Star Conflict Rank Up on Synergy System Guide

Star Conflict Rank Up on Synergy System Guide by Error

Due to the fact that many players keep asking about how to achieve higher ranks now, we decided to give some short explanation. With the new system you get the following types of synergy:

  • Current Synergy (Synergy bound to the ship)
  • Free Synergy (can be used on any ship)


Current Synergy

This type of synergy can only be used on that type of ship you achieved it on.

Once this ship reaches its max level you will still earn Current Synergy, but you will be able to convert the extra synergy to Free Synergy.

Free Synergy

This type of synergy can be used on any ship that did not reach max level yet.

How to achieve a higher rank in a faction

Now you gain a higher rank by buying a ship of the next rank. For example you are rank 3 in Jericho, you need to buy a rank 4 Jericho ship. In order to buy the next higher ship you need to reach a certain synergy level on the previous ship.

In the lock you can see a “4”, which means that the Swift needs to be level 4 before you are able to buy the Swift-M.

Once you buy 1 rank 4 ship you will instantly be rank 4 in this faction.

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