Don’t Starve Controls List

Don’t Starve Controls List by Excess

I’ll gather here all knowledge we can get about the controls of the game and the way we can interact with it. Please feel free to contribute.


  • Clicking on the ground once will move the player to that location.
  • Holding click on the ground and moving the mouse around will costantly update the destination of the player.
  • If an item has more than 1 interaction, a dialog with the letters “RMB” will appear stating that the extra action can be done by clicking the right mouse button.
  • Scrolling the mouse wheel will slightly zoom in and out the view-port of the game.
  • While the map is open, scrolling the mouse wheel will zoom it in and out.
  • Right clicking on a tool/torch in the inventory while there is another tool/torch equipped, will swap them.
  • Some actions won’t appear unless you are holding an object in the air with your mouse, like setting a tree on fire with a torch, where equipping it in your “hand” slot won’t let you set it ablaze. Critter79
  • Right clicking an equipped Backpack/Krampi Sack will open/close it. Aoredon


  • You can walk using [WASD]Toaster Fu
  • Pressing [Q] (or left [←]) and [E] (or right [→]) will turn the view 90º (useful for picking up things that are behind larger things).
  • Pressing up [↑] and down [↓] will zoom the view in and out respectively. Toaster Fu
  • Holding [SHIFT] while clicking an item on the ground or in the inventory will force the “EXAMINE” option, showing you its description.
  • Holding [CTRL] while unarmed will force the “ATTACK” option when clicking, if it’s possible. Marvin
  • Holding [CTRL] while clicking an item on your inventory will split the stack in 2 (useful for storing on chests or dropping on the ground just a set amount of items).
  • While holding items in the air, holding [CTRL] and clicking (either on the inventory or the ground) will release 1 item.
  • Pressing/Holding [SPACEBAR] will perform an action in the direction faced (pick-up, attack, etc) but won’t attack non-hostiles by default, [CTRL]+[SPACEBAR] will, though. Kevin + Moonphos
  • Pressing [1], [2], [3], […], [8], [9], [0] will use the first 10 items of the inventory, from left to right. The 11th and 12th hotkeys are [+] and [-], which may or may not be besides [0], depending on your keyboard layout.
  • Pressing [TAB] will show the map.
  • Pressing [ESC] will show the menu.
  • Pressing [BACKSPACE] will toggle the game’s debug rendering.
  • Pressing [CTRL]+[P] will freeze the camera in place.
  • Pressing [CTRL]+[H] will hide/show the GUI (a.k.a. HUD, a.k.a. UI)
  • Pressing [~] will bring up the console.


  • Hovering over the (heart)(stomach) and (brain) icons tells you, in numbers, how much health/hunger/sanity you have left.
  • Pressing the pause icon (||) will… well, do exactly that, pause the game.

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