Aion Dye System Guide

Aion Dye System Guide by 187ben

Colorful armor is always one of Aion’s most attractive features. Today I will introduce the dye system in Aion. Hope it will help you look better in game!

How to dye your armor

How to get the dyes

Basically there are three kinds of dyes in Aion.

1. You can buy some basic dyes from NPC in the capital city of each faction as well as dye remover(in case you don’t like the color)However, the NPC only provide some normal colors.

2. You can get dyes from official contest . These dyes have better colors.

3. You can get some special dyes by gathering.
When you are gathering berries, you have 2% chance to get some petals, which are good dyes.

For exmaple, when you gather Kukar in Baluslan, you have 2% chance to get Kukar Petal.

According to my calculation, you need about 200 petals to dye all the 5 pars of your armor.

Next I will show your seven colors from these petals.

Hope you can find your favorite color!

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