Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Engineer 2H Flame Hammer Build Guide by APaperbackHero

Hi all this a quick rundown a build that, though simple, has been highly effective for me in veteran and elite and I am planning to take it into hardcore mode pretty soon.

This build is based around Flame Hammer being your go to ability for AoE trash killing, Boss Kiting, and just on call big damage. This build is not for people who prefer to use alot of abilities as many of your skill points will be invested into passive aggressive and defensive skills. In other words lots of proccing. The most dangerous period of this build will be levels 1-20 when your defensive procs and debuffs are not quite frequent enough to garantee good survivability.

This is the skill break down.

15/15 Aegis
15/15 Flamehammer
15/15 Heavy Lifting
15/15 Onslaught
15/15 Supercharge
15/15 Heal Bot

The list above makes up the primary skills of the build and should have points allocated as often as possible and are inorder of what I have experienced to be the most important from top to bottom

15/15 Fire and Spark
5-15/ Charge Reconstitution
10-15/15 Coup De Grace
15/15 Bulwark

The list above makes up the secondary skills and is once again in most to least important. Its not concievable to get all of these skills, but depending on what difficulty you are playing and whether your style is more offensive or more defensive you will want to pick and choose accordingly.

The play style for this build is very simple. Use high damage and average attack speed weapons such Great Swords and Great Axes with the Heavy Lifting attack speed bonus to auto-attack and quickly build charge. Then spend the charge with Flame Hammer attacks. The stunning is just a nice bonus. The defensive nature of this spec is set by starting fights off with Onslaught to reduce incoming damage while waiting for Aegis Procs. Extra armor and spot healing is brought by the Heal Bot pet who is basically a persistant buff that has to be re-cast when you switch maps.

This spec is very simple, very effective, and great for new engineers

For allocating stat points I recommend the following:

2 Str
1 Dex In the early game until you are happy with survivability
2 Vit

2 Str
2 Dex Once survivability is comfortable.
1 Vit

Once Dex is around the 110-120 area I would then go 4:1 or 3:2 str:vit depending on how you feel about your survivability.

I am in disgreement with other 2-hand engineers out there who focus 3:2 or 4:1 Str:Vit out the gate because I feel no fumble reduction can be a big detriment to the dps of the class. Also the dodge chance is another great damage mitigater that shouldn’t be overlooked when you are primarily at melee range.

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  1. Moe says:

    Hi, anyway you could let me know what my strength / vitality / focus should be at once my dex is 110-120.. im lvl 29 right now and im at str 69, dex 48, focus 5, vit 58 with all my gear off. Im just making sure Im leveling correctly.. seems to be working thus far :) great guide!

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