The Secret World Defeat Gatekeeper as Tank Guide

The Secret World Defeat Gatekeeper as Tank Guide by MarioBaker

Okay, So I’m going to try to explain how to help you beat the Gatekeeper as a TANK. I’m creating this little guide when I was googling around I didnt seem to find any guides on how to beat him. But I’ve read some Dps guides, which helped me figure it out and got advice from few peoples ingame. Let’s cut to the case.

PS! : You’ll need atleast 2 impairs as a tank to beat him. Because he will do an ability that will ONE HIT you if you dont interrupt.

1. There are 3 options at start for you to choose. Choose the one in the middle named “fortitude”(I think it was that).

2. Once you have choosen,The fight starts and a NPC named “YOUR FRIEND” will spawn with 5HP. YOU FRIEND will do the DAMAGE NOT YOU, so just TANK IT.

3. Think of the fight as an instance, A boss to beat, A friend to defend. You need to keep your friend from HARM, he cant get hit or anything, because if he gets hit the Gatekeeper will oneshot you. You will need to kite around the gatekeeper, and the gatekeeper will shoot a LAZER(Yes, I said lazer), dont let it hit your friend, your friend will MOVE IN CIRCLES AROUND THE GATEKEEPER, both left and right so PAY ATTENTION. At around 42k+ – the boss will start charging the oneshot. And the 2. time is around 24+ – (im not sure).

4 Once he have casted 2 times try to stay alive, and keep defending your friend. He will start spawning mobs, 2 at a time.(Trust me, when you see the animation for the ability you’ll know). Tank every add that comes out and you’ll be fine. And he’ll die. He’ll be around 12k I think when this happens

And that’s all!

I wish you all Good luck!

PS : Dont get frustrated!(Trust me, it doesn’t help at all).

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