Forge Assassin Tips and Tricks

Forge Assassin Tips and Tricks by Kwahzi

Assassins are masters of deception and deadly combatants. Armed with poisons, daggers, and the ability to shift into the realm of shadow, they are feared like no other. Assassins rely on deception to gain the upper hand on opponents. While they are skilled fighters, their light armor grants them little defense against the coordinated attacks of their enemies, making them unable to fight in the open for too long.

The Iskime people lived in the great North, where the sun does not show its face for months at a time. When the Vaklndr conquered their world, a small sect of the Iskime people remained true to their culture. While the Vaklndr only honored face-to-face combat, where they could see the face and eyes of their opponents, the Iskime people worshiped Pantera, the goddess of the night, and trained their warriors to be agile, masters of shadow and deception. True to their Iskime heritage, Assassins refuse the heavy armor of the Warden or Ravager.

– Strike – A basic attack that does extra damage from behind. Gives you energy on a successful hit.
– Puncture – Cripples and bleeds the enemy for five seconds (per stack).
– Pantera’s Kiss – Does damage after five seconds. Extra damage from behind and per puncture stack
– Shadow Leap – Teleports you directly behind enemies and allies.
– Disorienting Strike – Stuns enemies for 3 seconds. Causes their next attack to miss
– Shadow Shift – Brings your enemy into the shadow world. Enemy will move slower if they have puncture stacks
– Stealth – Invisibility. You can still be targeted & damage will reveal you. First attack from stealth slows/has bonus damage
– Smoke Cloud – Causes enemy projectiles to miss

Skill Variants
– Coming soon

– The Assassin is all about hit-and-run. Get in, do damage, get out.
– Don’t Shadow Shift people just for the kill steal. Your team can help finish people off.

– Disorienting Strike -> Puncture x2 -> Strike -> Stealth -> Pantera’s Kiss

– Coming soon

– The assassin’s smoke cloud stops the Pyromancer’s Curse of Flame after it’s on you
– Don’t shadow shift any enemies if you have puncture stacks on – you’ll slow yourself
– Use shadow shift on a Shaman or Warden if you’re trying to get away (stealth afterwards)
– One useful way to get away from enemies is to shadow leap to them and then stealth and backpedal
– On CTR, if you have the relic, you can puncture an unsuspecting opponent and then shadow shift them to help you get away
– Also on CTR, if you are defending the crystal alone and someone grabs it, a shadow shift and a puncture will slow them until help arrives
– Be careful with Smoke Cloud – it will block allies who are trying to heal you

– Forge Tutorials – Assassin Guide (GamerLiberis)
– Slotherton Ph.D Forge Assassin Gameplay (Admrhds)

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