CastleVille Energy Guide

CastleVille Energy Guide by otterlysgal

Especially at the lower levels having enough energy is a challenge. What to do?

First and foremost… empty all energy vials from your inventory before you accept any gifts/posts of energy. You can only have 15 vials in inventory and if you’ve gotten energy from your gimmee energy post you may lose some energy. Next… gather energy from the news/game feed. Go to your profile page to collect any energy people have sent while visiting. Post for energy as often as possible… especially when you first get into your game for the day. You can do this multiple times throughout the day. Collect energy often. Use energy in inventory often.

1. Have loads of friends. You can get them without having to friend them on Facebook by playing on… add friends who play daily. Send out energy gifts to all/most of them. It will also give you a broader base to post requests for materials and you will be able to ask more friends for materials. I have not found it to hamper my ability to send requests to neighbors and I have over 800 friends. Anything you don’t have to gather is energy in your pocket.

2. Use the game feed. You will have access to a lot more posts where you can get energy. I know it sounds like Zynga pays me to promote their site, but truly that is the easiest, most private way to get energy. If that feed is down or you can’t post, go here

3. You know those *send “thank you gift” buttons in those royal buildings*? Click them. Most people accept and send gifts so you’ll get some back. That is pure free energy my friends.

4. Visit neighbors. You can get up to 3 energy per neighbor along with reputation hearts and alchemist powder and whatever party gifts are available. STOP once you start getting 25 coins instead of energy. Wait 8 hours before resuming visits (Use Butter churn as timer.) Neighbors often visit their own vistors. Your visitors will appear near the Royal Inn. Items they tend will be highlighted in blue so you can be selective about buildings they tend if they are within screen shot. If you want a craft accelerated, you can make sure the building is working on that before accepting tends. If you want to save a building from being tended you can always put a beastie near it. See #6, 16, and 20, also. For me, using Chrome and work best.

5. Build an energy totem. This will up your drip limit to 28. Yes, it takes a long time to gather materials to craft it and finish it, but if you use up all your energy you will get 28 energy every 140 minutes instead of 25… forever after.

6. Mythium. Once you reach the amythite objects don’t go overboard on using mythium in the dragon cave…you can use the mythium for 5 energy. Watch your mythium inventory since you will lose any over 50. Once you are able to use the Beacons from the unicorns, activate thebeacon of happiness. Each activation will net you 5 energy. However, you can now use rifting scepters (you can ask for all the materials to make these) in neighboring kingdoms without using any of the 5 visiting energies. It will use as many rifting scepters as required for the amythite items in that kingdom. You can always refresh (reclick on your neighbor’s button) if you need more amythite rocks. Your neighbor still keeps all his/her amythite so it neither helps nor hinders neighbors. Amythite rocks yeild mythium, stones, coal, aquamarine, and other? in addition to amythite. Large amythite rocks give 4 mythium randomly for 3 scepters. You might want to keep a few amythite rocks in your kingdom for your visitors. They can be purchased in the market. You may also use Myrick’s flask to get 3 mythium. It will cost 4 energy if you have all the ingredients for the mystic winds and dragon potion leaving a profit of 11 energy per activation. Rifting scepters are easier.

7. Crafting: This isn’t my fondest way to accrue energy. Some people like it. It takes so much energy to gather everything needed it hardly seems worth it unless you want to stockpile to use with Stonehenge so you can level up faster. Crafting RESOURCE buildings on the other hand will save you a load of energy. I like the smelter (since it gives out iron bars), the mill, bakery, tailor, and butcher. You probably won’t need a bunch of quarries if you have your ton of zfriends… and the manor or farmhouse foundation.

8. Buy a building foundation (manor needs more stone blocks and planks/farmhouse uses less blocks and planks/pumpkin villa needs LOTS of planks- work well for stone blocks and planks) and do not complete it. Requests from buildings don’t count the same as for the crafting material requested thru workshop, kitchen, and studios. This will allow you to request planks and stone blocks from all those zfriends you have without having to craft them and without using up your crafting material requests. Look to see what materials various buildings require that can be asked for…. maybe cotton? PM me if you find something else that can be requested. Hammers and iron bars seem to be on the craft them yourself list. Use the “Likes Games” option to gather 2 of the items you want. You can avoid sending requests for most people who do not play by mousing over the picture. It will say “____Plays Zynga games” or “_____ plays Castleville.” You can then select only those who play Castelville.

9. Go through your craft buildings and send out posts/requests for materials you are low on before you need them. If you are in a lull, craft and collect a stockpile of stuff you will likely need for future quests.. ropes, anvils, brick ovens, flaxseed oil, dye kits, fasteners, batter, etc.

10. Check those decorations to see if they are useful. They can save you crafting, gathering materials, and even give you energy. Check these two threads Useful Decor List and Updated Useful Decor

11. Achieve mastery level 3 on crafted items since you will get a random material back. (I don’t make it a point to run everything up to mastery 3, since that requires energy in itself… but it makes sense w/ flax seed oil, dye kits, etc. that you will need by boxcars full.

12. Beastie control: see Managing Beaties 101 Craft long term quest items in advance and protect it from visitors (and yourself in my case) with a beastie. Check on that beastie before you accept help from visitors.

13. Change your kingdom name to what you want tended. Eg. tend peacocks plz. Have a unique color roof top for buildings… “Red tops plz”. Put out “tend here” and “keep your hands off” signs. You could also name your kingdom… “kill my beasties— you die’.

14. Share the wealth: Don’t always feed all the peacocks in the penthouse at once. You’ll be able to post more rainbow feathers (and not over feed when you are full up on those.) Same for the other animal storage buildings.

15. Make it easy for visitors to obtain items from your kingdom. Keep it stocked with quest items and often needed materials and make them easy to find. Cluttered kingdoms are difficult to navigate. I put out 5 of each material in a limited area… water basins, flowers, toadstools, crops, animals (especially babies), etc.. Keep out a few chickens, cows, and peacocks for visitors to click on. I have a royal court with a park in the middle stocked to draw visitors. Put out those meteorites to mine. I also group my crafting and crafting resource buildings. Host parties.

16. Refreshing your neighbor’s kingdom will give you more of what you want. Say those seeds for the Torch of Romance… Your neighbor has ONE orchid. You can continue to click it if you refresh each time. And if you have really good friends who will do that with YOUR griffin statue, it will be accelerated by 25 hours if they click it 5 times. And clicking the flower of life for a neighbor is like clicking any other flower, so they get double the energy and you get honey/wax/arrowhead.

17. Level Up Stonehenge is a great way to do that quickly. You can get up to 250 extra xp with each use. And if you save the XP food from the Bachelor Pad and crafting as well as expired magic torches, game tokens from fairy games, and party awards, you can quickly get your 250 XP well within the 1 hour time frame all without using much energy. Try visiting neighbors to click on their ready World’s Largest Cakes and Party Horse Statues for free xp. You can get xp credit while visiting the Fairy Realm and Land’s End. Using Rifting Sceptors while visiting also gives you xp. I suggest you find large amythite rocks since they give 3 or 4 mythium.

18. Designer rocks Those aquamarine, etc. have a pretty good rate of dropping with the Meteorites you get from casting the “Falling Star” spell. Others have found the gloom rocks to have a decent rate of drop. I rather like the mining camps and seaside or starfish rocks.

19. Daily Email Rewards– You can select between energy (up to 5), mystery (planks, stone blocks, sometimes animals, etc.) and Exploration stuff once each day. You only need one email if they aren’t coming daily. You say you aren’t getting the daily email? Find a friend who will forward it to you and make sure you save it for reuse.

20. World’s Largest Cake/Party Horse Ice Sculpture This one will give you kitchen ingredients like butter, eggs, flour, etc. It gives 1 xp and 500 coins as well. At least for now, if one of your neighbors has three of them out and they are ready, you can retrieve the awards as often as you feel like refreshing that kingdom. No energy needed so you can go ahead and use your 5 energy on something else. Sculpture gives confetti, ice chunk, 1 xp.

21. Using Charm Stones from the gremlins and cupids for the Chocolate Fountain will give you more energy in the form of chocolate covered strawberries. Using the Shake Down Spell and others that will “harvest” multiples for you can also give you a net increase in energy

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