Vanguard Griffon Quest Guide

Vanguard Griffon Quest Guide by Gwynella

We have had a few people ask for info about the griffon questline.  Now that I’m through step 2, I figured I would post what I’ve been typing up for reference for the guild.  I hope it helps.  Feel free to add anything that I may have missed.  I’ll update more as I figure it out.


I’ve been doing a lil bit of scouting and some research on this, so I figured I would post it here.

Step 1- Southwatch
Follow the path the winds up the mountain northeast of Southwatch.  Head up to the Hatchery building.  With your back to the hatchery, you will follow the path to the right a short distance till it starts to curve to the right.  From that point, back still to the hatchery, you should see a lil hill with a tree on it.  The quest giver is a lil gnome right next to the tree.

The first part requires you to collect 5 feathers from ailing baby griffons.  In order to do so, you are given a goofy item that turns you into a plant for 3 mins.  *****When in plant form, you cannot get within 15′ of the Matriarchs (the other birds don’t bother you).  If you get seen by a Matriarch they will automatically deduct a feather from your inventory (per matriarch aggro’d) and attack you.  Sometimes they will kill you, sometimes they will throw you backwards like 80′ or so, sometimes futher.

One possible strat — find a safe baby griff in regular char form.  Turn yourself into a plant and collect the feather.   Once you have feather, hide in plant form till it wears off.  Once the illusion has worn off (3 mins), you can safely go to the bank and place your feather in it.  Then abandon quest.  They changed it now so that if you abandon the quest and you have feathers in your inventory, they will disappear (but not if in bank).  Then go pick up quest and repeat till you have all 5 feathers.

***Big key is to keep an eye on all the “wonderful” fellow adventurers of telon, because they like trains.  “Choo-Choo”.  That is the hardest part of quest, for example, you will have like 3-4 feathers and some bonehead will train 3 matriarchs right to your spot and you will lose 3 feathers.

Part 2- New Targ and onward
After you have turned in your 5 feathers and completed quest, you will be sent to a waypoint inside NT.  Head inside NT, make the left before the elevator and head into the main city.  Follow the path straight back until you enter the center courtyard (kinda looks like a garden/picnic area).  Once inside the courtyard, turn right.

Follow the path for about 30′ and make your first right.  Follow the lil path on the path and veer to the left.  Just before you get to the House of Heartsworn, you will see a gap between the last house on the left and the archway to heartsworn.  The guy is back down that little alley just behind that last house.

*****TALK TO HIM MULTIPLE TIMES****  After you have received the quest.  He will give you a much clearer picture of what you need to actually do.  The 3 nameds that he wants you to kill and get items from are located in the Swamps of Rumuug, Nusibe, and Rhaz.

Pt 2 of Pt 2–  The Nameds

Swamps –

The mob you are looking for is referred to in the quests as the “Spore Keeper” but on your map, the POI says “Fungal Abomination”.  He is a spawnable mob, and you will need an item from Heg and and item from King Mnal, both located in the Mnalus Lair.  The quest giver in NT gives you a “Sphere of Collection”.  When you kill Heg, that Sphere will turn into something like “Sphere of Wind Essence” or something along those lines.  The King will drop a “Stipe”.  Once you have both, combine them clicking on them in your inventory.  You will end up with “Magic Mushrooms”.  The “Magic Mushrooms” are what you need to summon the Spore Keeper.

Before you start –Inside the main Spore Chamber, on a rock, there is a NPC (Fon Cogsworth sp?)who gives quests for the 4 Heg Event mobs, with half decent rewards.  Pick up those quests and get ready to take on heg.

Once you have had a chance to take on Heg, then it is time to kill the King.  In order to kill the King, you first have to kill the Prince and the Queen.  The prince is located in one of the underwater chambers.  Go down, kill the prince, he will cry like a little girl and summon his mommy.

Head back to the main chamber, you will see the Queen up on a platform.  Clear out some of the trash around her and take that *bleep* down.  She “should” drop some blood.  You’ll want the MT to pick up the blood.

With the Queen’s blood in hand, you can now take on King Mnal.  You will want to clear a good radius of Mob’s around him.  He has the ability to call for help and it can get ugly if there are a bunch around him.  40-50′ is a pretty solid range to clear.

This Fungal Abomination (aka Spore Keeper) is a mini-Raid mob that is locked to 6 people.  This is gonna be a challenging fight.  No outside assistance, and he is hitting for 5k+.  Throughout the fight he will spawn poisonous spores.  From what we have learned, it looks like you need to kite him around slowly while killing him to limit the exposure to the poison spores.  This fight is tough.  He may not have a ton of hitpoints, but he and his spawns put out a ton of damage.

***EACH Person must have the Magic Mushroom in their inventory to be able to complete this part of quest.  You can be part of the kill w/o one, but you won’t get credit.  You will need to loot the item needed off the mob.
—–We used many different classes, but each group build was basically 1 Tank, 2 Healers, and 3 DPS.

Nusibe –

You will notice a new POI on your map for Harakahn’s Sarcophogus (sp?).  This is located inside NN.  Once you make it down to the room, there should be an NPC with further instructions, “Ozymandius”.  Ozy gives you a quest to collect Harakahn’s body parts and hand wraps.
You will need:

-50 of Harakahn’s Handwraps — dropped by mummies (lots of mummies near entrance and ‘floaty head guy’ room).
-Harakahn’s Head — dropped by Kehepfa Asim- God King of Xakrin
-Harakahn’s Heart — dropped by Shekan Nkosa – Pharoh
-Harakahn’s Upper Torso — dropped by 2 different nameds —
Meferet  (located near God King)  — or–  Miika (located near Pharoh)
-Harakahn’s Lower Torso — dropped by 2 different nameds —
Harakhty  (located near Pharoh)  — or —  Xefti  (located near God King)

Once you have collected your items, return to Ozymandius.  It appears that only one person per group will need to do the collecting.  When you talk to Ozy again, he will give you the corpse of Harakahn, which you will need to right click by the sarcophagus to spawn Harakahn.

Harakahn does have a AoE mana drain and an AoE blind.  The blind will drop your casting/healing range by 70%.  You should really try to have him down in about 2 mins.

**We tried to offset the blind by setting the tank up 5.9′ from the mob and the healers 8.9-10′ behind the tank.  —My Cleric was fine at 8.9′.  Could still heal tank and wasn’t being affected by the mana drain.  There really is a sweet spot, just have to find it.

******Looks like only 1 person needs to have the body, and they can keep the body as long as they don’t talk to Harakahn’s Ghost after the fight.  The update for the griffon quest is automatic, the heart dropped directly in our general inventory slots, no need to loot him.
—- We used many different classes, but each group build was basically 1 Tank, 2 Healers, and 3 DPS.

Rhaz –

You will have to get a handful of Efreeti bloods, 1 blood per attempt, and try to summon a named hound “Torlaxis”.  He is a rare spawn.  Best I’ve read is 1 out of 5 attempts he may spawn.  So keep that in mind when getting your blood. Once you have your blood you can summon Torlaxis at the summoning circle right next to Majordomo.

Mobs who drop the Efreeti Blood —-
Majordomo Djarn, Warlord Seskarlan, Zull Flame Mistress
Zull PALACE (Enforcer, Templar, Servitor, Guard, Sorcerer, Steward)

***Doesn’t matter who has the blood, you just have to be there for the kill and loot the spit.
—–Torlaxis is a wuss.

PT 3 – Old Targonor??

—— more info to come, can’t wait to give this area a shot

****** I hope this helps out.  If anyone finds out any more info please let us know.

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