumors of recipes however until I see it, I wont believe it.

Here is a link to my spread sheet for items and thier Item Values.
Spreadsheet Current as of 02/11/2010

Update #1: There is now a Legend for abbreviations ACC, CS and CC and * to indicate number of purchases per item.

Update #2: I have access to T3 Engineer NPC Kirayoshi O’Brien UE&hl;=en

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