Battle Dawn Leadership and Membership Guide

Battle Dawn Leadership and Membership Guide by TheReturnOfTheDead

CITIZEN: A member of your allaince
GOVERNMENT: Power that rules on behalf of the people
Freedom and Equalilty

10 Qualities of a good member

1. Responsible family member:
You need to step up and take your responiblites for anything.
You need to share food and rescoures when others need also.
Put your allainace ahead of your self

2. Respect and obey laws:
The leader sets the rules for a reason and as a member your job is to simply respect and obey laws at all cost.

3. Respect the right and proptery of others:
You can’t have a civil war. That simply ruins your allaince. You need to respect your other teammates and leader. Also don’t steal conquers from everyone else.

4. Loyal to your allaince:
This is one of the most important ones. You MUST ALWAYS be loyal to your allaince. No one likes backstabbers

5. Take part in and improve live in the allaince:
Everyone needs to be organzied and fulling thier order fromthier leader so they all can be very organized.

6. Take active part in goverment:
Don’t be afard to question your leaders actions. Thier is a reason why thier is a VOTE button. Muinty is allowed in this game, use it to your advangate. But you should also give your leader props every one hundered ticks. It really boost thier discion making.

7. Use natural resources wisely.
The worst to do in this game is to leave easy pray unconquered. Every colony your allaince leaves unconquered another allaince will grab it and countie to get conquered. You should always have your hunting area claimed and push any major allaince outta of it.

8. Well Informed.
Keep your members well informed. I was recently in an allaince and the leader had something up his sleve and didn’t tell us and we were so on the wrong page. It simply delays your intentons by alteast 100 ticks if your not informed.

9. Belief in equality or oppunity for all people.
Don’t give special treats to a creatin person everytime. That just ruins thier relationship with other members.

10. Respect indivual differences and way of life.
Some people might have a different stagey and talk in a differnet lanuage. But that doesnt mean they can’t play this game as good as anyone in this game.


Immigrants: people who come here from other places

Open Shore Policy:
Unlimted immargation through subs. (NO CRIMIAL BACKGROUND)
Quota: Don’t make your self over grow.
Refugess: People who flee from thier own allaince due to acts thier.


I really don;t think subs should really exist before tick 500. All they do is waste food. If your really good and other people wanna join you but you don’t have room for them. Simply make an elite sub.

The closing

I know this is my first Guide so it might be a little bit bad. Thats just some of my strategy so don’t judge bad

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