War Thunder Bomb Damage Guide

War Thunder Bomb Damage Guide by Darth Revan

I haven’t seen a topic that posts what size bombs can damage what targets so I decided to start my own.  When I first starting playing this game I did get frustrated because I didn’t know what bombs will take out what targets and if not then how many do I need?  If there is a topic out there already then my mistake.

50kg-100lb bombs=  Don’t even try to one shot any target with these firecrackers .  Best bet is to drop at the very minimum 2 bombs on AA, Artillery, and other lightly armored target.  This is why most heavy bombers armed with these have a huge amount to drop.

250kg-500lb bombs= Now we can start doing some damage .  A single bomb will take out most lightly armored targets including medium tanks.  However against destroyers and heavy tanks, a double dose is necesarry.

500kg-1000lb bombs= Should I even say what you can’t destroy?  A single drop with these babies will take out 98% of targets with one shot except aircraft carriers, battleships and airfields.

1000kg-2000lb= (Unknown )  Haven’t had the pleasure of dropping these bad boys yet.

Torpedoes= A single shot with most torpedoes is enough to destroy cargo ships, destroyers, and light cruisers.  I have not yet attacked battleships or aircraft carriers with torpedoes yet, however you probably have to make multiple passes.


– Destroyer: One 500kg bomb can kill a destroyer.
– Cargo Ship: One 100kg bomb will do the job.
– Pillbox: One or two(ussualy two) 500kg bomb will destroy it.
– Light pillbox: One 100kg bomb is enough.
– Carrier: Don’t bother trying to destroy it without, at least, 500kg bombs(or lots of 250kg).
– Battleship: Dont even bother trying to kill a battleship if you dont have at least 500kg bombs, but even with 500kg bomb you will still need to drop a lot of them. But if you have a 1000kg+ bomb(s) then its kind of easy to kill it caz it is so big and unmissable.

Some tips I can give to you beginning bomber pilots.

1: Put a lot of your crew XP towards reload speed for your ground crews.  The faster you can reload bombs the faster you can get back into the action.  After that is up to you.  IMO, upgrading your gunners wouldn’t be a bad thing at all or on repair and healing time.  Later on it is cheaper to not auto repair and let the crews repair themselves.  Increasing the skills for repair time, repair rate, and healing time will cut down on the time it will take to repair an aircraft for free.

2:  Focus on targets that you can destroy with the bombs you have.  It would be a complete waste of a 1000lb or 500kg bomb on an AA gun .  Instead, focus on the heavily armored targets like pillboxes or tanks.  Your fighter mates will strafe light targets if they are not DF.

3: Plan your bombing run.  Decide which area you are going to go and the best direction you can fly to provide you with the best way to take out more targets in one pass.  I always bring up the main map (M key) within the first couple of minutes of a match.

4: Altitude is your friend.  The higher you fly the longer you will be safe from enemy fighters.  When bombing from high altitude zoom in while looking through the bomb sight to get a clearer picture of the target.  Make sure to lead your targets if they are mobile.

5: When going into battle, it is safe to assume that YOU WILL BE ALONE AND YOU WILL HAVE NO FIGHTER ESCORT .  If you have a friend who can cover you then great!  If not then try to go around where the main fight is going to be because nothing is as attractive to a fighter pilot then a lone bomber.

6: The most important tip I can provide on here…….just have fun .  Being a bomber pilot takes lots of patience.  Screaming at your fellow pilots for not protecting you isn’t going to help anyone and will make yourself look bad.

If I have missed something or you want to add to the topic (like how many bombs or torpedoes it takes to take down a battleship or aircraft carrier), feel free to post on here.

See you in the skies fellow pilots.

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8 Responses

  1. Osskyw says:

    Really inaccurate guide, you can oneshot any tank with 50kg bombs.

  2. bomber says:

    I’ve One hit heavy Tanks with 50kg bombs before. You just have to actually hit them

  3. Bandit0r says:

    April 13th, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Dropped a 4000lb bomb on a battleship and it barely did any damage”[/i]

    u missed em badly bro :(
    he was moving 4 sure

  4. god says:

    Dropped a 4000lb bomb on a battleship and it barely did any damage

  5. osiriss2 says:

    a 2000lb bomb is generally enough to destroy a battleship outright, tajes about 3-4 to down a carrier.

  6. uldis says:

    I put it 6 torpedoes into battleship and he went down :)
    760kg torpedoes.

  7. DILLGAF says:

    I don’t know how many it takes to sink one, but I put 4 torpedoes – using the British Beaufighter Mk.VIc and the Beaufort – into one Carrier on the Port map, and it was still floating.

  8. Pazi says:

    Thanks alot, just what i was looking for :)

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