Heva Clonia Online Quests FAQ

Heva Clonia Online Quests FAQ by mrawes

Alrighty, so, there have been many asking in the channel chat about how to do stuff, and this guide is all about those stuff, so here we go.

1. How do you dismiss your clone?
You must press the J key and double click the clone icon with the E.

2. Where is the Energy of Storm?
It’s located near the NPC who assigns you the quest, go down the small drop and head a bit right, it should be in the chest.

3. Where do I use the Energy of Storm?
Use it at the ocean. If it doesn’t work, there should a flashing/burning like area on the mini-map, just go to that area and use the Energy of Storm.

4. Where can I repair my items?
Go to the Armor seller in Chiko City and talk to him. There should be an option to repairing your stuff for a small fee.

5. How do I input skill points into my new class?
You have to first purchase the skills from the class master for some skill points and gold.

6. How do I clone?
First, head to Clone Master Udin, be sure to have the DNA of the monster you want cloned, and a Life scroll. Talk to him, and choose the incubate option. Wait a bit, and you get your clone.

7. How do I equip my clone?
Open your inventory, ‘I’, and double click the clone you want to equip.

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