Vanguard Genesis Questline Guide

Vanguard Genesis Questline Guide by Karella

The Genesis questline is for level 50+ crafters.  In addition to giving you some nice gear and enough experience to give you 1.7 levels, it will give you access to the recipes to craft level 51+ spells/abilities and the various enhancement upgrades.  Note the latter will also require POTA access since the reagent needed can only be purchased from POTA and is not tradeable.

The quest starts with Geoffrey Wallstein, who is located in the Merchant’s Daughter Inn in the New Horizon’s quadrant of New Targoner.  Approx location is (-37,370 by 46,500).

Spoiler alert:  Do not read on if you don’t want any clues to the quest

1) Genesis – The Rumor:  Learn more about the artifact from Geoffrey.  Research his findings.  Go to the docks in NT and talk to Alison McTane.  Provide her either 5 dusky boards, mithril ingots or veilthread bolts in exchange for the item.  Return to Geoffrey.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Lvl 48 shirt – + 44 Ingenuity, +59 to all skills; Lvl 48 legs – +36 Reasoning, + 49 to all skills.

2) Genesis – The Bookseller:  Go to Lucan Bell in New Targoner crafting area.
Reward:  75K experience

3) Genesis – Puzzle Pieces:  Collect items using locations in your journal.  Avoid interference from “The Coinman”.  You will need to got to 10 locations and click to obtain the items you need.  You can do this in any order.  Follow your compass as you select each to find the exact location.  The bookseller will give you the initial part you need (Genesis Core).
– 1) Metal parts:  Located in the 3 rivers village (Thestra)
– 2) Crystals:  Located in Jharru Flats (Qalia)
– 3) Residue:  Located in a tree trunk in Ca’ial Brael (Kojan)
– 4) Conduit:  Located in Konarthi Point (Thestra)
– 5) Lens:  Located in Coastal Graveyard (Thestra)
– 6) Scroll:  Located in Ahgram (Qalia)
– 7) Liquid:  Located in Afrit (Qalia)
– 8) Wire:  Located in the Cliffs of Ghelgad overlooking Khal (Qalia)
– 9) Orb:  Located in Tanvu (Kojan)
-10) Flame:  Located in Tomb of Lord Tsang (Kojan)
Reward:  1 Million experience; Lvl 48 Mask – +47 Finesse, + 31 to all skills; Lvl 48 Boots – +34 Problem Solving, + 23 to all skills.

4) Genesis – Back Together:  Repair the Genesis (finishing combine).
Reward:  750K experience

5) Genesis – Lucan’s Discovery:  Speak to Geoffrey Wallstein for information, then report back to Lucan.  Geoffrey will share that you will need to talk to Rold and Joley in Ahgram.  However, be sure you return to Lucan first.  Lucan will then send you BACK to Geoffrey so you can obtain the next quest which sends you to Ahgram.
Reward:  500K experience

6) Genesis – Gnomes and the Coinman:  Geoffrey Wallstein will now direct you to talk to Rold and Joley in Ahgram.  Follow your compass to find them.
Reward:  750 experience

7) Genesis – Thieves’ Tools:  Craft 4 sets of tools for Rold and Joley.
Reward:  750 experience; Ancient Builder’s Ring – +1 Problem Solving, +8 to all skills

8) Genesis – Time for Stealing:  Cause a distraction in the Bloodied Sun Inn by dumping a sack of critters in the inn.  Click the bag they give you to dump the critters.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Treasure Hunter Apron, Lvl 48, +35 Problem solving, +58 Finesse, +31 Tool

9) Genesis – Suprise for Lucan:  Return to Lucan in New Targoner with the missing Genesis part.
Reward:  750K experience; Experimentation Gloves, Lvl 48, +17 Reasoning, +17 Finesse, +70 tool use

10) Genesis – A Few Questions:  Test the Genesis (finishing combine).
Reward:  750K experience; Artifact Maker Utility Pouch, Lvl 48, 70 slot, +2 Problem solving, +11 Station; Artifact Maker Toolbelt, Lvl 48, 6 slot, +2 Reasoning, +3 Finesse, +8 Tool use

11) Genesis – Back to Geoffrey:  Speak to Geoffrey Wallstein.
Reward:  500K experience

12) Genesis – The Coinman:  Confront the Coinman in the Tradewin Tavern of Khal.  Return to Geoffrey in NT.
Reward:  750K experience

13) Genesis – Treasure Time:  Craft the treasure hunting rod and take it to Lucan.
Reward:  1 Million experience; Gold Masterwork Sigil

14) Genesis – The Last Puzzle Piece:  Lucan will send you to a path near Bordiner’s cleft.  There you will find the Coinman and a Spirit.  Talk to the spirit who will challenge you both to create the best artisan work.  Return to Lucan.
Reward:  1 Million experience

15) Genesis – Proof of Talent:  Construct Lucan’s Pre-cataclysm ceremonial armor.  Recipes will allow you to make pieces used in the assembly combine.  Once complete, return to the spirit outside Bordiner’s Cleft and show him your work.  Return to Lucan in NT
Reward:  1,912,050 experience; Genesis Tool – Level 48, +21 Tool Use, +85 Tool effectiveness.  (This tool is two tools in one.  Right click to convert it to the other form.  There are 3 options – 1 for each class.); Ability to learn spell / enhancement recipes from Lucan Bell.

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