Forge Settings Guide

Forge Settings Guide by Pilluminati

A little settings guide to people. Some things should be taken with a grain of salt and some things are almost essential for suck-sess.
If they didn’t help you then hopefully you’ve at least learned what they do. Enjoy.


Brightness: 130%+
If you want to record gameplay have it at least at this level or it will appear too dark.

Motion blur: OFF
Should be self explanatory why you wouldn’t leave this setting on.

Distortion: ON
This allows you to see nearby stealthed assassins more clearly.


Music: 0%
Allows you to hear footsteps and other combat sounds better. It’s really repetitive too.



Keybinds: There’s no best setup obviously, but something that helps a lot when deciding which keys to use is to think about how the keys affect your WASD movement. You don’t want to try and reach 7,8,9 while moving at the same time. If you are looking for good long-term keybinds the ones easiest to memorize aren’t usually the best. That shouldn’t be something you take into account as with time you will easily memorize any setup anyway. Binding abilities to extra mouse buttons (scroll wheel works too) is an excellent choice as it allows you to use WASD freely. As long as the buttons aren’t too hard to press. If you don’t happen to have extra buttons Q, E, R, F, Z, X, C, 1, 2, 3 are all good choices.

If you play the Pyromancer or Shaman, make sure to bind your “Stop Casting” key and utilize it. It allows you to cancel casting and is extremely useful for example when you know you’ve missed a cast. Personally I’ve bound the “Stop cast” to my mouse’s thumb button.


Sensitivity: There’s no exact best number as the intensity depends on the DPI of your mouse, and playstyles vary as well as classes.
If you have no idea however a good thumb rule is to have it so that you turn 180 degrees when you make a quick and fairly long movement with your mouse.
If you want to be able to snipe well, a lower sensitivity is obviously preferred. Experiment.

Mouse smoothing: OFF



Blood map alpha: 30%
You don’t want this obscuring your vision when you are low on health. You do not need this ON to know you are low on health.

Show cooldown sliders: ON
Takes some practice to get used to, but it’s very handy once you learn to watch it. You will have to memorize what each ability icon looks like of course. If you can memorize the timings in your head, even better, you won’t need this.


Field of view: >100
This is extremely important. Allows you to see a lot more and gives you much better awareness. Although values that are too high can make it harder to snipe effectively. Should be minimum 100 (imo), more or less depending on the class you play.

Queueing Period: ~0.0-0.2s
This makes your abilities queue up when you’ve pressed them, making you unable to cancel them, thus wasting a global cooldown and possibly wasting an ability. You could still have it a bit higher than 0.0 to maximize your dps as abilities will be used as soon as the global cooldown wears off.

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