Don’t Starve Easy Rabbit Hunting

Don’t Starve Easy Rabbit Hunting by A Bad Feeling

Update: This method doesn’t seem to work anymore so the best way to hunt rabbits now is to simply place traps on top of rabbit holes or around them.

Hello there!
The following information may be old and obvious for some, but I’m sure it will help beginners to deal with Rabbits and get food easily. And no, we will NOT talk about traps :)

*Billy Mays voice* Are you tired to see those pesky rabbits hopping around? Are you tired to waste precious carrots to bait them into your trap? Are you hungry and about to die? Worry not! Follow these steps and get your hands on the filthy rodent!

You want to position yourself just as showed in the following image, letting the Rabbit Hole between you and your target. Oh, make sure to be equipped with some tool or weapon!


Click attack! The rabbit will run back to its Hole as you run against it!

*Slash!* Well done! Now enjoy your meal!


Now that you know how to easily get Rabbits without spending a single carrot, you surely will be able to survive more and easier out there!

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