The War Z Basic Tips

The War Z Basic Tips by Racort

Hello Everyone!

So first of all,my english is not that good,you will probably find some errors on the text. But lets start with the tips!

-Play with A Friend Or group

-Warz can be really rough when you play alone,so If you are going to buy the game,see if your ”real life” friends Have the game too,so
Your chances of surviving will be bigger.Why? Just think.Its two times easier to take down zombies to loot a place,two times easier to
Protect Yourself from players.And if you dont have any friends that play the game,try to find some in-game.Its a bit not hard to find,
But most will say they are friendly and kill you after that.with that,comes the next tip!

Dont trust any Unknown person On the server

– If You end up finding a player,and he says on the chat he is friendly,dont trust him.I died A LOT by ”trusting” these people.Most of
the players in the game are bandits,so Always keep an eye out for players.And if someone wants to team up with you,Try to talk
With him trough Skype,RaidCall,whatever.If he really talks to you,You can trust him MOST OF THE TIMES.

How And Where To Loot?

– To survive,you will need equipment,food,water and weapons.To get that,you will need to enter in towns,Military areas and all these
Kind of places.Im going to put some of the places you want to go and what will you find there.


These Buildings Made out of wood can drop all Kinds of stuff.Meds,Food,Backpacks,water and sometimes a kruger(Most basic
Group of Weapons from the game)


If you are looking for weapons,they will spawn on these places most of the time.What can you find?Food,Backpacks,Meds,And
Almost everytime,a Weapon(from rifles to snipers and pistols)


These building with a purple and white color end up dropping Lots of meds,And food.If you are infected,and you are looking for
a Vaccine,Its pretty easy to find on these places.It also drops basic weapons(Melee only)


The post office is a building made out of bricks and a white wall,they are really small.Inside of it, You will Find All types of items,
From Guns to a bag of chips.As for the cars,its the same thing,only the guns are a bit harder to find inside of them.If its a Military
Jeep Or a Cop Car,The chances to find a weapon are increased.

And As always,check the outside back of the building,the trashes around the place,random stuff drop there.

How To fight Zombies

If you are going to loot a place,There will be Zombies in there.What will you do?take them all at once? no.If you have a rifle,dont shoot
unless there is too much of them coming after you,or if you have a bunch of bullets.Take them One by one,With a melee.Zombies Can
Hurt you a LOT,so watch out if you hear Fast screams,grudges,stuff like that.And ALWAYS,ALWAYS aim at the head.You will spend Your
whole life trying to kill a zombie with a flashlight by hitting in his body.and bullets too,they only kill with one bullet if its on the head.

Pay attention to everything

While Walking around or inside towns,Pay attention to everything.Footstep Noises from A player,Zombies screaming,Zombie lines(4 or more
Zombies lined up means a player ran from them)and if the town is empty,most likely that someone got trough there.Watch the players list,
More thugs means More trouble,Never accept a group invite from a unknown.I think You get it right?pay attention.

Well,Thanks for reading all of that,And remember,stay strong,stay alive,and have fun!

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