The Settlers Online Adventures Pro Tips Guide

The Settlers Online Adventures Pro Tips Guide by SidV

Hi folks,

because some of you ask me often the same questions and i’m a little bit lazy guy… i will post here some adventure pro tips. I will update it from time to time. You could see an info about the changes at the end of this message.

Adventure Pro Tips

Q1: “Can i invite friends in my adventure?”
There are single and multiplayer adventure’s at the moment available (1 Player, 2 or 3 Player). You could only invite people from your friendlist or guildmembers of your guild. Open the quest book, click on the adventure and then “invite friends”.

PRO TIP: When you invite a friend into you’r adventure, be sure he is online and could accept immediately. After you invite your friend, a mail go’s forward to him and he has 8 hours time to accept. If he would not accept, there is no way to stop the invitation. So you have to wait 8 hours. After the 8 hours you should get an automatically denial-mail. But there is a bug at the moment, so you get in some cases NO message back = means you could not invite an other and your friend has also no option to accept after the 8 hours.

Q2: “How do i get adventures?”
There are 3 way’s to get adventures: a) over the gem-shop b) the adventure seek with your explorer or scout and c) by trading with friends or other players.

PRO TIP: Use the trading channel ( /joinchat global-7 ) or the forum ( Marketplace ) to get info about adventure sellers. You could trade adventures like other items directly with your friends. Choose your friend, click on his avatar or name in the chat and choose trading. Then choose ITEMS in the trading window. Thats it.

Q3: “On adventures is there any benefit to taking out all of the camps?”
You will get only the XP (experience points) for defeating camps. So the benefit to taking out all of the camps is, that you will get the whole, possible XP from an adventure.

PRO TIP: But it is possible to skip some camps and get also all possible XP! If you defeat the camp leader of a sector, you will get the XP for the whole sector (inkl. the skiped camps).

Q4: “Help me! I lost some troops after the adventure finished!”
All troops assigned to a general come back with him after the adventure finished. Troops without a general come back per “Troops Transport”. You could see it in your starmenu:

PRO TIP: Assign troops to empty generals before you start you’re last attack. So you save time for the troop transport (90 minutes instead of 30 minutes with a general).

Q5: “What does Initiative First Strike mean?”
I copy/paste here the translated info from the german wiki for you: “The battles follow a turn-based system that is based on the life points (LP) and the loss of a unit. Once a unit has 0 LP, this is (as you can probably imagine already) dead. Which unit attacks first, depends on their initiative. A distinction is made, the following initiatives: low, medium and high. The units with the highest initiative attack first (First Strike). After one iteration of a Intiative units with 0 LP (or less) declared dead. Units of the same initiative in order to engage in the table. The individual unit types are also attacked in the same order as they appear in the table, the player or the opponent’s units. Note the special position of the cavalry or guard dogs, which focuses not on the table order, but to the life points of the units.”

First strike units (initiative low)are: C (cavalry)
Second strike units (initiative medium) are the most: R/M/S/E/B/LB/A
Last strike units (initiative low) are: K (cannoneer)

Q5: “What is splash damage?”
A special feature are the bosses or units with splash damage: When a unit kill is transferred, the remaining damage to the nearest unit, so as to kill a boss many units in one turn, while a unit never without surface damage more than one enemy unit can kill per round.

Q6: “What symbolized the flowers on the adventure icons?”
The colors of the “flower” in the logo reflects the approximate level of difficulty:
white = easy = lvl1-4
green = medium = lvl4-6
blue = difficult = 6-9
violet = very difficult = 9

PRO TIP: A higher lvl does not automatically mean more units. Of course the higher lvl needs in the most cases more units, but for example “The Nords” need much less units as the “Son’s of the veld”.

Q8: “What means the player-lvl on the adventure? For example the outlaws is lvl36+ ?”
The most adventure have a player-lvl, but thats only for buying an adventure in the gem-shop. With lvl26+ you could play theoretical every adventure.

PRO TIP: It is possible that for example a lvl36+ player (who could by a lvl36 adventure like “Outlaws”) gift you an adventure. Then you could NOT accept it from your mailbox if you are NOT lvl36+! Better the lvl36+ player bought it for himself and sends you the adventure with the normal trading option. So a lvl26+ player could also “buy” and play a higher lvl adventure from the gem-shop. Adventures what you find with the explorer you could play also always.

Q9: “How i could share my adventure lootspot?”

PRO TIP: Please read this: Loot Spots Guide

Q10: “How much cost a R or M?”

PRO TIP: Please read this: Troop Costs Guide

Q11: “How much is a lootspot worth?”

PRO TIP: Please read this: Worth of Loot Spots Guide
See Yu,

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