Angels Online Orient Main Quest Guide

Angels Online Orient Main Quest Guide by svplayer

Lvl Requirement: Characters lvl 100+

Total Credits: 120000 credits

Hi everyone! Before anything else, sorry for the delay on the guide but i have been extremely busy this year and couldnt even play at all. Now finally i got a little time off so first thing i did was run to Orient to make this :p.

Excited to do it? Prepare yourself for a journey full of walking, but HEY look at the bright side at least you can always laugh at the silly mobs in Orient maps and do it with your friends, and the rewards will surelly make you happy!

To start, as usually, you have to talk to a NPC, which is in each of the 4 cities: Aurora, Breeze/Beast, Iron/Steel and Dark/Shadow, named Adventure Guild.

I got it in Dark City and the coordinates are: (213,148)

Once you talk with him you get the first serie of quests:

A Merchant´s Request

1. Report to Weldon in Dawn Harbor (11,86)

2. Report to Klaude in Port Cherube (1st map of Orient expansion)

The portal is exactly in the same map, Dawn Harbor, and right beside NPC Weldon.

As marked in the picture above, find NPC Klaude (41,130) and talk to him.

3. Help the soldiers clear out the pathway: Hog wraiths 0/100 (Port Cherube)

4. Find the soldiers, then report to Galilei (NPC Galilei in Dyna City – 39,112)

He will give you the following Rewards: (1380000 gold, 45000000 exp, 7200 creds)

and Quest: Soldiers in Trouble

PR – Pre-requisite: A Merchant´s Request Done

1. Collect for the soldiers: Fresh Peaches 0/50

Kill Monkey kid in Helzenut Ridge – 191,171.

Note: Keep in mind its a Luck drop. Also if in need, you can set your cupid in Angelic Cave to go repot, use the totems there to revive or even use the bank.

2. Talk to Galilei (NPC of step 4 of A Merchant´s Request)

3. Give the medicine to Dr. Fleming (NPC in Dyna City – 24,110)

He will give you the Rewards: (1610000 gold, 52500000 exp, 8400 creds)

and Quest: Fleming´s Request

PR – Soldiers in Trouble Done

1. From the Baby Shrooms, collect: First Aid Box 0/100 (Kill Baby Shrooms in Emerald Shores – 77,131)

2. Talk to Dr. Fleming (NPC of step 3 of Soldiers in Trouble)

3. Find the Lens Box on the Emerald Shores (170,158)

Note: You can find it marked on the pic of the respective map, above.

After clicking on the box, a boss will be summoned, kill the Blue Monkey.

4. Give the Lens Box to Dr. Fleming (NPC of step 2)

He will give you the Rewards: (2070000 gold, 67500000 exp, 10800 creds)

and Quest: A Person Tranformed

PR – Fleming´s Request Done

1. Speak to Galilei to understand what is happening (NPC of step 2 of Soldiers in Trouble)

2. Find the people that transformed into monsters among the violet thunderhorns

Kill the mob, Violet Thunderhorns in Angelic Cave – 255,81.

Note: This is another Luck drop.

3. Talk to Freiyer to understand the situation (NPC in Angelic Cave – 280,53)

4. Give the report to Galilei (NPC of step 1)

He will give you the Rewards: (2530000 gold, 82500000 exp, 13200 creds)

and Quest: Elixir of Youth

PR – A Person Transformed Done

1. Ask the residents of Gaia Valley for news:

Plume´s information: 0/1 copy (187,158)

Ruby´s information: 0/1 copy (132,100)

Wolryn´s information: 0/1 copy (113,85)

Kent´s information: 0/1 copy (29,161)

2. Using all the information you gathered, find  the person that knows how to get the Elixir of Youth (Talk to Dan in Dyna City – 255,106)

3. Clear the Purply Toasts: 0/200 (Dyna City – 109,62)

4. Talk to Dan (NPC of step 2)

5. Retrieve the Elixir of Youth near the Buddha statue at the center of the Angelic Cave (137,78)

Note: Check the mark on the picture below.

6. Give the Elixir of Youth to Dr. Fleming (NPC of step 4 of Fleming´s Request)

He will give you the Rewards: (2990000 gold, 97500000 exp, 15600 creds)

and Quest: Doctor´s Recommendation

PR – Elixir of Youth Done

1. Collect the following monsters for the Doctor:

Kava Horned Turtles in the Emerald Shores: 0/20 (231,93)

Stone Lion Guards in the Angelic Cave: 0/20 (132,75)

Thunderers in the Gaia Valley: 0/20 (252,151)

Purply Hoppers in Dyna City: 0/20 (130,147)

Blue Bramblebirds in the Butterfly Garden: 0/20 (83,141)

2. Talk to Dr. Fleming (NPC of step 6 of Elixir of Youth)

3. Inform Galilei of the results (NPC of step 4 of A Person Transformed)

He will give you the Rewards: (3450000 gold, 112500000 exp, 18000 creds)

and Quest: Danger lies ahead

PR – Doctor´s Recommendation Done

1. Clear a path to the Butterfly Garden: Eliminate the Flutter Lolitas: 0/200 (Dyna City – 260,50)

2. Report back to Galilei (NPC of step 3 of Doctor´s Recommendation)

3. Clear a path to the Phoenix Palace:

Kill the Nine-day Thunderers: 0/100 (Butterfly Garden – 194,134)

Defeat the Twin Thunders: 0/100 (Butterfly Garden – 266,140)

4. Report back to Galilei (NPC of step 2)

He will give you the following Rewards: (4140000 gold, 135000000 exp, 21600 creds)

and Quest: The Stolen Report

PR – Danger lies ahead Done

1. Speak to Lil´John (Butterfly Garden – 285,158)

2. Find Steward Jevon, who has transformed into a Purply Zombie King, and retrieve the medicine report.

It´s time for the instance map of Orient, the Phoenix Palace, so make sure you prepare for it! Once inside, clear the path by killing the mobs til the point where you are in an empty room with pink light barriers blocking the way (similarly as in Poker Castle).

To open these barriers you need to find and destroy 3 monster pots: (82,12 ; 144,125 ; 126/107)


Now that the barriers are down, follow the path on your left (turn left) since your objective is to go to Tiger Hall, where the mob Purply Zombie King is.

When you enter Tiger Hall, automatically you will see a message pop up in your screen, around the coordinates (94,129):

Which will confirm if your in the right place or not.

Keep killing the other mobs til you find the mob Purply Zombie King (109,128) and then kill it. A message about the letter will also appear, and when it does click on it fast til you get the letter, or else you might loose the chance and have to restart.


3. Report to Galilei (NPC of step 4 of Danger lies ahead)

4. Give Archangel Michael the letter from the Evil Lyceum (Angel Lyceum – 213,111)

He will give you the Rewards: (4830000 gold, 157500000 exp, 25200 creds)


So thats it! I hope this is helpful and if any questions or if you find anything in guide that is inaccurate please post it ^^!

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