TSW 11k HP Fist Healing Guide

TSW 11k HP Fist Healing Guide by JGater

I have many people asking me for build advice for healing. In my opinion leeching (http://forums.thesecretworld.com/showthread.php?t=65533 – amazing Claretta thank you!) is the “best” option, as you bring DPS to the table as well, but for certain fights/dungeons or raid, you might need a full healer. I am keeping this short and as simple as possible without tons of math formulas and craziness. I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed and that this is impossible, especially if they are new to healing. KISS (for you other military folks that know what that means).

So what do you need to heal? Tons of Heal Rating (HR)?

This build is focused around Heal over Time (HoT) spams while proc’ing the Empowerment elite passive. This elite passive triggers another heal on top of your HoTs (which can crit itself) every time you crit. Empowerment has the possibility of proc’ing once per second. Since you will be critting most of the time, it triggers quite often. I recommend a minimum of 1.5k HR to effectively use this type of play style (more may be needed, dependent on your group/tank).

How do I get this Empowerment thing to work?

A base of 750 crit rating is what I recommend. This page was brought to my attention and explains the math behind this:http://dulfy.net/2012/08/01/fistpist…aling-guide/#1 (thank you Dulfy). With this crit percentage, you can reliably proc Empowerment quite often while having 4 HoTs up on your defensive target throughout your rotation.

Ok so what do I need to do to make this work then?

Step 1: You will need the skills (obviously). Spend your AP accordingly to unlock what you need if you plan on healing as your first spec.

Step 2: The minimum amount of HR I am comfortable taking for anything is 1.5k HR. I consider this to be bare minimum, you may be able to heal things with less if desired. So as a basis, achieve this minimum HR. Wear as much as you need/want. I suggest just starting with more than less and as you become comfortable with healing/game mechanics, you can go less if desired.

Step 3: Get gear that you can put glyphs into. Even if you have to use ql10 greens to start elites out or ql10 blues for starting NM, you will need to have the crit/crit power to ensure this works reliably. Aim for around 18-20% crit with the rest being into crit power while gearing up.

Step 4: Practice a rotation. A rotation is required for all builds to optimize their effectiveness. Get familiar with your build, how it works, and know when to use certain skills.

Step 5: Know the fights you are in. I cannot stress enough that knowing the fight mechanics of what you are doing will help you out tremendously while healing or doing any role for that fact.

Skill Considerations

I’m not going into major details on skills (these can be looked at in game via the wheel for descriptions or here:http://www.drakkashi.com/secretworld/wheel.php) for the sake of saving room. I would rather not try to break down every skill to try to determine what is the maximum effective healing build in the game. Everyone plays different, certain points can always be argued, personal opinions, group makeups, gear levels, etc. This is just an intro to help anyone out that might want to get into fist healing.

Keep in mind, HoTs are required to ensure a consistant proc rate of Empowerment. I am only going to list what is needed (take this term lightly) to ensure this concept works properly. The rest of your actives/passives you can tailor to your build. I will provide 1 cookie cutter build for single target healing dungeons. I welcome questions from anyone and can help with builds tailored to what you would like help with.

Creature Comfort
Surgical Steel
(E) – Radiance / Fired Up

(E) – Empowerment

Fist / Pistol (Single Target Healing Build)

1. Nurture
2. Creature Comfort
3. Cauterise
4. Surgical Steel
5. Backup Drone
6. Deadly Aim
7. Radiance (E)
8. Death From Above (Rocket Launcher)

1. Empowerment (E)
2. Shadow Medic
3. Making Amends
4. Healing Sparks
5. Calling the Shots
6. Brawler
7. Mad Skills
8. Rocket Science

Nurture (x1) – Creature Comfort (x1) – Cauterise (x1) – Surgical Steel (x1) [repeat]

* Use DA / Backup Drone / Radiance when increased healing is needed.
* This build is just a recommendation not a “best build” by any means. See disclaimer below.

Glyphing and Stats

* Aim for 18-20% crit with the rest crit power (unless you want to add some other stat) *


489 crit + 150 (Mad Skills passive) + 119 Crit Anima = 758 crit rating (~20%)
1510 crit power (~140%)

Don’t want to take mad skills or use animas?


Gear / Signet Recommendations

Special Items (From NY Raid)
Blood of the Old Ones (Head) – Whenever you apply a heal effect, 10% chance to heal target for additional 3% of their max health (5 sec cd).
Coney Island Band (Finger) – Whenever you critically heal, you gain 25% crit power.
Broadway Charm (Occult) – Whenever you heal a target below 66% health, there is 33% chance to add 400 physical/magical protection to target for 10 seconds.

Temperance – When you heal a target below 50% health they are healed for 24/48/72 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
Benediction – When you heal a target there is a 20% chance they will gain a barrier that absorbs 40/80/120 and lasts 10 seconds.
Laceration – When you critically hit a target, you gain a critical damage increase of 6/12/18% for 15 seconds.(Have to get it to proc with your build)

Amelioration – Your heal rating is increased by 47/94/141.
Vigour – Your health is increased by 165/330/?.

Harmony – Your Healing effects are increased by 1/2/3%.
Rejuvenation – When your health is below 50% you are healed for 50/100/150 and affected by a heal over time effect healing you for 19/38/57 every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.
Ablation – When your health is below 50% the next 5 hits against you do 9/17/25% less damage.
Equilibrium – When you critically heal a target they gain a 5/10/15% damage increase for 5 seconds.
Thirst – When you critically heal a target they gain a 5/10/15% leech effect for 5 seconds.


These videos I am using to showcase just how powerful fist healing can be. Run with whatever HR you are comfortable with.

Solo Healing Raid (10.7k HP 1.7k HR)


ACT – http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/…ps7ba8af14.jpg

Little confusion at the end. Someone said get out, someone said burn it and stay in, so half the dps stopped and most us got smushed. Kill none the less. As a side note, Social ran with the base 249 physical protection in this video.

Solo Healing Lair Raid (11.7k HP 1.5k HR)


ACT – http://i1319.photobucket.com/albums/…ps3f265d11.jpg

Some moved during add phase and I let one die I believe at end

*** Disclaimer ***

I take no credit for these builds and information posted. All of this was shown to me by other players and gathered information wise. I have played, tried, and tested all of this myself. This is just the consolidated information I am sharing with everyone. This guide contains recommendations, not necessarily the best build for everything. The best build will depend on you, your group, your playstyle, gear/experience levels, and the fight you are doing.

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