The Settlers Online Surprise Attack Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Surprise Attack Adventure Guide by Hasmir

Surprise attack is one of the most interesting adventures right now. With Scarman’s block, this is the craziest map guide ever made.
Definetely not for the faint hearted.

Units need: 452 Soldiers, 287 Elite Soldiers, 222 Cavalary, 203 Militia, 202 Crossbowman
Units lost max: 202 Militia, 101 Soldiers

The version without Elite Soldiers is included in tactical map. Since not all blocks are possible without ES, that version has more M losses.

Tactical map (click to enlarge)

Link for YouTube video of quadro block is here


Great thanks for Scarman’s dedication to make all blocks possible, and all FWB that helped in the process of getting enough map fragments to test everything out and crunch the numbers.
The craziest block map ever would not be possible without all of you.

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