Blade & Soul KR Lyn Blade Master PvP Skill Combo

Blade & Soul KR Lyn Blade Master PvP Skill Combo by Di’el

So the new PvP arena is out. I’ve never 1v1 dueled in this game before so it was something new to me.
But in the end I developed a few sets of combo’s I’d like to share. (currently 164W 122L 1600 rating)

My specs: 255 Blood Shark Harbor weapon with Endless Tower Bopae (not fully upgraded)
389 attack
3% defence pen
99.9% accuracy
47% crit with 205% crit damage
12k health
10% defence
12% block
20% dodge

Yeah.. PvE gear

First my skill tree
Posted Image

Not your usual PvE skill tree. Some things to point out…
No rb upgrades since chi is very limited in PvE. You can’t use auto attacks to regen because people are jumping/dashing everywhere.
Upgraded dash (2) for stun.
Fully upgraded absorb (3 while force choke) to apply groggy
No quick draw stance (honestly I would really like fully upgraded lightning dash thingy but not enough points :/)
No shield and got a chi regen blades instead.

Combo 1:
1. Dash+jump around and try to land first hit+stun (using the column 1 row 5 skill)
2. If you land the stun wait for 1 second. Yout opponent would usually break free using tab. This is to make sure he doesn’t use it again later while it’s on cooldown.
Exception Skip this step for assassins. They will back step and stealth
3. Press x and knock you opponent into the air and perform rb + lb air combo.
4. Spam 4 (force choke) and grab them when they land.
OR if your opponent has less than half health you can spam c for lightning strike to finish him off.
With around my spec lightning strike should do about 5k damage without crit or up to 12k with crit.
Warning: your opponent, if quick enough, may break free of the combo at this point before you act.
5. Press z to regen chi
6. Rb when you have enough chi to send swords flying and combo with f
Note: With my spec, people usually die at this point……
7. If your opponent is motionless the entire time (ie not kicking you) he is likely waiting for you to use 1 or 3 so that he can time it with his escape move. Catch him off guard and just wait for force choke to finish.
Otherwise, you may choose to use 3 to apply groggy or 1 to apply down
Warning: your opponent, may also break free at this point.
8. If you waited for force choke to end, immediately use your stun dash to stun him.
9. Knock into the air again using f and perform lb + lb air combo.
10. Use c if you haven’t used it already for lightning strike for the finish.
If your opponent doesn’t die by this point, that is one “tough” guy.

If your opponent breaks free or you’re at the end of the combo, you would have to try to grab him again and do the force choke combo again while enduring his combo.

Combo 2: (use shield instead of chi regen blades) may be easier….
1. Wait for your opponent to attack and use shield right before he does.
2. Once your opponent sees your shield he will try to run away. Grab him before he does.
3. Force choke combo. Rb + f.
4. Either wait for the force choke to end or use 1 or 3.
5. Use x to knock into the air and perform rb + lb combo.
OR if your opponent is weak, use c lightning strike to finish him off.
6. Use c lightning strike upon landing.

My experience with other classes so far…..
KFMs – aka resist monsters
Assassins – stealth, flash bang, air combo, lose
Summoners – THAT F-ING CAT IS IN THE WAY + endless kiting
Destroyers – Healthy
LBMs – Whoever hits first wins………usually.
BMs – Hurts quite a bit
FMs – Glass cannon…

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