CastleVille Money Making Guide

CastleVille Money Making Guide by workhard10_11

Hey Guys, I just finished a spreasheet on excell on best crops, and best houses to have. The houses are based off that you have 11 of each house, and the crops are based on you have 50 of each crop. The energy cap per day is 300 because you get 25 every two hours. I did the math. Dont Criticize please. I’m doing the math and work so you dont have too.. That and I’m bored because i’m waiting on zynga to release more quests and accessable gloom areas.


To Maximize Money Profit in a day here is a rough Guide to a sure way to make money quick!!

Step1 : End of the night Plant 50 Tomatos!
Step2: Harvest 25 tomatos and Plant 25 Potatos
Step3: Harvest 25 Tomatos after 2 hours and plant 25 more Potatos
Step4: Harvest 25 Potatos and plant 25 Potatos
Step5: Repeat process until End of night and repeat with 50 Tomatos!
Step6: During the Day you get random Energy Drops, and energy from your neighbors, Use that energy to harvest Cows for milk, and click on the Villas or Cheataus.
Step7: Make butter, and then Tomato Bisque Soup!
Step 8: REPEAT PROCESS This allows you to constantly click on Crops, and not have to sit a a computer every second of every day. JUST COME BACK EVERY TWO HOURS.

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