Heva Clonia Online Clones Guide

Heva Clonia Online Clones Guide by SolemnBishop

What is a Clone?

A Clone accompanies and assists you throughout your adventure. There are HUNDREDS of different kinds of clones in the world of Heva Clonia. They range from being cute and furry to big and ferocious.
How are Clones Useful?
Clones are essential in your journey to explore the vast world of Heva Clonia. They will assist you in fighting Monsters in many different ways. They can attack alongside you, defend you, buff you and even heal you! There are many types of clones in Heva Clonia, and it is important to choose the type that synergizes with your fighting style and class.

Types of Clones
You will come across many types of clones throughout your adventure. The clones will have unique characteristics, types, and appearances. Here are the types of clones you may come across in your journey

Attacker – This type of clone has the strongest physical attack compared to the others. Attackers also have aconsiderable amount of defense. Most Cloners have a clone of this type to assist in attacking monsters.


Guardian – This type of clone will protect his master by any means. Clones of this type are usually used by Magicians to protect themselves from attacking monsters and afterwards releasing his own attack to defeat the attacking monster. The defense of this type of clone is quite strong compared to other types.

Magic – As the name implies, this type of clone has extremely powerful magic attacks, which is very useful in battling a monster. Unfortunately, this type of clone is extremely weak in defense and is usually used by warriorsto finish off a weakened opponent.


Shooter – This clone is specialized in ranged attacks and is suitable as a clone assist in duels and hunts. Shooters have low HP but is a force to be reckoned with because it will assist you in pressurizing an opponentand eventually overwhelming him.


Healer – Healing is the primary skill of this type of clone. Healers are much loved by many because of their ability to heal their master and replenish their HP. Healers have many functions ranging from healing their master tohealing players nearby.


FreeFighter – This type of clone is very unique and rare because of their strong offensive and defensive skills. FreeFighters are very independent and can survive on their own without assistance from their master because of their ability to heal themselves while dealing heavy damage to their

Protector – This type of clone has similar characteristics to a Guardian but the difference between this clone and its close cousin is their ability to give various buffs to their master while blocking the attacks of his opponent.

Riding – This type of clone is very special mainly because you can ride on them! These type of clones generally have useless random skill because the main function of this type of clone is to provide incredible movement speed to its rider.


Getting a Clone
Now that you understand the basic types of clones and the type that suits your class, how exactly do you get a clone?

In order to get a clone, you will need the “gene” or “egg” of the original monster. You can find these gene during a hunt.
If something similar to the picture below is dropped after defeating a monster, then congratulations! You have received the genes of that monster!

With the genes you are now one step towards your goal to get your very own clone!
Use the list below to guide you through the process of cloning!

1. Go to the nearest NPC Clone Master!

2. Talk to him, then select the gene that you want to bless with life and a hatch menu will be displayed.

3. To give life to the gene, keep in mind that there are two items that you need to possess. A Gene Clone and a Clone Scroll. Every gene will be in a different level, so you may need a specific scroll for your type of gene. But don’t worry! You can buy the scrolls from the NPC Clone Master.

4. After making sure you have the both a scroll and an egg, confirm that you want the egg hatched and Click Start! Good Luck!

5. TaaaDaaa! SUCCESS! You have now received your very own clone!
Keep in mind that all hatchlings will start at level E (The lowest level)

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