MechQuest Planet Necryptos Guide

MechQuest Planet Necryptos Guide by Postmaster General
Necryptos is a planet full of vampires and other blood sucking enemies. In all this darkness, a Vampire Hunter thrives. Do you have what it takes to take on these tough enemies? I’m sure you do. But if you don’t know where to direct this power of yours, this guide is here to help. Join Han Velsing in a battle against some of the strongest enemies to be seen in MechQuest so far. Follow quests as you travel through the land of Skalgard, defeating the vampire lords Dimitri, Nephyrisis, Akana, and Piotr. With the vampire lords out of the way, its on to Miracyrina. Are you ready? Make sure to pack some garlic and talk to Han about some stakes!

What do you get if you cross a vampire and a circus entertainer?
Something that goes straight for the juggler!

-Due to the lenghth and content of this guide, I have decided to make it easier to find the various sections of my guide. In the Index below, you will find a bold code next to each section. To quickly jump to that section, simply press ‘CTRL’ and ‘F’ to bring up a menu. Type in the code into the menu box and press ‘Enter’ to skip straight to that section.-


——–Map areas——–M01
———Recommended Level——–RL
– Han Velsing
– Mina
– Akana
– Safiria
– Sekali Sphinx (NPC)
– Shawn Velsing
——–Possible Strategies——–STR

Map Areas:


This Necryptos Map was made by the member Denolth, who used the software Adobe Flash CS3 to copy and edit the original in-game map.
LyceumMorrowood ForestCryptSekali DesertFangor JungleBloodrock Mountains

Recommended Level: 25+


NPC’s/Dialogue: -NPCD-

Han Velsing

Han Velsing: Welcome to Lyceum, <Character Name>. What brings you to this cursed place?
Han Velsing: Vampires… There’s nothing I hate more than those vile diseased-ridden scourges…
Han Velsing: Nowadays, they are getting worse and worse!
Han Velsing: Did you know that Vampires used to actually eat people!
Han Velsing: Nowadays, they just go around biting everyone just so they can have bigger raves…
Han Velsing: ..and did I mention how annoying it is to listen to those freaks complain?
Han Velsing: They are the only group of immortals that will actually complain about being immortal…
Han Velsing: Oooo Look at me! I am sooooo bored of living forever! Oooo.. I sparkle in the sunlight. Please feel sorry for me…
Han Velsing: At least I don’t have to deal with them during the day.
Han Velsing: They hide themselves in the lairs and sulk during the day… pathetic.
Han Velsing: I heard rumours about ancient vampires that actually had some self respect…
Han Velsing: Proud beings who considered their immortality a gift for the privileged few.
Han Velsing: They were powerful lords and mighty warriors!
Han Velsing: Now there’s an enemy I can respect.
Han Velsing: Not these lost kids.
Han Velsing: Anyway, I have a feeling something big is starting up on Necryptos.
Han Velsing: The vampires have been particularly active lately. They have control of the majority of this planet.
Han Velsing: Unfortunately, I’m not the Vampire Hunter I used to be. I am growing old.
Han Velsing: My bones ache and I am growing weary. Perhaps you could help me fight them?
Han Velsing: Foolish girl. She should have know better than to travel in the Mortenwood alone.
Han Velsing: I don’t ahve much pity for her… but if you want to help her, go ahead.
Han Velsing: Just keep in mind… You will need to destroy more than just one vampire. You will need to take out their entire bloodline.
Han Velsing: Vampires may be overly dramatic annoying brats, but they ARE strong. This will not be easy.
Han Velsing: Good luck, <Character Name>!
-In Fangor Jungle-
-Go Now! or Instructions!-
Han Velsing: Alright <name>! This will be a difficult journey. The forest is too thick to walk your mecha through it.
Han Velsing: In order to get to the temple, we’ll need to ride the river which should lead directly to it.
Han Velsing: If you need any help, just ask me. The river is very dangerous. Be careful!
Han Velsing: You will need to ride your raft down this very long and treacherous river. Many obstacles will be in your path.
Han Velsing: Use the Arrow Keys to move your raft and avoid the obstacles.
Han Velsing: Every time your raft hits an object, your raft will lose a health bar. As you can see below, your health bar has 4 points.
Han Velsing: If you lose all four bars, your raft will be destroyed and you will have to fight to find a another raft. If you win, you will continue where to left off.
Han Velsing: Be careful as there are many blockages in the river that will cause you to get out of it. However, you should be okay.
Han Velsing: The longer bar to the left of the Health Bar shows how far you are in your journey. The right side is the goal.
Han Velsing: I hope you listened well <name>. This will be a difficult trip. The Temple won’t be any picnic either!
Han Velsing: Egad! Blockage! Hurry and get out.
Han Velsing: The quicker we get across and back on the river, the better.
Han Velsing: We’ve been spotted! I hope he doesn’t have many friends.
Han Velsing: Excellent! The river should be just ahead. Find a raft and start floating!
Han Velsing: There goes our chance for an easy float trip. Time to get out.
Han Velsing: Now hurry and get across this infernal thing and back on the river!
Han Velsing: Looks like someone’s waiting for us. Waste him quick so we can get back on the water.
Han Velsing: No time for celebration, just get to the river.
Han Velsing: There goes our chance for an easy float trip. Time to get out.
Han Velsing: Now hurry and get across this infernal thing and back on the river!
Han Velsing: Watch out! There’s a enemy ahead! Take him out quick!
Han Velsing: Blast! The river’s blocked. You’ll have to walk across so you can continue.
Han Velsing: And make it quick! We don’t have time for sight-seeing.
Han Velsing: So much for an easy stroll. Prepare to fight!!
Han Velsing: Excellent! The river should be just ahead. Find a raft and start floating!
Han Velsing: *sigh* Dust yourself off and try again…
Han Velsing: Well now you’ve got to fight a Vampire Minion. I hope you remember this next time!
Han Velsing: Bravo <name>! Bravo! You wreaked your raft!
Han Velsing: Great! Now look! You’ve attracted the attention of a Vampire Minion! Watch yourself!
Han Velsing: <name>! You’ve damage your raft! You need to find another one immediately!
Han Velsing: Argh! Too late! You’ve been spotted by a vampire minion! Prepare yourself for battle!!
Han Velsing: Are you crazy!? It’s a raft! Not a tank! You need to watch where you’re going!!
Han Velsing: Looks like the racket you caused caught the attention of the enemy! Engage!
Han Velsing: I’m surprised we made it! You showed great skill on the mission, <name>. Well done.
Han Velsing: What the!?
Han Velsing: A vampire from outer space all of a sudden shows up to help you? I don’t like this one bit. Space vampires…that’s all I need.
Han Velsing: Her sensor readings appear to be legitimate. She could prove useful to use in destroying the Darkspyre bloodline.
Han Velsing: However, I guarantee, before it’s all over, this Safiria character will show her true fangs…
Han Velsing: She’ll most likely temp you with great power if you choose to help her… be strong, <name>!
-Fangor Temple-
Han Velsing: We’re almost there <name>. We just need to walk up there and…What the?…
Han Velsing: Why does this keep happening!?!?! Infernal communicator!! Is that Sa…….
Han Velsing: Does she really have to hijack my channels? Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know there are traps.
Han Velsing: Not to be alarmed. I’m sure we would have been fine…
Han Velsing: But you heard her. Let’s get moving!
Han Velsing: That takes care of those. Tread carefully and let’s find the next traps.
Han Velsing: Great job, but we can’t rest yet. Keep on your toes.
Han Velsing: You’ve destroyed all of those runes. Let’s press on.
Han Velsing: <name> you need to be more careful! These things are dangerous!
Han Velsing: Be careful. Before you know it, you can be on the bring of death if you continue like this.
Han Velsing: The area is clear! Advance!
Han Velsing: Moving on!
Han Velsing: Do you think you’re a ghost!? You can’t just walk through things!
Han Velsing: We’ll never make it at this rate! Try harder!
Han Velsing: You do know the object of this is to destroy the runes, right?
Han Velsing: You have now gained access to the temple. Go in and defeat Queen Akana!

Mina: Please Help me!

Mina: Last week, I was walking in through the Mortenwood Forest on my way home from an errand.
Mina: I was running very late and the darkness of night started to fall upon the forest.
Mina: I would NEVER set foot in those woods at night under normal circumstances!
Mina: But I was running late and I was lost in the twisted paths of those monstrous trees..
Mina: Before I knew it, the night was upon me. Then the sounds of Mortenwood’s monstrosities began to fill the air.
Mina: Then I heard a rustling sound and heavy footfall coming towards me.
Mina:I ran. I ran so far… I became even more helplessly lost. Then the laughter started!
Mina: The horrible laughter… it felt like it was inside my head! I was so scared!
Mina: Then suddenly, I felt something chillingly cold on my foot!
Mina: When I looked down, I saw a skeletal hand reaching up from its grave! Its grip was unnaturally strong!
Mina: I couldn’t shake loose! Then fear took hold of me as another hand came up from the ground and grabbed me!
Mina: I fell to the ground and those hands held on to me so tightly I could not escape…
Mina: Then I saw a shadow approaching me from the woods. Those crimson red eyes glaring at me from the shadows!
Mina: Then a voice… again inside my head… whispering my name.
Mina: That is the last thing I remember about that night. I must have blacked out.
Mina: The next thing I remember is waking up at the edge of town with the sunlight burning my eyes.
Mina: I had a stabbing pain in my neck… It felt like someone had put a dagger through my throat!
Mina: When I returned home, I saw that I had been bitten by a vampire!
Mina: I suspect that I was bitten by the Lord of Mortenwood, Dimitri, himself!
Mina: <Character Name>! You must help me! I don’t want to be a vampire!
Mina: It is rumoured that the only way to cure victims is to destroy the vampire that bit them.
Mina: Will you venture into Mortenwood and destroy Dimitri?
Mina: Speak to Han Velsing! He knows how to defend against vampires!
Mina: I would have asked him for help, but he is very old and probably wouldn’t stand a chance against Dimitri
Mina: You are my only hope!

-After Dimitri is defeated-
Mina: You defeated Dimitri? You are truly astounding, <Character Name>.
Mina: Unfortunately, I still feel myself slipping into darkness.
Mina: I believe you may need to eliminate the entire Darkspyre bloodline to help me!
Mina: The powerful vampire queen, Nephyrisis, rules over the Sekali Desert region.
Mina: She is the second youngest Darkspyre vampire lord, but legends tell that her power is even greater than Dimitri’s!
Mina: You should travel there next, <Character Name>.
Mina: It is rumoured that a desert caravan sells powerful weapons that may help you destroy the other Darkspyre Vampire Lords.
Mina coughs and her eyes bulge for a second as her body violently spasms in pain
Mina: Go quickly, <Character Name>! My time is running out!

-After Nephyrisis is defeated-
Mina appears pale and trembles with pain
Mina: Cough… Nephyrisis has been put to rest? I can feel that the power of the other two
Mina: Darkspyre Lords has grown greater. I can now hear their voices beckoning me…
Mina: Go to the Fangor Jungle next. Be careful… The Mad Queen, Akana lives in the heart of the jungle…
Mina: She is highly unstable and has a reputation for toying with her victims… You will have to be on constant alert!
Mina: Please go now, <Character Name>! I can feel dark cravings taking hold of my mind… I don’t have much longer!

-After Queen Akana is defeated-
Mina appears pale and trembles with pain
Mina: Cough The last Lord of Necryptos resides within the Darkspyre castle. Piotr Darkspyre is the eldest son of Lord Drakvir.
Mina Shudders with pain…
Mina: <Character Name>! Make haste!! I can feel the Darkspyre Curse clutching at my very soul!

-After Lord Piotr is defeated-
Mina: I still feel sick…
Be sure to go talk with Safiria in the Bloodrock Mountains!-

-Miracyrina Unlocks after Queen Akana is defeated-
Mina: Legends tell that Lord Drakvir Darkspyre was murdered by his eldest child….
Mina: Miracyrina, who threatened to destroy her entire family in a bloody attempt to seize power.
Mina: It is said that her siblings united against her and destroyed her. She hasn’t been heard from since…
Mina: Oh, <Character Name>… You don’t think there is a chance that she still lives?
Mina: If that is true, then my curse will not be broken until she is destroyed too! I shudder to think about it!


-After obtaining the Necryptos Bloodcrystal-
Mina appears like a walking corpse
Mina: hehe… heh… cough You’ve done it! I can feel the power of my poor brothers and sisters coursing through my veins!
Mina: They thought they had vanquished me. Trapped my power within the Bloodshards..
Mina: They may have destroyed my body… but they failed to destroy my spirit.
Mina: I drifted in the mists of night. Waiting for a willing host…
Miracyrina: Now! Kneel to the true power of Darkspyre! Miracyrina walks again! All of Necryptos will serve me!

-Mina transforms into Miracyrina-

Miracyrina: I’m back – Miracyrina – in all my true glory! Much better than that puny, weak, thin-blooded little Mina!
Miracyrina: First, I will destroy you, Han Velsing!


-Sekali (Traders Caravan)-
Akana: Greetings, traveller. Please have a look at my wares. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.
Akana: These sands are cursed! Queen Nephyrisis’s minions haunt this land! You will not get far without our weapons!
Akana: If you are foolish enough to go looking for Nephyrisis, you wil have to find her temple!
Akana: Legends speak of an ancient staff that holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the Sekali Temple!
Akana: Only a fool would go there! You are not a fool… are you, <Character name>?
-Fangor Jungle-
Akana: I knew you were no match for me. You were a fool to try and strike me down!
Akana: However…
Akana: It never hurts to have an extra minion at my disposal. Isn’t that right?
Sekali Sphynx

Sphynx: Who dares attempt to enter here!?
Sphynx: Hmmm…You’re not of vampire bloodline…. You’re a mere mortal!
Sphynx: If you wish to gain entry to the temple, you must first defeat me.
Sphynx: Like the thousands of fools before, you will be destroyed!!
Sphynx: Hmph. Did you actually expect to win? You aren’t even a small challenge. Puny mortal…

-Fangor Jungle-
Safiria: Greetings, <name>, I am Safiria…a friend of sorts. At least, we both share a common goal.
Safiria: I have travelled from the Blood Nebula to dispose of the waste that dwells on this planet.
Safiria: Long ago, a great king ruled this land. He was of true a noble blood.
Safiria: It was because of this nobility and honor that the gift of immortality was bestowed upon him.
Safiria: He was Lord Drakvir Darkspyre and he was my dear friend. His tale is a tragic one.
Safiria: His own children turned against him!
Safiria: Oh, I don’t need your help. It is I who have decided to help you!
Safiria: You can be useful to me by destroying the mad queen, Akana, who terrorizes this jungle.
Safiria: You will need to know about certain traps she has laid in the heart of the jungle.
Safiria: I have triangulated their positions from my starship.
Safiria: Of course, you can feel free to proceed alone…the lives of mortal men are so short.
Safiria: Because if Akana was destroyed, Miracyrina will become stronger – and easier for me to detect her presence.
Safiria: She must be very powerful to avoid my detection for so long.
Safiria: I must leave now. My orbit is about to cross the path of the sun. True vampires don’t have much tolerance for sunlight.
Safiria: In fact, it’s a rather messy situation…I have uploaded the trap positions to your mecha’s public data folders.
Safiria: If you can manage to destroy all of them, Akana will surely come looking for you. Until we meet again, <name>.
-Fangor Temple-
Safiria: Greetings again, <name>. I see you are outside Akana’s temple. I must warn you…
Safiria: Runes are floating in midair like land mines that will destroy any matter that passes through them.
Safiria: If you try to walk through with your mecha, you will be destroyed almost immediately.
Safiria: However, I may be able to assist you with the help of FANCYSTONENAMEHERE, you can disable the runes.
Safiria: Once a path has been cleared, you can bring your mecha to the temple and battle Queen Akana.
Safiria: These stones I send you will form together, linking a beam. Click once to place the first stone.
Safiria: Click again to place the second stone. They will float in mid-air and form a special electric bond with each other.
Safiria: Any rune caught in the stone’s link will cause it to be destroyed.
Safiria: Unfortunately, I can only send them as they come, so don’t waste them. You will be limited to your number of links in each section.
Safiria: If this wasn’t bad enough, you have 10 seconds before the runes sense your presence and strike.
Safiria: If they hit you, they will damage you greatly. Would you like me to repeat the instructions?
Safiria: The FANCYNAMEDROCKTHINGHERE will be teleported to your location as they come.
-Bloodrock Mountains
Safiria:Hello <Character Name>. I have something for you…
Safiria: You’ve battled this mecha and I’m positive you struggled with it. You wanted its power.
Safiria: Even from my remote location, I have managed to hijack one of these mecha and I’m more than willing to give it to you.
Safiria: For a price of course. I don’t do this stuff for free.
Shawn Velsing

Shawn Velsing: I suppose I could provide the same services my brother did.

Shawn Velsing: Miracyrina is going on a rampage throughout Skalgard. You have to help me hunt her down!
Shawn Velsing: If she gets away, Han will never be avenged. He doesn’t deserve it. Please don’t give up.

-After Miracyrina is defeated-
Shawn Velsing: I’m so happy that you destroyed Miracyrina. I only wish Han could be here to see this…


Shops: Han Velsing: WeaponsV-HunterNG WeaponsNG V-Hunter
Shops: Caravan: MacesHeadsWeaponsNG Weapons
Shops: Safiria: Count Mechula, NG Count Mechula, NG Vladic Knight, NG Weapons (Lord), Weapons (Lord), NG Weapons (Vampire), Weapons (Vampire)
Shops: Shawn Velsing: V-HunterNG V-HunterWeaponsNG Weapons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I have seen a few pretty common questions in the MQ Q&A that I would like to answer here.


I don’t see Necryptos on the Star Map, is it going to go rare?

No, Necryptos is a permanent planet. It just has yet to be added to the map. It will appear when staff gets around to it. Necryptos is now accessible from the Star Map in Soluna; the starmap aboard your starship is outdated.


I can’t beat _______! Any suggestions?

Enemies on Necryptos are all somewhat similar. They have effects that cause major damage to any chassis that is not a Vampire Hunter. Builds should include the VH chassis, for sure. As for weapons, default will work for lesser enemies, but the stronger monsters (i.e. Vladic Knight, Vampire Lords, Castle, and Miracyrina) are very difficult and it would be wise to adjust your build with weapons from the Necryptos shops. Good weapons would be the Wooden Stake (FA) or Golden Axe (FA), Vampire Flare (BA), Fiore (FS). Also, as soon as possible, you should equip the available Bloodshards, they add darkness resistance.


Is it possible to beat _______ without a VH?

Again, Vampire enemies have strong effects against non-VH builds. It is highly advised that you utilize the VH chassis. Earlier enemies in the storyline can be defeated without VH, but once you get to Akana, it is nearly impossible. Some uber mechs and Monthly Mechs have succeeded in the past. This depends on stat distribution, level, equipment, and real life luck.


What is a good battle sequence for the VH Mech?

A good attack order would be starting out the battle with the Head, then FS, BS, BA, FA, Body. The FA should use its special, meaning the body attack is much more powerful.

Possible Strategies:

Chassis: Vampire Hunter
FA: Wooden Stake
BA: Default
FS: Default
BS: Multi Cannon FV24 (BtH and Defense nerf) or Beefmaker (power)<-Here you can choose a BA that suits your personal preference.
HD: Default

Some things are absolutely essential when using this build:
-First, initiative is almost key to victory against the harder enemies and the bosses. Against vampire minions, you might survive without it.
-Second, it is used as both a can’t-touch build and a damage build.
-The activation sequence for me is generally:

  • Head
  • Body
  • BS
  • FA (Move up if the enemy can lower your hit. I generally move up to second turn.)
  • BA/FS (This part is mainly for sheer damage)
  • BA/FS (Again, mainly damage)
  • Rinse and repeat.

-Against a mech-skeedo, you might want to pull out the wooden stake earlier. While you can use my normal strategy, using the FA first or second won’t be all bad.
-Finally, it is less effective against the bosses past Akana due to their set BtH, but it is still effective. However, in bosses, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to win the initiative.

Chassis: Vampire Hunter
FA: Sun Fist
BA: Vampire Flare
FS: Default
BS: Default
HD: Default

  • BA
  • FA (Could be used first, but if it were to get the healing strike first turn, the ability would be voided because you would be yet to recieve damage. May be moved up if you do not win Initiative.)
  • BS
  • FS
  • BD
  • Repeat




Vampire Minion(Mech)Mechferatu(Mech), Vampire Bat (Character Model)Ghoul (Character Model)Void Wraith (Character Model), Dimitri (Mech)Sekali Sphinx (Mech),Desmodus (Mech)Desert Nosferatu (Mech)Mummy (Character Model)Nephyrisis (Mech)Mech-Skeedo (Mech)Vladic KnightCastle DarkspyreLord PiotrMiracyrinaRevived Lord PiotrRevived DimitriRevived NephyrisisRevived Queen Akana

Questline Checklist:

Morrowood Forest

  • Woods
  • Crypt

Sekali Desert

  • Desert
  • Temple Entrance
  • Temple

Fangor Jungle

  • Jungle Cruise
  • Temple Entrance
  • Queen Akana

Bloodrock Mountains

  • Warzone
  • Elevator
  • Castle
  • Lord Piotr
  • Safiria
  • Myracyrina

Commence walkthrough:

In the beginning

After the cutscene of your arrival to Necryptos, you begin in Lyceum. Two people are there to speak to, Mina (on the left) and Han Velsing (on the right). You may begin by shopping for weapons that will give you an edge with the enemies on this planet. I suggest making sure you grab the V-Hunter Mech because the enemies here are full of abilities that take effect on non VH mech bases. Also, a good energy blade for your time in the Crypt. Once you are ready to begin, it is time to go to Morrowood Forest.
Morrowood Forest

Morrowood Forest is a grid type map in which you have to defeat enemies to get a letter from Lord Dimitri as you travel through the area. You will recieve the letter automatically after defeating one of the enemies. The letter’s appearance is random so battle your way to the exit and you will be sure to get it. Once you have gotten the letter, it is on to the Crypt.

The Crypt

The Crypt is a mausoleum with four corridors on each side. Each corridor is punctuated by a rune and each rune is guarded by an enemy. First off, head straight to the back of the present hall until you reach a black crested door. You will notice two steel door knockers and odd characters along the top. Take note of the characters now, and the order they are in. The symbols are in random order, so if you exit and try again, chances are they will be rearranged.

Next on the agenda, travel through the corridors to the left and right, find the ones with the runes that match the ones on the door. Once you find them, defeat the monsters guarding them, once they have been defeated, go through and touch the runes in the order that corresponds to their sequence on the door. If you touch a rune in the wrong order, you will have to fight the Void Wraith. If you do run into the Wraith, you will have to restart touching the runes in the correct order.

Once all the runes have been touched in the correct sequence, you are ready to head back to the door. You will notice all the runes above the doorway are now lit up. Pass through the door and you will find yourself in a room with a coffin. Touch the coffin and you will be beamed up and thrust into a battle agains Dimitri. He is a difficult enemy if not properly prepared, but do not worry. If you lose, you will be sent back to the beginning of the crypt, but you can just head right back to the coffin and re-enter the battle. With Dimitri finished, you will be able to take the Morrowood Bloodshard and continue. Important note: make sure you equip the bloodshards as you get them. They will increase resistance to darkness.

The next Bloodshard is located in Sekali Desert.
Sekali Desert

When you are ready to begin here, go to the Desert. There are two grids to complete, first you need to find the map. In this grid, you must travel through looking for map. This can be a rather disheartening grid. It is possible, however to complete it without fighting a single enemy. You will be awarded the map instantly when you enter the room that the map is in. The area the map is in is random. So just keep looking until you find it. A good strategy is to start on the column you begin in. Follow it all the way down, then head to the next square over, and head all the way up that column. Following a pattern like this, you are guaranteed to see all the grids.

With the map in hand, time to follow it. Leave the desert and you will return to the menu, in the area where you once had the choice to search for the map, you now are given the new option to search for the staff. Here, you must enter a grid, once again. In this grid, you are searching for two items this time: the two pieces of the Sekali Staff. Like the last one, this grid is random, but completely possible to complete without fighting a single enemy.

Once you have the staff, it’s time to fight the Sphinx. The Sekali Sphinx is a rather difficult enemy because, like so many others on Necryptos, it has effects on Non-VH mech bases. Defeat the Sphinx to be able to enter the Temple.

Sekali Temple

The Temple can be a confusing labryinth but the best thing to do is try to remember the layout. The Temple is full of teleport pads, so I will label them with numbers to help keep track. The goal of the temple is to gather 6 tomes.

To begin, head left from the starting point to a teleport pad. This teleport pad shall be called teleport pad 1 for the remainder of this walkthrough section. Pad 1 leads to a room in which you can now go left, or south. Go to the left first and follow the path south, defeat the mummy, and follow the path to get the first tome. Now head back to the entrance point from pad 1. Head south , defeat the mummy and head through pad 2. Now, you should be in a room with a left and south path again. First, head south this time. This path will take you to pad 3, which sends you to a new room. Exit the room to find a path which leads both left and right. Head right, since the left path is a dead end. Dispose of the enemy and head south to grab the second tome. Head back to the Pad 3 room and teleport. Now head north, go past pad 2, and head left to pad 4. In the new hallway, head right and grab the next tome. Then retrace your steps back to the entrance of the temple.

From the entrance, head north into the room. Pad 5 teleports you to a new hallway, this hallway extends to the left, or heads into a room to the north. Head into this north room first, here you will find the fourth tome. With the tome in hand, head back to the previous hallway and head left this time. Defeat the mummies and continue to the left and north into the next room. This room contains Pad 6, but pass it for now. Continue to the right now to pad 7. You do not need to enter this pad, because it does not lead to anything. But I wanted you to see this pad to be able to recognize that it is there. Now head to Pad 6. The resulting room seems to look the same, but it is a little bit darker. First, head to the right, defeat the enemy and head north into the room. Here is the fifth tome. Grab it, continue to where you arrived on pad 6 and head south instead. Defeat the enemy and continue left to collect the final tome. With all tomes in hand, go to the final area to the left and arrange the tomes in order to open the door. The correct order is viewable when you go to the sixth tome pedestal (or any of the pedestals. The first tome shown is the first tome on the door. Followed by the next one to the right, and so on until you get to the end. This sequence, if you can’t figure out the code, can be done by guess and check. Just pick a tome and enter it, it should light up if it is in the correct spot. Each tome is used once and you will use all tomes. Time to fight Nephyrisis. With her defeated, take the Sekali Bloodshard and leave.

The Jungle of Fangor

The next area is Fangor Jungle. The first order of business is to beat the Jungle Cruise minigame. In this minigame, you have to navigate your mech on a raft through a river full of rocks. You move using your arrow keys, and if you hit the rocks four times, game over. There are a few sections to this minigame. First you play the Jungle cruise, then you have to stop and navigate over a blockage in the river, followed by more jungle cruise. Back and forth until you beat the minigame. During the points when your boat is not on the river and dodging rocks, you have to travel by land. You will encounter four enemies before the end of this minigame, and all of them must be defeated in order to progress.
Once the minigame is over, it is on to the Jungle Temple Entrance.

The Jungle Entrance minigame can be difficult as well. Follow the instructions, just set two runes in a line to disable the other runes in between them for twenty rounds. The idea is to get as many runes disabled as possible. And remember to keep track of the time limit. The point of that minigame is to use 2 “stones” to hit as much runes as possible.

For Example:
x = Stone
o = rune
– = connection between the stones

X —o–o— X

As you can see, when you place the stones, every rune between those 2 stones gets hit, so you have to put stones in a way that they go through every rune.
With this mingame finished, on to Queen Akana.

Akana is a powerful foe. Her effects and multiple attacks are devastating. Even with a strong VH build, this battle will be tough. Akana has a powerful dimensional DoT that increases over turn, along with Quantum Flux. These abilites even effect V-Hunters so prepare for a tough fight. VH weapons like Wooden Stake, Sun Fist and Solar Cleanse attacks with Solar Debilitation are vital here.

With Akana out of the way, it is time to pick up the Fangor Bloodshard and move to the last area in Skalgard, the Bloodrock Mountains.

Bloodrock Mountains

The first thing to do here is fight your way through the horde of enemies. Choose “Warzone” to begin a long line of anywhere from 10 to 20 enemies in a row. There will be tallies keeping up with how many enemies you have defeated. This number will be shown in the top right corner of your screen. Defeat them all to move on to the next step. The elevator is a platform on which you battle enemies as you ride to the top. You must defeat the enemies to continue. In total, there are 7 battles on the elevator. With the elevator out of the way, you now have two options. Castle and Safiria. If you go to Safiria, you can now purchase the Vladic mech and some new weapons. Once you are content with your stash, head to the Castle. The Darkspyre Castle is a formidable foe, I would suggest using the Wooden Stake here to lower its defense some. Once you demolish the castle, it’s time to fight Lord Piotr. The fourth vampire lord is very powerful and has a replenishing abililty that increases by a percentage every turn. This makes it necessary to end this battle as quickly as possible. A one-hit-KO with the Sun Fist would be ideal, but hardly necessary.

Now that Piotr is out of the way, gather the final bloodshard and speak to Safiria in the Bloodrock Mountains. You may now merge the items together. Combine all four to be able to equip them all while still being able to equip a second mod, should you choose to. The combined result is the Necryptos Blood Crystal and it is absolutley necessary for the next series of battles.

With all the vampire lords out of the way, it’s time to head back to Lyceum and speak with Mina. Does she seem different to you?

Return to Lyceum

Speak to Mina to initiate a cutscene in which Miracyrina is revealed. Who could have seen it coming? With Han gone and Shawn in his place, speak to him to learn how to chase after Min….Miracyrina.


First make sure you have the Necryptos Blood crystal equipped and head to Bloodrock Mountains, Miracyrina is very likely the most difficult enemy on all of Necryptos, and the only one, I feel, deserving her own walkthrough section. You must begin by fighting Miracyrina, once you get her health low, she will summon a revived Lord Piotr, which you must battle at your lowered health level. Therefore, try to keep from sustaining as much damage as possible. As soon as Piotr returns, use the Sun Fist to hopefully regain some health while still doing damage. Defeat Lord Piotr and you will be automatically returned to Shawn Velsing. Now it’s time to hunt down Miracyrina again. Do not worry too much if you die against one of the Vampire Lords throughout this battle. If you do lose, you can pick right back up with the same battle. Also, if you choose one of the regions of Skalgard and Miracyrina is not there, you are thrust into a battle against a lesser vampire enemy.

This time head to Sekali Desert. Here, again, once you do a significant amount of damage to her, Miracyrina revives another Vampire Lord. This time, it is Nephyrisis. Again, heal using the Sun Fist before taking her down.

Back at Lyceum, it is time to search Morrowood. As Shawn pointed out, there is a trend in Miracyrina’s battle style, and you can expect here to revive the last two Vampire Lords as well. Here in Morrowood, a battle against Dimitri commences. Follow the same strategy and take him down before returning to Lyceum again.

After Dimitri has fallen, this leaves only one area left. Head to Fangor Jungle to fight Miracyrina and Revived Akana. Once you have defeated them, you appear back at Shawn Velsing. Time to go on the map, but this time, head back to Lyceum. You are now battling Miracyrina in the town center!

From the previous battles, you should be aware of Miracyrina’s attack patterns. The really only difficult part about this battle is Miracyrina’s regeneration and her chance to stun. Just make sure you choose your attack as quickly as possible.

Once you have defeated Miracyrina, the threat has passed…for now! You will still be at the screen with Shawn Velsing, you will notice that the map feature is still there. You can enable and disable the ability to search for Miracyrina. This means you can replay any part of the story line thus far.

Safiria will now be in Lyceum where Mina used to be. There you can choose to become a Vampire, buy new weapons, and get the Mechula mech. Also, when speaking to Shawn Velsing, you now have the option to become a Vampire Slayer by equipping the Vampire Slayer armor.

Congratulations, you have beaten Necryptos! But don’t get rid of that V-Hunter, a new threat could always arise!

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