Neverwinter DC Damage Mitigation PvP PvE Build

Neverwinter DC Damage Mitigation PvP PvE Build by avnosherb1


I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding PvP cleric builds mainly. PvP is a large part of the game to me and I used a few of the builds in the master class list to PvP but didn’t feel like my cleric was worth bringing in PvP once I hit 60 (1-59 cleric felt OP with regards to PvP). This is my solution given the current skill set of clerics.

The thought process behind the build is to mitigate as much damage as possible without losing too much healing effectiveness. Burst damage is king in PvP and we simply don’t have large NUKE heals. All of our strongest heals by nature heal over time.

Powers and Feats:

Core PvP Powers
Astral Seal – You or any allies striking the target will regain hitpoints. Your right click skill, max it
Brand of the Sun – DoT damage at will, highest damaging left click attack we have. Yes PvP is about burst, however we do not have time to sit and spam left clicks – this skill is fire and forget for the most part. Reapply when needed. triggers astral seal and builds a decent amount of divine power
Astral Shield – Simply put one of our best heal + damage mitigation powers. I don’t have hard numbers but I believe this is widely accept as a must have heal in any non dps oriented cleric build.
Forgemaster’s Flame – Slowing DoT when combined with divinity heals allies next to the target. Our second best heal that radiates from the target you place it on. Throw this on melee’s targeting your team and watch them heal your buddies.
Chains of Blazing light – AoE Root / direct damage – Useful for peeling melee or preventing skill dodges.
Foresight – Feated this skill gives 11% Damage resistance. Simply amazing – the core of our build.
Prophetic Action – Block one attack every 40 seconds (at 3/3) – Situational , if you are largely being targeted by TR’s this could potentially save you a 19k crit backstab. (sometimes I use Healer’s Lore instead)
Divine Armor – I always favored Hallowed ground over this skill but when combined with the Deepstone Blessing feat, I have not bothered bringing hallowed ground for pvp or pve.
Flame Strike – One of our best damage + crowd control skill shot dailies. With proper placement this skill will allow you to solo players or assist in CC chaining an enemy down.

Core PvE power differentiation
This is highly situational depending on the dungeon but 90% of the time I will make the following changes to the build

1) Replace Chains of Blazing light with Sun Burst

Sun Burst generates a ton of divinity and AP, is on a low CD and provides knockback in situations where you are low on Control Wizard knockback.

Depending on your gear / tastes pick any of the following:

Healer’s Lore,Divine Fortune,Holy FervorForesight

Feats – The defining part of the build

This is where my build really is defined compared to other guides posted that I have read.

3/5 Healing action – I am treating this feat as bugged. 3/3 is the max listed by the tooltip. No brainer – we heal and like to spam action point skills.
3/3 Greater Fortune – 3% more healing , sold!
3/3 Toughness – More HP for pvp and pve
3/3 Holy resolve – I was torn about taking this feat because it is on a 5 min cooldown. However with a good team in PvP this skill doesnt trigger TOO often. Combined with Deepstone Blessing, this feat can make you survive some really crazy encounters.
3/3 Weapon mastery – 3% crit – Like other popular healing builds we are focusing on crit > recovery > power > anything else.
3/3 Repurpose soul – Naturally if you are stacking crit more small heals off crit’s is great.
1/3 Cleanse – With the amount of heals we put out and most of them being HoT’s this triggers all the time still. 3/3 felt like a waste of points.
4/5 Bountiful Fortune – 12% more Divine power generation, yes please.

(This is assuming Human with bonus 3 feat points, without…I would probably opt to take points out of bountiful fortune if running 4/4 pvp gear or greater fortune)

Paragon feats

1/5 Rising Hope – 1 point is plenty here , more points do not seem worth their investment
5/5 Deepstone Blessing – 10% more effective heals is HUGE. The kicker is this only is active when you have temporary HP. As mentioned earlier in the guide we have two ways to generate temporary HP in this build. Our daily power Divine Armor and also our 3/3 feat Holy Resolve. This really allows for some clutch baiting and amazing saves.
5/5 Enduring relief – 5% more healing after coming out of divine mode (aka all the time) not as much healing per point as Deepstone but useful 99% of the time. Get it and move on!
5/5 Benefit of Foresight – Makes our 6% DR 11%%…..I love team wide damage reduction. This is the basis of our build.
Righteous Rage of Tempus – Divine power generation through criticals. Just another synergistic effect of stacking crit.
5/5 Ethereal boon – Blue bar love. Our cd’s are relatively low at 60 with stacked 20+ CHA and recovery gear – a great investment.
5/5 Power of oppression – More reason to throw astral seal on EVERYTHING. Stacked with all of our other damage reductions this is just icing on the cake.

In conclusion I believe this is a rewarding spec that has offensive potential at the right moments but also offers great team utility and healing. The best way to deal with the large spike damage potentials of classes is to use percentage based damage reduction and stacked healing modifiers. My feat selection may be worrying to some since it does not reach any of the capstone skills, however I do not find any of them worth the whole line investment. Although my focus in this thread has been largely pvp based this build is VERY PvE viable.

I am not a big forum person but I will do my best to answer questions as they come. I have some starter pvp footage that I plan on releasing with commentary soon. Check back for updates to the thread!


First video with commentary regarding the build. Please leave feedback!

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