Angels Online Assassin Guide

Angels Online Assassin Guide by ijbest

*Assassins use the weapon and skill called Shadowblade. Shadowblade is a very unique skill and as you read through this guide, I hope to enlighten you about it and show you some of what Assassin has to offer. Some words are highlighted and have a * next to them, meaning video link.

I like to break it into Shadow and Blade. You’re either Shadow (someone who likes to mostly sneak and assassinate) or you’re Blade (someone who doesn’t bother with sneaking and assassinating as much.)
However, whether you’re Shadow or a Blade your greatest ally will always be your Speed.


Pros of being an assasin:
-One of the highest damaging in game PvP.
-Dodge rate is great
-Critical Strike Rate with assassinations.
-*Quick Combos
-Can be transparent using sneak type skills.

Cons of being an assasin:
-Low defense.
-Many SP bars are needed.
-Sneak can be removed and isn’t 100% protection.
-Not many AOE type skills.
-Ride must be unequipped to use sneak.
-Assassination has a chance to stun the caster.
-Mostly close ranged attack skills.


 Assassinations are some of the assassin’s strongest attacking skills. In order to use any assassination you need to first be in stealth; achieved by using one of the following skills:
 Sneak(lvl 16) 
 Shadow Strike(lvl 166) 

Both stealth skills and assassination skills consume SP bars in order to be used. Unlike most of the other melee skills, assassinations get their damage from 3 sources: Attack, Stance Power and Agility. The higher you get these stats, the more damage you will be able to inflict. The special thing about assassination is that the damage from agility can ignore the target’s defense. In addition to this, assassinations also have an increased critical hit rate. However, assassinations do have a chance to stun the caster, and when this happens the damaged is decreased drastically (maybe around 2/5 of the damage is lost.)
Pictures showing assassinations. Usually these skills are too fast to see all of the details.(Disabling Ambush/Thunder Burst/Remove Magic)


~Assassin PvP~

  • Make sure your buffs Ghostly Tactics, Quick Step/Focus and Shadowmeld (if you have them) are always ready. Anti-Locked Tactics is also a great buff to have, get the highest rank of that asap. You don’t want to try and assassinate, combo or pvp without them.
  • If you want to Sneak go somewhere safe and use it. You can also sneak to help scout out an area first so that you don’t jump into a battle and get blindsided OR you can target your opponent before they see you.
  • It’s better to use Disabling Ambush on opponents who are a lot stronger because it stuns them so if you don’t 1 hit with assassination you can do extra damage/negative effects for the kill.
  • Combos are great to use, so do your best to learn as many of them as you can.
  • Stunning Dagger is great to use vs runners.
  • Always make sure you have SP bars to use.

I personally feel like assassins were more designed to defeat mages in PvP and fight on Par with archers. Fighting warriors…is not an assassin’s forte but with the right skills and stats they do well still.

Tips Vs Mages:
-With an earth mage using Shark Shift you need to think fast because if they catch you unprepared your in trouble. When fighting you need to cast your clone spell just in case you do in fact get hit, then hit them with stunning dagger,it slows them down, decreases max hp/mp and slows atk speed, so you have more time to get some distance or begin your counter attack. This works well vs Sharks because they will mostly aim for normal attacks. Be wary of Detect Stealth skill if you’re planning on assassinating them. They have a maximum of 38k HP this can be in your favor due to assassination being. Also having high agility is great in this situation.
-If your opponent is pretty evenly matched with you, you can all out attack* them. If they have a clone, kill the clone first, from there you can use stunning dagger then your combos in order to kill them.
-Keep the Silence skill around because it comes in handy, especially vs mages.
-Longer ranged skills such as Stunning Dagger and Fiend Pierce Blade work well if the mage is trying to kite you.
-Try to silence and slow mages while damaging them as much as you can. Using Fiend Pierce Blade is great because it  also has a chance to drain 1000+ MP each time it hits.
-At higher levels you can combo Fiend Blade and the Shadow Strikes (level 166 skill and 172 skill) to get a quick ranged combo to kill clones then assassinate.
-Remove Magic is a great assassination type skill to use on mages because it has a chance to drain all MP and also has a chance to silence the target for a good length of time (15 sec at rank 4). It’s also great in combos.
-Vs high level wraith mages you need very high damage because Demonic Counter can turn your combos against you by reflecting 2k+ of each hit you do. Best way to avoid this is your assassination skills.

Tips Vs warriors and archers:
-Sneak to attack them and disable them or try your best to outdamage them as quickly as possible.
-Combos are absolutely necessary to fight strong warriors, so do learn some.
-Shadow Strike (level 166 skill) is a great help vs warriors and archers since it can help you dodge hits from Rapid Strike, Shield Hit, Steel Rain and other things that can help you get you killed quite easily.
-Keep Deceptive Clone avatar out, this greatly increases ur survivability if your opponent is stronger.
-Always try to get the surprise/first attack when fighting 1 on 1.

Group PvP:
As an assassin you have many opportunities to help your allies greatly with your skills.
-Trying to be a 1 man army vs a group of equally matched players will get you killed.
-Never rush right into a fight if you don’t know what you need to do. Doing this can get you killed.
-When assisting, always try to kill/disable hard to kill persons to open paths for your allies, doing this can increase the chance of success for your team.
-Make sure you have someone to back you up incase you get disabled in some way or incase you can’t kill someone alone.
-Try to do as much damage as possible to targets (Strong Players, HB Gates, Crystals, Totems) in covert missions without being seen. Deadly Combo skill can help you greatly with doing things like this.
-Sometimes Thunder Burst assassination AoE is your best option for damaging large groups of enemies (HB Crystal Campers, Totem War Barrier Campers) You make yourelf a lot more vulnerable, but sometimes taking 1 for the team can mean the difference between win/lose.

When sneaking it’s always great to have a transformation. If you want to ambush someone try to blend in with the background. Knowing when to strike takes practice.

~Assassins & PvE~

  • Stunning Dagger is a good opening/starter skill when fighting monsters because it decreases their Max HP and slows their attack speed.
  • Deadly Combo is also a great PvE skill because it hits twice(3 times at rank 5) helping you kill faster.
  • Silencing Chop combos with these skills so having this in your attack list can help you kill bosses more easily.
  • Having high agility*, attack and defense along with a life mage by your side who has Aurora Wings 5 helps you kill mobs fast while making the monster miss hits on you a lot of the time.
  • Shadow Strike (level 172) along with Remove Magic (level 133) are great for bossing. It also is useful when AoEing mobs when used with Thunder Burst.
  • At the moment I can make around 100-300mil+ a day from completing the instance Horrible Lost Region*(in Atlantis) multiple times and selling the drops. I do this with the AoE skill Freezing Rain to kill the monsters and I use a combination of the single-target skills previously mentioned to kill the bosses. At around level 172, assassins complete this instance with little effort and won’t spend much for repairs or potions.

~Some Hints to Build a Successful Assassin~

  • Get a nice ride. Contrary to seemingly popular belief, assassins need a good ride!
  • I would use speed rings like the ones from cardset, enchanted trinkets, or swift rings. Or have at least one of these in addition to a trinket your level for the agility bonus.
  • Enchanted capes that give physical % and spell defence % buffs are great.
  • When improving your armor, use yellow and red gems because the more agility you have the more dmg your assassination skills do, red gems are nice for the hp. Orange gems are great for the weapon.
  • If you aren’t that great at PvP, focus on 1 vs 1 battles, as you get better you can take on more than 1 opponent.
  • Get body Transformation PD (fashion) such as Enchanted-Patchwork Bear if you have more than 1 hand PD, because 2 hand PDs can slow down your combos if you normal hit… you are not a swordsman. >.>
  • Small Transformations or light colored Transformations are great to have if you like sneaking/surprise attacking and also help with movement speed.
  • Good Defense, Spell Defense, HP and Attack are also needed, NEVER think that you don’t need these!
  • Agility (Dodge)-increases damage for assassination skills, the more agility you have the more base dmg you can do, and also lets you dodge more often in case you get attacked.
  • Rigor(Accuracy)- this is also great because you don’t want your skills to miss (especially Shadow Strike.) It also affects assassination positively, in that assassinations have a maximum, medium and minimum damage. High rigor helps you achieve maximum more often.
  • *Having a good stock of buffs that increase these stats will help you greatly when you need the extra stats.
  • Also try to collect a good amount for the Album and get good REP in Achievements section.

~Rank 5 Skills To Try to Get~

Here are some recommended skills to help you become better with being an assassin.

  • Panther Killing 5
  • Stunning Dagger 5
  • Nimble 5
  • Speedup Attack 5
  • Deadly Combo 5
  • Remove Magic 5 (when it comes out)
  • Fury Attack 5
  • Disabling Ambush 5 (mainly for PvP)
  • Sneak 5 (mainly for PvP)


Pets that can heal are great for PvE. Pets with slowing skills are great for assisting with your assassinations. Other than that pets with good combo skills (Steel Rain, Beast Teeth) are nice also. Look-up which pets would help your play-styles most If you want a pet.
 Assassins always receive a lot of negative criticism when it comes to PvP and PvE. If you really want to be an assassin do not let anyone stop you from being one. There are some people who will try to put every negative thought they can think of into your head, but ignore them and be the best you can. Every class has their strength.  For assassins the strength that stands out most is their single target PvP. A lot of people will hate being killed by someone who pops out of nowhere, scares the heck out of them and then kills them. LOL

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