MechQuest Planet 51 Guide

MechQuest Planet 51 Guide by SlyCooperFan1

I have started this guide because some of you who arrived at the Coliseum are probably confused, so I’ll explain it all. Just…bear with me, it might get confusing at times.

Table of Contents

If you want to find a specific section, use the “Find…” feature on your browser (different for all browsers; on IE, hold CTRL and press F) and type in the code with the brackets (i.e. [UW1]) and you’ll be sent to the section.

[UW1] – The Ultimate Weapon
[CC2] – The Coliseum…Colosseum?
[RR3] – The Ranks and their Rewards
[R4] – Rank 20
[MD5] – Mer’a and the Dragonoid Saga
[ULC5] – Update Log and Credits


The Ultimate Weapon

A lab on Planet 51, which is as scrawny a planet as Gark, holds a great weapon…of great power…that is great. Professors Beaumont, Beaufort, and Beatrice have created a weapon that can fire from thousands upon thousands of miles away from the enemy planet. It creates a wormhole on the planet in question, which destroys everything within a 20,000 mile radius. Due to the “large-ness” of most planets, a destruction range of 20,000 miles could take out nearby planets, orbiting satellites, and other stuff in space.

You learn all this through a video feed transmitted to you from the lab itself. However, as Professors Beaumont and Beaufort attempt to bring the weapon of mass destruction closer to the camera, Professor Beatrice slipped and the weapon broke on the floor. The entire planet began to break apart and then imploded, but then exploded, and you were caught in the explosion (come on, 20,000 miles?). Ahead, you saw an unknown lifeform…forming, and you were then knocked out. Thankfully, your Starship remained intact despite the great explosion that caused Planet 51 to disappear and the death of millions of millions of people, including the great professors. Let us have a moment of silence. Okay, moment over.


The Coliseum…Colosseum?

After the great explosion of Planet 51, and after you regained consciousness, you find a robot in front of you. He analyzes you, and finds you are made of 65% water and asks if you are a water balloon. ….yeah, I don’t know. He does allow you to fight for honor in the coliseum/colosseum, which might be a little confusing, since it came out of nowhere. The challenges you might encounter are:

Time trial to the other end of the coliseum/colosseum
1-on-1 mecha battle
1-on-1 mecha battle, followed by a 1-on-1 foot battle

The time trial is a bit differently scaled from the mecha battles. How it works is like this: When you first start out as a Fodder (see below) the enemies are leveled very low (around level 4, give or take). As you rank up, the enemies begin to get higher leveled. However, in the 1-on-1 mecha battles, they are scaled with MQ’s natural scaling method (average of mecha level and highest equipped weapon level).

If you complete the time trial in time, you automatically get ranked up. If you fight a 1-on-1 mecha battle, (with or without a foot battle), there will be a stat roll. This roll is NOT affected by stats or any other type of enhancement. It depends entirely on your real-life luck.


The Ranks and their Rewards

When you arrive at the Coliseum/Colosseum, you will be ranked Fodder. The only way to increase that rank is going through the challenges and the really annoying stat rolls (see above). The ranks are as follows:

Pit Dog
Death Dealer
Grand Champion

When you reach Contender, you’ll unlock the Contender Shop and Contender NG Shop. When you reach Grand Champion, you’ll unlock the Grand Champion Shop andGrand Champion NG Shop and a bit of an explanation from a guy named Korin.


Rank 20

After you become a Grand Champion, you’ll unlock the Grand Champion Shop and an explanation from Korin. In real-life, Korin works on MechQuest and once locked Warlic in a closet for 5 days. That was his week to make a release. Want to know what release he was behind while Warlic was starving in a closet? This one. In the game, Korin is almost as confused as you are, but you learn he set this all up for humor. Yeah.

As soon as you have reached Grand Champion, look through the shops, and read all of the dialogue with Korin (the “Talk” button). There’s nothing left for you to do here at the Coliseum/Colosseum. Congratulations.


Mer’a and the Dragonoid Saga

SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who haven’t finished the Westion War, do not read unless you’re fine with the end of the war being spoiled!

The adventure is not over yet, though. The following is some background information that will lead to the next saga that ties into the happenings of Planet 51. A couple of months ago, multiple brave adventurers fought in the War on Westion between Westians and Shadowscythe. Months before that, we had discovered a Dragonoid from a crystal rock who knew the secret to defeating the Shadowscythe. But then, unbeknown to us, the Shadowscythe unleashed THEIR Dragonoid to destroy ours and take down many of our troops. Allies from tons of planets came to help, but in the end, due to the Dragonoid’s power combined with the sheer number of Shadowscythe, we had lost.

Korin, the one who set up the coliseum/colosseum at Planet 51, decided to have everyone evacuate with escape pods, but he said that he would help under one condition – a condition we couldn’t know yet. His bag head was smiling as he said this. He created an evil version of Warlic called Jim (Warlic’s real username I believe is EvilJim) and for our part of the deal, escape pods came to take everyone off the planet. But the two Dragonoids were still locked in battle, and then the Shadowscythe Dragonoid destroyed our friendly one and brought him to pieces. -collective gasp- The dead Dragonoid’s body went flying into Westion while the escape pods were still there. The only pod to escape was Korin’s, in which he traveled alone away from Westion, while the Dragonoid destroyed the Planet.

Luckily though, Korin teleported all of the escape pods to Planet Gark for the meantime. As for the Shadowscythe Dragonoid, Korin was found on his back, and he teleported him to an unknown location. The Shadowscythe couldn’t locate it anymore, either. Also, Korin tells us that Evil Jim is not one to mess with.

Today, you’re told by Admina in Soluna to go to Dean Warlic immediately. Warlic says that a transmission from Sys-Zero has told us that a nearby planet was destroyed by a Dragonoid of unknown origin. Sound familiar? The Dragonoid came at such a random time and started terrorizing the planet. It tore apart the moons and threw them down to the cities, killing off thousands upon thousands of the Mer’a. It then backed off for a little while. The survivors began entering Starships to escape for fear of another attack. Although, only one ship made it off the planet successfully, and by a narrow margin, since every ship seemed to have taken damage as well. Then “the unimaginable” happened. The Dragonoid fired a laser into the sun, causing it to explode. One single ship managed to escape the planet; it managed to warp before the shockwave, though not before sustaining some damage along the way. They drifted in space for a long time until Shadowscythe found them and attacked them, but then, you came along at that point and tried to save them, but only one managed to escape the ship: Char. Char told you this entire story, and Sys-Zero and Warlic figured that it was Korin that sent the Dragonoid after the planet. But why?

This is where my guide ends. But if you wish to read upon another guide on the Dragonoid Saga, go here: The Dragonoid Saga – Walkthrough.

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