MechQuest Planet Gark and Lagos Guide

MechQuest Planet Gark and Lagos Guide by Drakyloid

The purpose of this guide is to help those who are having trouble with the Planet Gark and Planet Lagos releases. This guide will cover both Planet Gark, and Planet Lagos. Before you can access Planet Lagos, you must first complete Planet Gark, which is a tiny planet where you stop by on your way to Planet Lagos for the first time.

Planet Gark

As soon as you have flight clearance to leave Lore, which is the planet you start on, you may access Planet Gark on the Starmap, which is technically a planetoid. If you do not yet have flight clearance, please refer to Mission to the Moon Quest Procedures and follow the steps in that guide to obtain flight clearance. Once you have flight clearance, go to the Map in Soluna, which is located in the first screen when you log into Soluna, or simply use the Starmap in your Starship, and click on tiny Planet Gark.

Once you have landed on Planet Gark, use your mouse and walk your mech to the right side of the screen. Along the way, you will encounter enemies to battle. These monsters are of the likes you have never seen before, but with decent equipment, you should be able to dispose of them without much trouble. Watch out for Bandits though. If you lose to them, you lose a bit of credits. Keep walking past a few screens and you will find yourself running outside of your mech. Run to the next screen and enter the Juice Bar.

Walk over to the bartender, and eventually you will have to engage in several Barfights to save Prince Robert (because you have nothing better to do than to save princes all day), so equip the best energy blade you can get or buy, and start bashing away. Now that Barfights have been made easier for everyone to pass, it should not be too terribly hard to defeat them. After you have finished the 10 Barfights, use the Drink Juice option from the Bartender if your mech’s HP and EP are not at 100% yet, and continue your mission by battling Skipper, and then Captain Zack. Once you have effectively shown them who is boss, you can talk to Prince Robert to travel to Planet Lagos to save his sister, Princess Robina from the Dread Pirate Rhubarb. Doing this will also unlock his shop, and grant you access to Planet Lagos.

Prince Robert’s Weapon Shop
Prince Robert’s NG Weapons

Planet Lagos

Once you land on Planet Lagos, you will have to fight Kraken, who should not be too hard. After you defeat Kraken, go a few screens while fighting Pirates until you have reached Prince Robert’s hideout. You will then fight Prince Robert’s guard, and finally meet up with Prince Robert again. He will tell you that you have scared off most of the pirates, but there are 20 units left which you must slay. Now, during the course of your journey to defeating 20 pirates, if you have decent equipment, you will do fine. The only pirate you might have trouble on is Pirate Sniper, who has a nasty Turbo ability which gives you -70 to hit (accuracy) for 3 turns. Pirate Sniper also has 70 immobility, much like the other pirates you will encounter, so stunning attacks will not be very effective or wise to use. If you are unlucky, Pirate Sniper can blow off one of your arms. If you are really unlucky, he can blow off both of your arms, which is not fun and essentially gives him the victory.

After you have destroyed the 20 remaining pirates on the island, you will unlock Prince Robert’s Mecha shop where you can purchase a Pirate Chassis. There is one chassis in particular, which is the level 29 Star Captain Sniper, which is the same chassis as the Pirate Sniper you had so much trouble with. It has no default weapons save the Body weapon, which is that awesome Sniper’s Turbo ability which gives your foe -70 to hit for 3 rounds. The other weapons you found used against you in these pirate fights are in Prince Robert’s shop back on Planet Gark.

Prince Robert’s Mecha (Rare)
Prince Robert’s NG Mecha (Rare)

After you have finished off those 20 remaining pirates on the island you are on, Prince Robert will have another mission for you. Apparently an important mech was stolen, and he wants you to retrieve it for him. You will then have to search at least 10 islands to have a chance to find the mission Wolf mech. As predicted, there are fights on the islands, but there are also healing pads so you should be fine. Also, the “Leave” option on the map is safe to use because your islands will be saved as long as you do not log out. Once you are searched 10 islands, just keep searching the islands and eventually you will encounter and fight Stolen Wolf. After you have beaten Stolen Wolf, it will be repaired and you will pilot it back to Prince Robert’s hideout. Be sure to not have a mech with few default weapons equipped, because the mech you are piloting has the same weapon categories as your equipped mech. After piloting the Wolf mech, you will unlock Prince Robert’s new shops.

Weapon Shop (Prince Robert)
Wolf Mecha (Prince Robert)

Next on your Lagos journey is Crow’s Nook. Once you start the quest by conversing with Prince Robert. You will find yourself on a Pirate Ship, and it is your job to actually find where Crow’s Nook is. This is a new type of adventure in MQ, and as you sail, you can encounter enemies such as Battle Ram or Arthurian Wolf. Once you have found Crow’s Nook, walk into the hut and talk to Petey Jones. (P.S – If you’re having a hard time getting to Crow’s Nook, look at this video: ) How to get to Crow’s NookHe has five shops with items such as Ammo, Cannon Balls, and weapons which allow you to steal credits from your foes. Other item shops he has sells new Navigator mechs and Submarines which will allow you to dive underwater and endeavor to locate treasure, which can reward you with Mods that increase your HP/EP Values, or Higher level versions of the Pirate Sniper Build-A-Mecha Weapons.

Ammo (Crow’s Nook)
Cannons! (Crow’s Nook)
Crow Nook’s NG Mechs
Crow Nook’s Submarine
Nova Gem Shop! (Crow’s Nook)

After you have found Crow’s Nook, Prince Robert will give you a new mission once you talk to him again. This time, it is the long awaited Rescue Robina mission. Go to Crow’s Nook, walk all the way to the right, and talk with Tetra to access the Barracuda Reef map. You will then find yourself in the ocean at Barracuda Reed. Sail around and locate two islands, a red pirate ship, as well as one Braken. Upon completion of all four of these mini-quests will grant you four keys. These four keys will allow you to access the giant, fortress-like entity around the middle of the map. Finding these locations will be up to you, but there will be mech and energy saber fights you must complete, as well as a mini-game at the end of each of the locations in which you are given four buttons, and you must click them in the correct order before the time-limit is up.

Once you are obtained all four of the keys, enter the giant fortress and you will have to fight a few enemies in your mech. There is a healing pad in the first screen, so be sure to heal up there between each fight to curb your chances at death. After the mecha fights come the energy blade fights, so be sure to have a decent energy blade equipped. Other than that, the Enemies should not be too hard to deal with. After defeating four foe’s you will have effectively rescues Princess Robina, but she says that she cannot leave the planet yet. Apparently after Dread Pirate Captain Rhubarb disappeared, Captain Barbarosa has taken control of the pirates, and without Rhubarb’s leadership, the pirates will be no match for the Arthurian invasion. This leads up to the next mission when you escort Robina to her hideout.

The next mission, as stated previously, is to escort Robina to her hideout. At the start of the quest, you will find yourself in Barracuda Reef, and you must command your ship and reach the end, or in this case, the start, of Barracuda Reef before the time limit runs out. After you have done this, there will be four waves of Pirates to fight. After defeating certain numbers of waves, several shops will be unlocked:

Robina’s Shoulder Items Shop
Robina’s Arm Items Shop 
Robina’s Nova Gem Shop

Arthurians vs. Pirates: A Turbulent Conflict

Note: The Arthurian vs. Pirates War has still not been converted to the more permanent version yet. Some parts of this section may be incorrect. Please post if you think you have found a mistake regarding this section

The next installment of the Lagos saga is a turbulent full-scale war between the Arthurians and the Pirates. Apparently the Arthurians want to wipe out the Pirates once and for all, but interestingly enough, Princess Robina stays on Crow’s Nook. This is a two-sided war, with Robert and Robina leading the Arthurians and Dread Pirate Rhubarb leading the Pirates. EbilCorp, formerly known as EvilCorp, has decided to start peddling arms to both sides, acting neutral in the explosive conflict. During the course of this war, a plethora of missions became available for both sides of the conflict.

Special Mission

This mission involves you defeating 5 enemies, depending whether you are fighting with the Arthurians or the Pirates. As a Pirate, will you be defending the hoard of treasure on the island. As an Arthurian, your primary function is to secure the island to establish an Arthurian base. There will be a healing pad once you defeat the first foe, so you can heal yourself there as needed. There is a Valor Badge at stake at the end of this mission, as well as a few credits, but really, this victory and a regular victory are one in the same.

Escape Pod, and the truth about Captain Rhubarb

Apparently, a small escape pod entered the atmosphere and crashed on Lagos. Both sides are moving towards the crash site, and it is your duty to get to the site before the other side does. It is suspected that one of Prime Minister Constantin’s agents are inside the pod. Go through the battles as usual, and once you move east once, there should be a healing pad to the south situated alongside a beach. Keep searching and fighting around in the area until you have found your way to the Escape Pod. And old man, named Kringle will have been found. This will allow you play the next mission.

Your next mission is to Spy on Captain Rhubarb. Keep going to the right, and there is a healing pad on the way. No worries, there are no hidden enemies. There will be a Pirate in the way. Destroy it, and you’ll discover a hidden cave. Once in the cave, go down one screen, followed by right. You’ll see a little dialogue. After the voices have been done speaking, you’ll find that Princess Robina, Dread Pirate Rhubarb, and Kringle are talking. You’ll also discover that Robina is Rhubarb. After you have gone through the necessary dialog, you’ll find yourself that the situation is even worse than thought. Prepare yourselves for the next mission.


Ever since you have been talking to Robina, Barabossa now thinks that Rhubarb is making a secret Deal with the Arthurians. He decides that a mutiny is best worth of choice. You’ll have to fight a few waves of his mutinous minions, as well as once the meter is at 100%, fight Barabossa. After you have defeated him, you’ll find that he escaped. Continue to fight in the main war.

The Last stand for the Pirates

Now that the Mutiny is over, the Pirates and Arthurians are fighting again. Also, since Barabossa has defected, the Arthurians are now doing an all-out assault against the Pirate’s Main HQ – Crow’s Nook. Fight a few waves, and after you have found out the Arthurians have ultimately have won the war, the Final Battle with Constantine is immanent.

War Finale – Constantine Boss Battle

Yes, the Arthurians have won, but there’s something you should do before the whole event is behind you. You must Fight and defeat Constantine. First off, Robert says Robina is requesting you. Go to Robina, and a cutscene about Rhubarb becoming the gift will unfold. After the cutscene, you will go to Planet Arthuria, where you’ll witness yet another cutscene. Now, after watching it, or skipping it, a fight music will be heard, and you’ll fight Constantine. It is a tough battle, but you should get though it with the right equipment. After you have defeated Constantine, a final cutscene will unfold, and the War, as well as Constatine’s dark reign of shadow-like control on the Arthurian Empire, is finally, over.

Shadowsythe Invasion

Some time after the Arthurian Verses Pirates War, the Shadowsythe decide to take advantage of a still recovering Planet Lagos. You must in order to access this war go to the Scene of the old AvP war, then press the button that says “Bardock”. You also receive a transmission from our old friend, J6. He informs you about a new criminal called Jemini. This will not take effect until later, but try not to forget Jemini. Ok, first, fight some waves, then, once the boss battle is unlocked, beat the boss, and then the War will be over. Unfortunately, I cannot inform you anymore about this section, as it is part of another Saga, the Dragonoid Saga. Your next adventure starts from there.

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